Evening all. 

We have an issue of wood pigeons nesting in a Laurel hedge preventing us from removing it. The Pigeon has only just started nesting and waiting 45 days for this pigeon to finish nesting is really causing issues to our project. 

I have been advised that we could attempt to relocate the nest or providing the pigeon hasn't laid eggs yet that we could just remove it. 

Now I am pretty sure the general license exemptions doesn't allow for this unless there are specific issues being caused i.e. H&S

Anyone with some advice please?

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    I'm pretty sure you're stuck until they've gone. Bit of a bummer. Someone else may know better than me though.
    I doubt you could relocate either as the bird would not be likely to go back to the nest if it's been touched I don't think
    • That's what I thought! Pigeons will nest all year though :(
    • Bizarre, isn't it? We farm chickens in atrocious conditions for eggs and meat, and breed game birds like pheasants and grouse just so we can shoot them.

      A mouldy old pigeon in a laurel hedge, that's the one we protect by law? Crazy.

      • I understand that if we didn't have the law then it's possible people would destroy nests and kill for the sake. Not because it was necessary.

        I have been advised to just move the pigeon on but I am wary about doing this due to the law
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    yet you can shoot said pidgeon any time of year at is legaly vermin:

    Horrible but simple answer, shoot it when its not in its nest.
    Then you can legally remove the hedge

  • You could get in touch with a bird of prey handler. A few hawks will scare them off before they nest.
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    In view of the overall conversation, this page may be of some use:

  • Install some cats ;)

    Hope you manage to sort it, such a pain.

  • shouldn't of told anyone and just done it, I'm not saying thats right but as its not the way we do things in the tree business honest 

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    I'm surprised it isn't protected under the "right to a family life" that is so prevalent these days.

    Don't forget also to refer to Pigeon Pie Act 1979  part 1 of section 45 - sub paragraph 4a  "the addition of Bisto instead of prime beef stock is strictly forbidden - refer to Sludgey Food Act 1945 ,paragraph 4 - use of cornflour or thickening agents thereof.." 

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