time for a new mower

I have been battling with a 17'' domestic webb for the past 3 years. It's not great at all, if the grass is a bit long and damp the chute gets blocked so easily. I know this happens to most mowers but I'm sure this is worse than most! even if it isn't getting blocked the grass can be left in a thin line along the edge of the deck where I'm cutting. I do approx 10 - 15 hours of cutting a week and am now going to spend between £1000 and £1500 on a new machine. Reading on this site I'm planning on a Honda 536QX or the Kaaz LM5360HXAR. My main requirements are a very wide rear roller. I'm sorry this conversation is always discussed but I need advice. Either one of these or any other suggestions. Also when to buy, now or Spring? 

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    Also consider a weibang pro model without bbc. We have the Kaaz, lovely machine, especially in the dry, but not as good as our weibang 56 pro in speed, finish, wet or long grass. We're just replacing the Kaaz gearbox after 3 years and will keep it as a backup machine.

    • Ok, what's BBC ??
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        Blade clutch. It's the safety feature which allows you to leave the engine running without the blades spinning. I like it but it's not to everyone's taste.
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    Should also say however, whilst our Kaaz is speeded up, people with the newer Kaaz model say they are faster, and with a high lift blade pick up better.

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    Blade brake clutch. Allows you to leave the engine running whilst emptying the bag and move the mower without engaging blades. However,  on the weigbang 48 bbc vs non bbc its thought that the suction is not as good due to different blade design.

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      I don't think I'd buy another roller mower without a BBC.
      It's so useful being able to move a heavy mower around without the blade turning.
      That and not having to restart every 15 mins after emptying the grass bag
  • Actually, that's a pretty handy feature- I don't know if these machines will get blocked but with mine I'm literally stuffing my arm in the chute every stripe to unblock it, therefore re-starting the machine constantly, damn well get tired of that, if there's a bbc surely you can unblock it without turning it off?

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      Yes you can. And these rollers do block up in long wet grass.

  • First season with a Weibang 48 Pro and it's loads better in the wet than my old Mountfield 555. The only slight issue is on a 25  cut patches of clover don't travel up the chute very well but anything higher is a bag filler in very sodden grass, well not rammed tight dry grass full but then who would want a full 75L of wet grass to empty !!

    Top tip , keep the bag clean especially the top 

    • That looks pretty much like the ideal machine, varying speeds, fold down handle and option of bbc. Shame there's no 56 with bbc though

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