Horsetail problem

Just got an allotment as if I needed more gardening to do!Anyhow it was hugely overgrown but has a problem with horsetail it's everywhere. It's not just my plot but suggestions.I've cut it down, removed waste, sprayed, cultivatored anything else I've missed?What would you spray on it?

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    Its a horrible weed to be stuck with - you have my sympathies. For horsetail control we have Kurtail Gold in 500ml or 2L sizes. Its benefit for planting areas vs. Kaskara (now back in stock for a short time) is it degrades very quickly in soil so re-planting or seeding can take place very soon after. However - do your reading on horsetail as any major digging or rotorvating will only spread the problem....happy to talk about it if you like..

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    I've been using Kurtail Gold recently with lots of customers. It works well. You need a few applications to really get rid of it because it just keeps coming and there are inevitably bits you will miss first time around. It blackens it off and kills down to the root. I will see if I can work out how to post pictures on here...

    For anyone using it commercially the product is not cheap and not available domestically so charge accordingly. I will be offering mares tail treatment as a stand alone service next year based on the use of Kurtail Gold. It is rampant here in the North West. 

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    I first heard of kurtail 2 or 3 years ago. I've heard that it's effective. Sounds like it will work well on the allotment. I was thinking of getting it for one of my contracts. It has a 'refurbished' and replanted rockery. But there is an ongoing problem with mares tail. I'm hoping that brushing it on to individual stems will work well. I'm fed up with constantly cutting it down as it comes through.
    Has anyone tried applying it like this?
    • About to use Kurtail Gold this year on client's garden. I am organic at home so just dig then pull and make sure remove sporing body early in the year.

  • 2, 4 D is the cheapest oldest & v effective chemical on the market. Was a constituent of Agent Orange in Vietnam along with 2 other herbicides!

    • 2,4 D is banned is it not?
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