Quoting help

Been offer this job of clearing the garden!!!!

This is the view from the bedroom window, could't get in garden due to volume of bushes.

Looking for someone to help quote the cost of the job. Never done a job this big before.

I'm thinking two man job, chipper needed, skip or 2 skips, parking permits required, two days to clear based upon 8 hour day


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    My thoughts are run away!!!
    In seriousness you can't even tell where it ends from the picture?
    Depends on what kit you've got or are going to hire.
    Big clearing saw with blade on would be good but you can't see what's in it so you need to go slow I think.
    Loppers and welded gauntlets maybe?
    Decent chipper would probably go into 1 skip but price for 2 anyway.
    I'm glad I don't take stuff like that on anymore unless the price is top money.
    Price it as high as you can get. It will be horrible so make it worth it!
    Good luck
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    Cant tell what is a tree or what is bramble. But if you can get a pedestrian flail in it will have that all cleared (if bramble) in a few hours. Would also munch up any cutting up to about 2 inches and leave it as an acceptable finish (that is if they're speccing removal because they think it will otherwise look like a pile of crap in the centre of the garden)

  • have you got a trailor as its only green waste and it will fill a skip up in no time. Work out how much you reckon you have got and take it to your recycling tip riund here its £30 a tonne and you can get loads for that price chainsaw it down in trailor.
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    I have a trailer, got a chipper. Tip is free here, if I attach to my estate car. 

    Brambles etc need to be lowered to ground level, prune trees, cut grass although can't see any. Remove all green waste, any other will be removed by council.  surds to right

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      Pedestrian flail or ATM sorts out most of the ground based issues....Hire one in..You won't regret it.

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      I would not risk the fines to take it to the council tip.
      I'd also be very wary if it's a council house there will be all sorts of rubbish in the garden
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      Flail will leave a fine mulch that will rot away quickly. To be honest expecting what is left of flailing to be removed is a bit silly but I have done it and it will reduce down 10x easily from just straight cuttings.

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        Although a ride-on ATM, you can see the type of reduction you can get often negating the need to remove the mulched waste. The scrubland being cut is almost 5ft high. Cut once, it almost all disappered in 10 days.

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          Without doubt they are brilliant machines. Not sure id risk one in there even if it would fit as there is metal in view(unless that's just under the window) could be bikes shopping trollies etc.
          What machine was that one gary out of interest?
          I think one of those would be a great addition to my mower fleet!
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            Looks like a Saxon to me based on colour? Which is the mark 1 Etesia Attila I think (like quite a few various brands 4x4 brushcutters)

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