Has anybody had chafer grub damage on their lawns this year caused by crows or badgers, if so what are people doing about control with the chemical method now banned?, does biological control really work?.

We have a large lawn 5550m2 is it easy to apply on an area this size, just wondered what peoples experience of bio control was and how they applied it to large areas. 

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    what are you trying to treat, the damage caused by the crows/ badgers? the damage caused by the chafer grub? or the fact that you have chafer grub activity?

    if it was me i would use a product like merit turf (professional pesticide) to get rid of the chafer grub which should in turn dissuade the crows/badgers and then start to repair the turf either by overseeding or re turf

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      Merit turf - no longer available: Pitchcare

    • Yes looking to get rid of the chafer which will in turn stop the crows and badgers. Just wondered how other people are treating this without merit turf?.
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    Read for product update/withdrawals  -

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      Have they banned the chemicals for leather jackets as well?
      Reason I ask is because they are very similar to the chafers
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    Yep. Only thing left standing is Nematodes. Spoke to ICL (nee Everris) at BTME and they have a couple of products, 1 for chafers and 1 for leather jackets. Both need refrigeration storage and spray apply around late sep/early oct. Post aeration, touch of rain and a bit of wetting agent ideal! Simple (not). Both are approx 2-3 times the price of Merit Turf, and probably x20 for chlorpyrifos.

    Not many lawn care customers will be willing to pay for them, I think.

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      Oh ok thanks for that.
      One day soon I think that glyphosate will be banned.
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    Yes, Nematodes are the only real alternative at the moment. Be aware that the nematodes are different for leatherjacket than for the chafer grub so you 'll be best to do a few test holes to determine which one you have (or both ?)

    There are rumours of Bayer working on a replacement/ re-licensed insecticide product but thats probably 2 years away.

    the nematodes can be kept refrigerated for upto 4 weeks but the soil profile should be kept wet (not soggy) to allow the nematodes to move and seek out the larvae - so customers will need to be 'educated' to water lawns in dry spells...have fun with that!

     Link here: Nemasys G & J


    (01778) 394052

  • Cyren no longer available too. Lots of Leatherjacket activity down here in the SW and with the mild weather it might be a bad year. Nemotodes wont be an easy option for that huge lawn Adrian!

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