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    what are the prices like -- per unit -- plus batteries ?

    im just doing the maths on low vibration petrol units 

  • sounds good, would like to get my hands on some of this kit myself to see how much extra power the 56 volt gear gives over the various 36 volt cordless tools i use at the moment, and whether there's a trade off with increased battery weight for example...i see wolf garten have brought out some 72 volt mowers but the blade diameter doesn't seem very large

    • Some specs here Billy if the link works !! its a pdf !!

      • looks good graham i am as excited myself about cordless as when i first took the plunge and gave it the benefit of the doubt compared to petrol...make sure you get the brushless motor versions as they are better....the ego range is very popular in the states, tons of info on various web fora including some very technical analysis of the batteries etc, i always check the reviews of people who have bought the product rather than just the manafacturers and retailers pitch, always a few negatives and bad experiences but i've decided that the upsides of cordless outweigh those of petrol

        • I'm going to be about £1600 lighter the weekend but I think it will work out in the end !! I've read loads of reviews and they are mostly very good !! I think it's a selling point as well being good for the environment !! plus as I'm getting on in years and having a dodgy shoulder this stuff is a lot lighter !!! so kinder on my body !! :)

          • definitely, if they are as hard wearing as the bosch and stihl i have, and you get plenty of use out of them, they are a good investment, nice not buying petrol and oil, then breathing the fumes in, no real need for hearing protection (depending on decibel level of your kit)...i have found the resale value on the cordless kit when you upgrade as new improved units come out a few years down the line can be very good

            • quite fancy an 80 volt chainsaw like that made by Greenworks...i have the Stihl msa200 which is a very good little machine for smaller stuff, i also had the Bosch one which disappointingly broke fairly quickly...i too have a slightly dodgy shoulder so the cordless has been a god send. I have found that particularly with the Sihl cordless hedge trimmers I am completing jobs in a shorter time than when I ever used petrol. Much less fatigue means I can concentrate better on the quality of finish. Did some Box topiary yesterday while overcast to avoid sun scorch. But equally at home on conifer and hawthorn. I would recommend initially getting plenty of batteries, a charger obviously, and one or two of the core pieces of equpment, you can always add more later

          • Graham. Which Evo strimmer model are you going for out of interest? Cheers
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