Welcome to the Landscape Juice Network

Welcome to the Landscape Juice Network.

My name is Phil Voice and I have created this site to help professional gardeners, landscapers, designers, product manufacturers and suppliers [and also private gardeners and home owners] who might be looking for inspiration, help and advice.

At the core of the site lies a very powerful search engine friendly matrix, which means any content (and this gets stronger and stronger by the day) that you put up is being picked up by search engines, meaning it can easily be found by others looking for information.

It is likely that anyone searching on the internet for topics, geographical locations and people that are linked into here, will be picked up in advance of anywhere else. And because it is the sister site of Landscape Juice, which has over 2000 9,000 87,000 100,000 items of information and advice built into it, the effect is heightened enormously.


I hope that you feel comfortable and confident enough to participate by adding information that you may consider to be of interest and of use to others. Bear in mind that we all know something that someone else doesn't and vice versa so please, however small or trivial you might feel it is, please add anything you feel could be of use to someone else.

Please also feel free to link out to any other website on the internet which enforces or strengthens what you are saying. It may be to a photograph to help with an explanation or it may be a news item that is relevant to the discussion.

Craig McGinty has written a section about tips on using the site which will help in getting you started. The tips page is always being updated so please check back regularly.

The Green Tick Logo

You will have noticed the green tick in the left hand side bar. This is a voluntary scheme for any member who joins here. The ethos behind it is that you if you are going to put yourself and your company up for scrutiny in a public place such as this network, then your intention is to provide the best possible service that you can.

Feel free to add the green tick logo to your own website and to give customers the opportunity to check you out, link to your profile page on the network.

If you have any questions, suggestions or problems using the site then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Phil Voice

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    As winter approaches we are starting to see new members joining at a quickening pace - five new members joined yesterday.

    I hope that everyone has the confidence to participate in the discussions either by starting a topic in the forum, writing a blog post or by adding a photo or video.

    Please get involved in any discussion that you feel you can help with. It doesn't matter how small your contribution or how trivial you might feel your point is; it might just be the answer or help someone else is looking for.

    Bear in mind that we are all at different levels of experience and every one of us have a unique set of skills.

    I am around most of the time so if you need a guiding hand then please do not hesitate to pop me an email or give me a call.
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    If you've recently signed up to the network then it's worth spending a few minutes on this page and exploring some of the links.

    If you need further help then please feel free to drop me a line.
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    I'd like to apologise for not being in touch with the recent new members as I've bee away for the last week.

    I hope to be able to catch up wit you and send a personal message soon.
  • Hello Philip

    Glad to have come across this site I think it will be most useful, when I get a few minutes over the weekend I  will explore the site in more detail.

    Best regards


  • PRO

    we're growing at such an extraordinary rate at the moment that I thought it worthwhile to bring this post to the top.


    If you are a new member then I hope you are getting to grips with how the site works but if you need any help, please do not hesitate to get in touch at any time.


    We've loads of members - old hands now - who have been in your position and they are the ones who are now passing on their advice and knowledge to others and I hope you'll feel confident enough to do that too.



  • Hi Philip and all members.

    Had a look through here a few times and finally joined up. Going to spend the next few day looking through old post and getting used to using this site.

    We are a machinery dealer in London selling Stihl, Husqvarna, Hayter and loads more. I'm not here to hard sell anything just get a feel from your side of the fence. I'm always up for a few questions and if I can help I will.





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    I need to apologise to our new members for the lack of personal welcome: I promise I will do it but having been away a week and then catching up on general site work and Creating Landscapes, I've had little time.

    Thanks for joining and I hope LJN is worthwhile to you and your business.
  • Loving the site, really enjoyed your visit and so glad you enjoyed it too, hope to meet up again soon.



    Comment by Phil Voice on April 26, 2011 at 11:50am

    Thanks Dana

    Welcome to the site. It was great to meet you too and thanks for the tour of the Marshalls site.



  • Hello Philip and all members of LJN

    What a great site! Can't wait to find a couple of hours to have a good look at all the blogs and links.

    We are a family run business making bespoke timber gates using first grade Oak, Iroko and Redwood. We aim to offer a quality product at a competative price and believe small businesses should stick together!

    Take care - Claire and Jason

  • Great site Phillip, getting to find more
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