Hi all, for a planned lawn care/mowing business I am thinking of getting either VW Transporter or Citroen Relay (both standard wheel base and height) Van.Can anyone advise of a good leasing company? The internet is filled with van leasing companies so it's hard to know which are any good!Any other general thoughts on vans for this type of work would be great. Thanks very much fun r the help!

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    Morning Rusty,

    I used White Hot Vans for my last van (Renault Trafic), great service and always got back to if I had any questions or queries. I'd happily use them again if I was purchasing a new van. I dealt with Richard Bunn, very knowledgable and not just after a sale. Mention Landscape Juice if you call them. 

    Good Luck !


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      Thanks Nick I will give them a call!
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    Hi Rusty,

    There are generally 3 parties to the deal, plus yourself. The supplying dealer, the leasing company and the finance company. Most leasing companys will use one of the big vehicle finance companies; hence why the deals are often similar.

    We've used Vanarama and been happy with them for a Vivaro and Relay, and also used a local Ford dealer for a Transit and Ranger. All of them have ended up back at the same national finance company.

    A key difference is that of backup when things have gone wrong - the Relay has been back several times and Vanarama has not really been able to help much in real terms as Citroen & Dealer have been awful IMO, whereas when the Ranger needed a problem fixing with the Satnav it was a completely different story as it was straight back to the Sales team and local dealer to fix very promptly.

    So, my opinion would be find the vehicle you want, get a reasonable online quote, and then ask your main dealer van centre to match / get close (must be a commercial van centre). For Ford, seeing your in Surrey, maybe Farnborough whom were very competivie on a quote for me. I've used SMC in Slough and will be doing so going forward.

    BTW, if mowing/lawncare, get a high top vehicle and a simple pair of ramps (£90 ramp people godalming) for pushing mowers/kit in and out, Will save a lot of grief with the back going forward. Our mowing vehicle is a L3H2 transit 350 as it will easily take a ride on mower plus other kit for larger jobs.

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      Thanks very much Andrew for the comprehensive advice and tips! Appreciate it.
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      What would you say the biggest deck is that you could get in between the wheel arches in the L3H2? Would a 52" get in, or would it be a 48" max?

      I'm currently weighing up the pros and cons of bigger van versus trailer :)

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        The relay is the biggest van I ever found when researching last year for space between the wheel archees. I think it was 140cm which is just over 55 inches, but including the deck beyond the blades (and maybe a side discharge chute that when folded up still sticks out) as well as the needed wriggle room either side I think maybe 50 inches at a most?

        My own is 53 inches wide and my 45 inch total width ride on is about the biggest machine that would fit. I wouldn't want to try to squeeze a 48 inch deck in there.

  • I have often thought about leasing but however carful you are its going to be grubby or a ding or two by the time it goes back what happens then do you have to pay extra ?

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      In short probably:(<br />
      Depends what lease terms are.<br />
      My terms are that I'll have a set balloon payment to make at the end. Either pay it and keep or offset against what truck is worth. You or they (more likely you depending on deposits and how much a month) pay the difference to settle the finance.<br />
      I think it's called finance lease
      In theory you could end up with them paying you if you've put a big deposit and decent payments and you are starting again
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    yes were finance lease with a balloon that reflects final value and condition. You can sort of pay off and own via a 3rd party. If condition bad, there will be a shortfall. Also this allows for easier estimates on mileage without worrying too much about penalties apart from residual values.

    Contract Hire is where you hand back and it needs to be in good condition, with hefty penalties for poor, so for vans and sole traders perhaps not the best way unless your a very tidy careful person.

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