Re-edging tarmac drive

I am re-designing part of tarmac driveway, converting it into a non-vehicular gravelled area with planters. The tarmac area to be gravelled will be excavated, but the remaining area of tarmac will be kept so that it can continue to be used for cars. My question is - what's the best way to attach new edging to the existing cut edge of the tarmac? I assume a concrete haunch for the edging stones, but not clear about how this will then sit against the cut edge of the tarmac. Any ideas?

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    Hi Alice
    I would cut the existing surface very carefully using an angle grinder/ cut off saw, remove the Tarmac that is not to be used first. Then lay the edging on a sharp sand and cement mix haunching up at the same time with the same mix, this bed would be a minimum of 50-60mm deep and must be on a solid sub grade/ base. If using concrete blocks such as standard rectangular blocks or Tegula then I would butt them up to the newly cut edge, if using an irregular edge such as a cropped sandstone or granite sett then leave a joint and point up.

    With a bit more info in terms of materials then we could give you a more specific spec.


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      Hi John,

      Thank you very much for your input, that's appreciated and useful. Yes your point about cutting the tarmac edge cleanly is important - I wasn't sure quite how cleanly it would cut and therefore whether the edging (probably brick pavers laid in a double stretcher) would be able to sit tightly against the cut tarmac edge. But if there are irregularities, you think the edging could be joined to the tarmac with pointing then? 

      The foundation base will all be as you say (compacted hardcode etc) for the new area.


  • I would personally use a petrol cut off saw with Tarmac blade and dust suppression. If you have a long stretch then a floor saw would be the better choice as you can generally get a straighter cut.

    For the haunching I would use all in ballast in a 3:1 mix. You can use a Tarmac sealer but it isn't that necessary imho.
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