Mowing Prices in Northern Ireland

Hi everyoneI know there have been a lot of threads on here already about pricing but I can't seem to find anything specific to Northern Ireland? I'm just starting out at the minute and have invested quite a lot of money (for me anyway) in this and want to make sure I've got everything right.After doing all my sums I'm thinking of charging a minimum of £20 per hour/job or 100m sq for mowing. Is this realistic in Northern Ireland? I don't want to be undercutting anyone already here but I'm also aware of at least 2 guys charging £5/10 a lawn (one actually has the mower in the back seat of his golf!).Also, and I know this should be a separate subject but are classified ads in Local papers any good for getting new business nowadays?Any help would be greatly appreciated!ThanksPaul

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  • Hi Paul , I live and work mainly in the greater Belfast area . I have two full time employees and find grass cutting alone not very profitable . In recent years I have lost quite a lot of my private lawns on price , mainly to the April- sept handymen who appear in droves each year. I would set my sights on year round good quality private garden maintenance .
    Regards Drew.
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      Thanks Drew, Hoping to get maintenance work but will take all work to get going!
  • Hi Paul , in my opinion the average customer won't pay £20. Per 100m sq. most of them would like 1/2 of Armagh cut for£20.
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      Sounds like you know Armagh folk well lol
  • While not being in N I, my advice to you would be to charge what you need to charge. If you have no work, then you need to be VERY competitive to get your foot on the ladder.  Having plenty of work gives you scope to be more selective.  It's no good bleating about the £5 - £10 per hour guys.............they have always been there and always will. Some are clueless and some know more about gardening than most 'professionals' .............they just like getting out and about earning a bit of extra money.  

    Re advertising, not sure about local papers, but local newsagents' windows and parish magazines are cheap and give a good return.  Facebook can also open a few doors. Good luck.

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      Thanks for the advice Colin, I'll take on any work I can get my hands on to get going but think you're right about the pricing seem to be a lot of people out there this year
  • Lawn Mowing is a dying trade as people these days want their whole garden maintained by qualified gardeners. 

    The way to price up you work is to find out how long it takes to do one hundred square meters, multiply that time by your direct costs, then multiply that by 2.5 to get your profit margin.

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      What is the 2.5 for?
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        Adrian has always been an advocate for charging very very highly and not neccesarily being clear how/why.

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          And I for one do not find lawn mowing a dying trade.

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