Hot tub base

Evening :)

We have been really busy and are currently trying to work out what base to put down for a hot tub. Client reckons type 1 compacted in 50mm layers up to 150mm.. He is a rail engineer and thinks that the 4kn load put out by the hot tub will be supported by this sub base easily.

The hot tub manufacturers suggest 150mm sub base with concrete pavers and a 50mm bedding layer. Now I think this is a little overkill.. This is only a guide line. Bearing in mind this is a static load and not dynamic.

any help advice or suggestions?

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  • we do them for a few hot tub companies and its normally a 100 to 150mm deep concrete base with a sheet of rebar in dependent on the size of the tub

    • Oh really? So it's 2.6 X 2.6m with a total weight of 2.5t.

      I have another client who has one which is about 3.4t stood on a standard patio 100mm sub base 35mm bedding layer and 25mm granite slab.

      Client didn't really want a concrete slab
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        I'd go with the client. If he thinks 150mm is going to be enough it probably is. Trains weigh a hell of a lot more.
        It's not that heavy!
        • He is double checking with a friend who is involved in serious civils works.

          The only issue I can foresee is with lots of rain the fines washing through but that's it.
        • The problem I see is that water has this uncanny knack of finding it's own level and immediately showing up any movement! I'd go concrete base every time.

          • yep as colin says. see how spot on level you can get an mot base. There is a reason the hot tub companies ask for a concrete base, one of which is to ensure its level. also a concrete base, ensures that the base doesnt get stressed, as it can do if there are any uneven points. Personally id go with what the company suggests. from bitter experience, engineers of all sorts are a pain in the bum when it comes to working in gardens, as they are a different breed, who have no place in the garden!

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            Your right that water will find you out if it's not flat.
            But I do think people try and over engineer things if they get half a chance.
            A concrete base can move too remember
            • Mine don't! ;-)

              • PRO
                They said something similar about the titanic I think....,. :-)
              • seconded!

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