Stihl equipement stolen

Hi All,

I had my van broken into last week overnight Wednesday into Thursday (storm Doris day) in the North Staffordshire/Newcastle-under-Lyme area. I am mentioning it on here in case any knows or hears of any cheap Stihl tools being offered etc.

They had my HS56 hedge cutter, Br600 backpack blower, KM130 kombi with pole pruner attachment and carbon extension pole, BG86 and my MS181 chainsaw. Some of it new this year some 2- 3 years old.

A long shot I know but you never know but just putting it out there. Insurance will be covering it.

Thanks guys.


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    Sorry to hear that Matt. We had a van broken into last year. Not very nice.

    Keep your eye out on car boot sales and auction sites etc. Let the police know if you haven't already. Beef up security if you can too as they may be back for more.
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      Thanks Nick,

      I do keep checking but haven't seen anything. I'm sure its all long gone.

      Thankfully the insurance came through with 5 days. AXA were great. After excess and depreciation was taken into account it didn't cover the whole cost of replacing but a fair chunk of it.

      Time to invest in extra van security.

      • ................. unfortunately, they'll bump up next year's premium as well.  I'm very sympathetic having stuff nicked in the past however  I just don't understand the logic of leaving expensive, easily portable equipment, sitting in a van overnight, it really is asking for trouble. I know at the end of a days work, the last thing you want to do is empty tools from the van but it really does only take 5 minutes and saves so much heartache.

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          Hi Graham,

          Yes not looking forward to renewal time!

          Its not just a time thing at the end/start of the day, its just not always practical. We live in a small end terrace with tiny shed that already has lots of things in. For me there isn't room which is part of the reason i wanted a big van to hold everything. Also i have never thought of my shed with its flimsy wooden door as being safer for the tools than my van. We are always hearing of sheds being broken into around here. I've had a van full of stihl gear on my drive for about 12/13 years and this is first time its ever happened. Still, first time for everything i suppose, just need to invest in some better locks. At the end of the day, if they want it they'll get it.

          Another problem for me is i know if its not already in my van i will get to a job and have forgotten something!

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    When anyone spots and buys a landscaping/gardening machinery bargain on eBay, from a mate's mate et al, do you stop to think where it came from and whether the seller has rights of ownership ? Or even checks for serial numbers still being present ?

    Sometimes a love of a bargain, blinds us...

  • Sorry to hear this...
    I had 2 items of Stihl Kombi stuff nicked last November motor unit and blower.
    It came at a bad time when work was not so forthcoming with Winter coming.
    It knocked me a bit and cost £400 to replace.
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