• Any obvious cause?

    Animals digging it up?? Is the border higher than the lawn? As I have had this issue before but no longer maintain there so don't worry
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      Birds/small animals I think.
      It's just annoying as I have to take loads up each visit.
      I just wondered if there was anything good as it would save some time!
      • yes birds and to some extent wind spreading it around, unless the bark is damp and bedded down,it  seems to be worse at travelling around when freshly laid. I suggest a resident sniper with an air rifle (aiming to miss of course) or colourful windmills, scarecrows, c.d.s on strings, and lots of cats... actually in fact the cats might be a bad idea

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    Try a dusting of garlic granules. If it's birds etc, they are normally deterred by the smell.

  • It's only natural for the birds to 'ferret' around for grubs etc and your bark mimics the natural environment. We take the view that we live in and work in the natural world, why fight it?  Blow it or sweep it back or keep the bark away from the edges. 

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    It's birds , could be cats using the bark as a littler tray , Birds will even move slate around but its just what they do . ( nature of the beast ) Anything you do may look more unsightly than the straying bark and i doubt very much if it will be effective .

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    Thanks for the replys but it may be a leave it and tidy up job.
    Barring waiting with a gun!!!
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    I have the same thing at one of my lawn customers. I just blow them back into the border now. The odd one or two still need picking up, but the blower takes care of most.

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    I had this one garden. I re cut the lawn edge with a half moon and went down a good depth allowing a height difference between the lawn and mulch. The mulch is only about 25mm lower against the lawn but it seems to have worked. 

  • Assuming it's a proper edge which you would cut with edging shears, I always excavate the soil adjacent to the edge by a good 6".............. you can then top up with the bark, still have a good depth to it and have a good "drop" between the top of the bark and the lawn.

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