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Hi. I wonder if someone could help? I have been asked to quote for a hedge job. Its hawthorn approx 10 ft high and 50/60 foot long. I have a tanaka long reach hedge cutter but the hawthorn is thick at the top. The hedgecutter attatchment wouldnt cut it so to speak (no pun intended) i have been consideribg getting a pole saw attatchment and wondered if you can angle these to cut the top of a hedge? Or is it just for tree branches and isnt adjustable? If you can angle it would it be the best tool for the job. Ps i dont have a chainsaw. Thanks

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    I topped a hedge today using a pole saw for most of it. I just got up the ladder and used it as if it was a long reach hedge cutter.
    You could cut a section of the hedge with loopers to get started which would make it easier to use the pole saw.
    • Thanks Niall. Do you know if the tanaka saw is adjustable? The hedgetrimmer attatchment can be angled say at 90 degrees. I have a platform ladder but dont think it is high enough to use at waist height which I think i would need to if it only works horizontally. If you get what i mean.
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        Just looked it up and it isn't. I think sthil do one that is angled but to be honest I don't think it help that much. How much are you taking off the hedge? How wide is it?
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    If you don't have a chainsaw the pole saw is best simply because you are less likely to hurt yourself than with a normal chainsaw!
    My pole saw attachment is ok but does not bend over like a long reach hedge cutter. I normally use the normal saw unless the hedge is really wide.
    To be honest with thick overgrown hawthorn I'd be tempted just to use loppers for the thick stuff and then tidy with a hedge trimmer as you may find the branches wobble about too much for a chainsaw or pole saw
    • Thanks Richard. There is quite a lot of thick branches at the top so i think using loppers a pruning saw etc would take a long time. Its about 50 to 60 feet long. You are right about the chainsaw i dont trust myself with one. Hence thinking about investing in the tanaka pole saw attatchment.
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        Also the pole saws are generally ok for the thick stuff but if you get any leaf matter or conifer needle type stuff in it they do clog easily meaning strip down and put back together which is easy enough but does take time. A few clog ups and you blow half and hour clearing them.
        Also you really need to be seeing what you are trying to cut so the 90 degree twist would not do you much good anyway
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        Depending upon the width of the hedge you could use a reciprocating saw instead, the pole saw could be difficult to use not just because you need to use it horizontally, but also when 'engaging' the wood  if the stems move about a lot.

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