weeds on lawn

one for the lawn care guys please:~)the customer has sprayed with verdone.

questions are what is it?

what to do with it.i dont deal with this stuff myself i just cut the grass etc for people.

my thoughts are to scarify it once its had more chance to die off then overseed and see what happens from there.

my usual lawn care guy has retired so im a bit stuck if anyone knows of someone in lincoln!!!

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    It looks a lot like forget-me-not... not a lawn care expert though :-)
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    Looking through some images it looks a lot like mouse-ear chickweed, maybe :)

    Info here

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    Mouse-ear with maybe a smidge of Selfheal thrown in...?

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    mouse ear mostly, will be fine and die off slowly post weed control. As it decomposes the grass will fill up. May need another weed control in approx 8 weeks to finish off any stragglers - make sure customers uses a product with different active ingredients for best effect.

    Unless there is a lot of thatch, no need to scarify. If you are going to scarify / seed, leave for possible 8 weeks+ from time of weed control - look on label for timings re new seed.

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      Brilliant thanks all.
      I will give it a scarify as I have one and there is quite a lot of thatch anyway.
      I will read the bottle next time I go round because it needs some seed down as its thin in other places anyway. He's bought a bag of 3 in 1 weed and feed which should not do any harm if he leaves it a month or so?
      I appreciate any tips as I really don't do this stuff as a rule and I need to find a new lawn feed and weed person for want of a better word.
      I cut acres of grass every week and have no time or inclination to get into this lawn care part of it!
      Thanks again Richard
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    last 3 in 1 label I looked at said 8 weeks pre and post for seeding - check the label.

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      Oh ok. I better read the verdone label as well I've never used that before so I've no idea what chemicals are in it.
  • Hi this is Simon from the UK Lawn Care Network; the main weed pictured is mouse eared chickweed, and we think relay turf is the best product to overcome this.  The lawn treated with verdone shouldn't need a renovation so just ask the lawn owner to be patient in this instance and the verdone should do it's work and the grass will come through.  Hope this helps, thanks for asking the question on LJN 

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      Many thanks
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        Relay Turf no longer available for sale - Verdone (now called Weedol Lawn Extra) can be used on new lawn that has been established 2 months+ but no indication of seeding after use - Dicophar which is a four way weed spray needs 6-8 weeks before seeding.

        Granular Feed/ weed/ mosskill generally have lower levels of weedkiller than a spray but best to wait min. 6 weeks before re-seeding as Mecoprop and 2-4D are held longer in the soil and germinating grass roots will hit this layer then die...

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