Chainsaw oil on tarmac.

Can anyone advise me please???

Approx 3 weeks ago I spilt some chainsaw oil on my customers drive which is tarmac. I have tried fairy liquid, local kleenz company and some oil removal product from b and q. So far nothing has worked. Are there any suggestions before I go the whole hog and have the full drive re-tarmaced.



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  • Years ago in my ignorance, I sprayed iron sulphate on a tarmac drive and it was covered in unsightly rust stains that nothing would shift.  In the end, I filled the sprayer with diluted matt black masonry paint mixed with some unibond PVA adhesive and sprayed over the lot. It came out looking like it had just been laid and stayed that way. Don't know if t hat would hide your oil stain but might be worth giving it a go if the only alternative is to relay the tarmac!!

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    How old is the tarmac?
    If it’s fairly new how about painting some tar onto it? The roof seal stuff. You could try it in a corner and see how bad or not it would look!
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      I spilled two stroke all over a tarmac public footpath outside a customers house , I threw loads of builders sand over the spillage to absorb it and left it for about half an hour then brushed it up , It left a black stain and i was concerned about it getting slippy when it got wet so kept going back to check it was okay .   eventually the stain faded after about nine months .  

      I did consider ringing up the fire service for advice if the stain became slippy .  but just had a check on a forum and someone suggested cillit bang , might be worth a try 

  • hi geri first thing i would try is a pressure washer or steam cleaner if available you may have to hire one, and a chemical known as T.F.R traffic film remover. i used to be a hgv and plant engineer and this stuff would almost melt grease if sprayed on neat in a pump up spary bottle dont get it on the customers car neat it will slightly eat the paint. it is used for washing cars trucks and plant to remove the built up oily film vehicles get from beingon the road you know that slimy black stuff you cant wash off with fairy once youve changed any part on an old vehicle also if its fresh tarmac or really old and crumbling dont pressure wash to close. hope this helps

    T.F.R and a flow of water from a hose and maybe a hot pan or kettle of water before the cold flow oils flow better when hot but so does tarmac to be carefull

    also ive not tried this so at your own risk but the T.f.r should not damage the tarmac neither should a boiling kettle but im not a tarmac expert test it some where first if your worried

  • Hi All, im new to the forum, ive been reading through a lot of your posts.

    As far as oil goes, this might sound slightly mental, but try Coke, full fat coke. pour it on, leave overnight and use an old towel or something absorbent to soak it up in the morning, then wash it off with a bucket of water. 

    It doesn't work everytime, and with varying degrees of success, depends on the oil and how long its been there, but its definitely worth a shot.

    Another one i heard about, but have never tried is WD40. apparently soaking the oils stain with WD40 and then scrubbing it with a brush and washing off is supposed to lift oil stains… never tried it though.

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    I was going to say the B & Q stuff worked on an Indian sandstone patio at a local hotel. Not chain saw oil but olive oil, I had tried all sorts but that stuff cleared it up a treat.

    Another idea is a hot air gun. Try it on a bit out of the way first.

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    I'd try some engine degreaser or similar solvent.

    Steam cleaner would certainly work but a hassle and large cost if you don't already own one.

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