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    Late frost ?

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    A Griselia in a garden I maintain is/was doing the same thing we had a frost about 5 weeks ago and was doing it from then onwards.

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      However I'd also shaped it about a week before but I didn't notice it between cutting it and the frost, could've just been as it was freshly cut combined with the frost, I can see what looks like a few hedge cutter marks in some leaves.

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    Chances are the hedge has been trimmed and by cutting off the foliage on top it has revealed the tender shoots hidden underneath, it could have been a frost how ever it could also be something as simple as a rain shower falling on new tender shoots followed by sunshine burning /scorching the leaves...
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    The bad bad winter a few years ago killed off all the Griselinia around here. Shame as it is a lovely foliage shrub and makes a beautiful hedge.

  • Looks like it was cut back at the wrong time? The sides are ok but the top looks as if it was cut too late in the year and has winter damage.

    Why was the top cut but the sides not? Griselinia is not the most hardy of hedging plants so I'd leave them over the winter and be cutting them once the risk of heavy frost has passed. They need the older growth to protect the new shoots on cold nights.

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    Definitely spring frost damage which will disappear quickly with new growth.

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