How wet is too wet to work in the garden?

As the topic states, how wet is to wet to work in the garden, luckily this morning I am working in a green house, however I find myself looking out across the garden wondering are there any gardeners out there willing to work when it's chucking it down? A light drizzle I may encourage myself to get out in the gardens, any heavier then an office/ kit day, or even take the kids to soft play day is called for. What's everyone's views on this?

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    I'm about the same as you I think a bit of rain is ok. Pouring down I'm inside thanks!
    The only real time I work in heavy rain is if I've already started something that can't be left!
    Talking of rain I'm at home today by the look of it so I'll put pictures of that weibangs grass cutting finish up later.
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      Look forward to that Richard..
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    I'm up for anything weather wise but certain jobs just won't work unless in reasonable conditions! Today I am having to reschedule a soil prep for a turfing job. Been hammering down for past 3 hours and not set to stop for a few more. Mowing in light rain is possible with the right mower but still a pain as it take longer. Anyway today is a much needed admin/catch up day so a blessing none the less!

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      It must be difficult for those that employ, especially if rain is persistent and goes on for days.
      • ....isn't that what's "zero hour" contracts are for?  (ps.... I don't agree with them)

  • Having taken the kiddies to school, I'm currently racing raindrops down the window.

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    Heavy rain here today, i mainly cut lawns and hedges so it doesn't look promising today, if it's light rain I'll venture out.

    Yesterday looked at the weather forecast the day before and it said rain was forecast around about 2pm so i thought good should be able to get most jobs done for the day by then but as soon as i started cutting the first lawn at 8am the rain started.

    Does anybody else get annoyed by the weather men/apps that says your safe today no rain then as soon as you start up your mower it rains.

  • I don't venture out in heavy persistant rain either. We're on heavy clay soil here, so once it's been raining heavy for a while just walking around the gardens churns them to mud. It's been torrential all day yesterday and this morning, with the forecast for this to continue all day. Walking across grass is leaving a line of muddy footprints, so trying to crack on is pointless. Clients aren't happy paying for you to leave the garden looking more of a mess than before you arrived.

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      re jigged for a days strimming -- i find strimming is fine in all weather -- full waterproofs on and just head down get on with it 

      elsewhere im finding ive picked up some clients recently that dont allow for weather disruptions in their outlook  -- they seem to think they are the most important and if i dont turn up due to rain on their day -- i should be coming back the next day -- unfortunately it doesnt work like that -- so im having to attempt jobs during the rain as a show of commitment. 

      Seems they prefer a show up and a go home early rather than a no show or text explanation -- hopefully they will change as its a massive waste of time some days when could be doing something more productive 

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