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I think it's already been established that I'm not a huge fan of the forum changes a while back, however it seems to have changed again (for the worst) - with different threads underneath.

It's very confusing especially on the phone. 

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    Thanks for your feedback Robbie. It's always welcome.

    I'm always trying new things and I want to make our content as visible as possible.

    I think you're right though. It doesn't seem to work.

    Anyone else?

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      I find it a bit odd. But the other thing I find now is when I'm looking on iPhone the page starts loading up with the header in view and then it sends me to the bottom of the page where it says landscape engine sorry this page is unsupported on mobile so that you have to scroll miles back up to the top now with all the other comments under the topic you want if that makes sense?
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        It's the same when viewing with a blackberry
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        It seems that changes I made to the jobs RSS was throwing out the front page. 

        Can someone test from their end for me and see what you think now?

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        That happens to me as well, used to love looking at the site on I phone but its become too much hassle and gone back to desktop!

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          Should be OK now Tim.

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            Its working Phil, when you refresh it now stays at the top of the page.....;-)
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    I'd have to agree, not easy to follow.

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    Different people, different views, I actually like the fact that you can get the thread you wish to post on and the up to date latest replies to the different threads on the same page, it means I don't have to keep leaving a thread im following to see what other people have posted up on other discussions, or the latest few anyway, my opinion, I like it....
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