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    We use quickbooks and its transformed how we do things. We used to send word document invoices are the end of the month, quickbooks a couple of clicks and its done. Once its set up its a doddle, one of the benefits are you can see exactly how much you are owed, how much you have spent and on what instantly. It did take me a couple of attempts at setting it up, (gave up the first time) and just learning where everything is and how it works. 

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      I agree with all that! It's great once set up! Just have the patience to learn it and all will be well!
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    Cheers for that guys, at the moment my main business is domestic gardens so would it be worth it for a small business ?
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      Yes. It is a bit of a learning curve,I started using it back in April and I'm just starting to feel comfortable with it but the benefits are tremendous.If you have an accountant then they can access it too which I found helpful whenever I got stuck.

      I guess it comes down to what you're currently using now,the things you don't like about it if any and how eager you are to move away from it?

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        Im currently using an exl spreadsheet which is a pain in the arse, I'm looking for something I can use on my phone while out in the van an I'm planning on expanding a bit so this seems like it could be what I'm after.
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    Although we use QB Pro Desktop, I'ma firm believer that to run a successful business you need at least some basic accounting software.

    Books, ledgers, Excel do not provide you with click-to-see figures that are so important. It's no good waiting until the quarter of year end to see where you are.

    Cost can not be an issue as some of basic packages are so cheap, if not free.

    Once you know your finances, it is liberating with any decisions then be based on actual figures.
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      This is what if been thinking, the way in which I do accounts at the moment is adequate for my business at this point but I want to exspand so figured a decent accounts package is the first step on the road, along with using the price ladder.
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        Buy quickbooks from pic world if you want to try it. You will get the first year for about £20. Once the year is up you will be happy to pay the subscription. I would be surprised if you didn't unless you choose another software as it's much easier with software than using excel and word etc!
  • I've been using it for a year and I couldn't imagine not having it, scan all invoices/receipts etc at the end of year print off profit/loss sheet for tax man, so easy, and already been said you're invoices to customers is simple.
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    +1 for QB. Vey easy to use. Started with the desktop version and migrated to the cloud subscription version a couple of years ago. Can't think of a reason why you would use it or something like it. Cost is tiny compared to efficiency savings / professionalism.

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