Afternoon all.I'm currently doing a project for a customer of mine. I'm putting in a new largish driveway as the customer runs a fitness business from her home gym. She has a fair bit of traffic coming and going and I'm thinking about the wear and tear on the drive. Normally I go for 200mm of crushed concrete whacked/packed in with digger, 25 -50mm of crushed limestone slightly damped then whacked then the gravel on top. Always been really good on domestic driveways with no problems of the Base Layer coming up at all. My concern is that the high volume of traffic turning might cause me some long term problems with the limestone coming up.Am considering using the gridlock plastic system but it's pretty expensive.Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts the gridlock as I've never used it before and or anything I could further do to prevent the limestone possibly coming up!Cheers

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    In my opinion you do need something like this pinned down. it only takes 1-2 people slightly clutch happy and your limestone will be flicking all over the place. on quite a few projects over the years i have used products like this and all though occasionally you do see the grid through the gravel where it has spread due to high volumes of traffic i find it is very good indeed along as it is properly pinned down and fixed together.

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    I'd put it to the customer with the cost difference, otherwise she may think a cheaper quote is better. That said,  I'd say you should be ok so long as you watch out for a few things.

    1. Proper mix of fines and solids in the scalpings.

    2. Proper compaction. Tracking in with a digger is no good for this sort of thing. Diggers are on tracks to reduce ground pressure, people tend to forget this. Hire a vibroll and you'll be amazed at the difference over a whacker plate.

    3. A decent layer of large size gravel that will 'lock' together better than pea shingle. This will protect the base.

    I had a stroke of luck the other week, picked up an old Stotthart and Pitt pedestrian vibroll with a crank start Lister for £200. £40 worth of push-pull cable and a few dabs with the welder to adjust the mounting brackets and she's a great bit of kit. Couldn't go back to the whacker plate for anything more than a few square metres.

    • agree with ben and cant see it will be much different from a domestic driveway. did a job with the gridlock system last year and wasnt that expensive or hard to use. i think we got it from fleximas

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