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    I've made a mess of the link and don't know how or if I can correct it if you could do it please Phil if you get chance. Thanks Richard
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    link fixed

  • I saw this before I left today.

    After already starting to review things it did make me ponder more
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      The report is interesting reading and reflects some key questions about where our economy is going.

      I attended a business network lunch today hosted by one of the major banks, and as well as the numerous bank staff there was an independent mortgage advisor, independent pension advisor, accountants, solicitors, business mentor, business advisor, insurance advisor and it left me thinking that I was the only real trade there supporting all the others!  Interestingly several of these advisors started out working for high street banks, but as the Bank Managers role has changed they moved out and specialised on their preferred area. This pattern extends across the UK economy to an extent and having 5 to 6 people working at every car wash in every town works wonders for the unemployment figures but does it make us a more productive economy? Does this matter? Is this a similar situation in mainland Europe and other developed economies?

      In some respects our UK economy does appear to have retrenched into this more manual set up in recent years, and the major downside for us all is that the pool of people available or willing to work in an industry like ours is shrinking fast.

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    The self employment thing certainly masks a lot of unpalatable facts. Today I was working at a house when someone came to deliver a parcel . I was able to sign and put the package away safely, much to the driver's relief as he would have needed to come back later as he didn't get paid for failed deliveries. During conversation I was astonished at how little the guy earned,  way, way  below minimum wage (per hour) and of course, this is below the radar as nobody but he knows how many hours he works.

     It also got me thinking back to the jobs I've underpriced and had to complete. Not too many these days, thankfully, but I'm sure we've all got horror stories. I still have nightmares about a clearance I underpriced many moons ago during which I earned about £1 an hour!!!  It was a steep learning curve that .  Self employment can be a lonely business with few shoulders to cry on and I wonder how many owner/operators (across all trades) are working for under minimum wage?

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      I suspect a lot Tony, if they are honest with themselves and record ALL the time they spend working, organising and thinking about their businesses.

      It can be lonely at times - I wish LJN and social media had been more fully around when I started, but that is why LJN is so, so critical now.

      It is a place you can share information, ask for help, be that shoulder, listen on the side and participate as you feel fit.

      Our world would be a poorer place without it......

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        Agree totally. LJN is invaluable when it comes to information, particularly with regard to equipment problems. 

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        Totally agree, it is a great resource and you can build an affinity with other like minded individuals in similar trades without actually meeting face to face. After over 20 years of working for myself, employing up to 15 at the busy times of the year it is still a lonely place most of time. LJN offers a great resource and a bit of sanity in a mad world!
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