Mankar Sprayers?

Has anyone used Mankar sprayers?  I thought that they looked expensive, but I feel mortified if I accidentally overspray a lawn.  I am semi-retired and do some mowing, gardening etc.  I like to do a proper job though and I got my PA qualification started before spraying for anyone.  It looks like they would take longer than a knapsack sprayer to cover a large area, but would be more efficient on a narrow path.  They promise a saving in herbicide use and there is no need to dilute before spraying.  I suppose that afterward you could tell the client what amount you had applied to his land without any calculations.

I did a search for Mankar on Landscape Juice and found nothing.......

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    Hi, I've never used Mankar sprayers so can't help in that respect, but when you say no need to dilute herbicides, you don't mean to spray on neat mixture do you? Sorry I may have totally misunderstood, many thanks Harry
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      Just googled them, looks a different bit of kit to my Berthoud pro sprayer, I'm not sure I could trust it...
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    They look like a version of a CDA sprayer, ie like NoMix.

    They generate atomised pesticide delivery (neat). The general topic has come up on LJN before but not with these people. Go look on ProGreens website >>>>> to see the NoMix versions ....
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      Do you have to use specific NoMix herbicides etc?
  • They are German made sprayers.  They do a range from hand-held HQ models, through to ones for use on vehicles.  They spray neat herbicide, using a battery driven atomiser to create the spray.  They are meant to use far less of the herbicide than a traditional knapsack sprayer.      I think that they were original designed to use Roundup type herbicides. I just wondered if anyone had used the hand-held ones and was aware of their pros and cons when actually used.

  • they do seem to be pricey especially if you are only using it once in a blue moon just get a hood for the sprayer you have 

  • Dave, that is sensible advice - but I saw a couple being sold on Ebay within travel distance and tried to find out some more.  I think that was even an article about the use being compulsory in Holland, instead of Knapsack sprayers, in order to cut down the use of glyphosate.  Up to 80% less is what they claim.  The press releases emphasize  the saving of money - no water to transport, no chemicals to mix, little weight to carry.  They are sold by PitchCare and no-one would know better what they are really like than a user.

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    We have a similar CDA made by a different company - Herbi 4 by Micron. They are excellent for glyphosate spraying over a large area with limited access to water. The Nomix CDA I put in a separate category as the herbicide is via a plug in/ pull out self contained cartridge and not a 'wet' product. In addition the Nomix has the unique Nomix Dual weedlkiller/ residual product.

    I don't think you can use it to fully replace a knapsack as so many (non-glyphosate) products cannot be used in a CDA, but they are a good investment for frequent use on very large areas.

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      Hi Richard, I'll wait for the Herbi 53 version :).

      However a serious question - is there likely to be any future approval of a NoMix "Selective" product reintroduced ?

      I do so like our NoMix for large hard surface spraying, makes life easier/faster and a little safer.

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        Sorry site crashed with my reply...

        Yes, we miss Tribute Plus but that obviously got canned a while ago in the whole MCPA review/ handheld application that affected a lot of lawn selectives.

        No plans to bring out a replacement but I'm inferring its an economical reason rather than a formulation issue....

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