STIHL has launched the new KMA 135 R, adding to its range of high-performance KombiEngines for professional users tackling tough jobs.  



The new robust and powerful KombiEngine accompanies the KMA 130 R in the range. Featuring a sturdy new battery housing, users can now easily slot in STIHL’s high-performance 36V AP batteries, adding greater versatility to carry out the quick jobs where KombiTool’s are so effective.

As well as delivering excellent performance across a wide range of KombiTool’s, the motor requires little-to-no servicing, whilst the easy to clean air filter ensures a long service life and optimum engine cooling.

The KMA 135 R has an ergonomic control handle with three-level speed pre-selection displayed on an LED panel and infinitely variable speed control on the trigger to perfectly match the KombiTool and the work being carried out.

A quick-release coupling allows the splitting of the KombiSystem into two parts for easy transport and storage – and then re-assembled without any tools required.

The new KMA 135 R is compatible with STIHL’s wide range of KombiTool attachments, including the HT-KM, HL-KM 145º, HL-KM 0º, FH-KM, MB-KM, RG-KM, BG-KM, FCB-KM, BF-KM and KB-KM, which are all interchangeable thanks to the straightforward and sturdy connection point.

Further ranges of accessories are also available to use with the KMA 135 R, including Shaft Extensions, RTS Harness, Angled Gearhead and Carry Bag.

For more information on STIHL’s range of KombiEngines, including the KMA 135 R, please visit


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  • having the battery in the head rather than wired from a pouch is a big improvement.

  • PRO

    We found the little batteries never lasted too long hence we bought the back pack battery which made it a more efficient thing to use...

    • Hi

      What batteries are you using? And how many hours are you getting on using for strimmer and or hedge cutting attachment on an average garden maintenance day/week?


  • PRO

    Stihl uk are a joke this year 

    no stock for months now 

    no delivery dates for anything 

    really want to spend about £3k but no stock ever comes in 

    looks good heard good things about 135 tools just hope the launch is with availability as ordered this back in feb as per in new catalogue 


    • PRO

      Worth taking a step back and looking at reasons before blaming Stihl U.K.

      Like many, they have been at the mercy of two major issues - BREXIT & Covid.

      So much stock held up in ports, that the normal just-in-time ordering and replenishment has struggled to keep pace.

      Even major motor manufacturers are short timing their staff or taking shutdowns due to covid or lack of components coming into the U.K.

      Maybe we need to blame both Brexit and whatever reason released Covid upon us ? 

    • PRO

      With all the respect I have for you Gary RK 

      brexit really ? No 

      covid yes 

      but why not blame Stihl uk they are clearly not in a position to launch new products when last year they were out of stock and lockdown just as bad but they clearly took on too much for this year. I know there competitors are in a worse position but why be British and accept it 

      it's not good business practice to promise and fail to deliver you must see that and please move on from brexit 

      Aldi and Lidl are German but don't seem to interrupted with supplies 

      just in time replenishment I agree with car industries we have bmw snd Honda in Swindon snd they have no where to stockpile such volumes but not credible that Stihl can't stockpile a huge amount of stock in uk before launching

      Brexit will be blamed for years im sure your a remainer but move on

      politics aside

      still got a lot of respect for your wisdom on here Gary but I'm trying to replace my tools and Stihl are failing that's a reality  

    • PRO

      Gary I agree regards ports and shipping containers 

      China is back in production my client owns a multi million pound shoe brand snd production is in overtime in China but a landed 20ft container was 700-£1200 now quotes upto £11000 that's done profiteering but he's been told no one gets paid to move empty boxes so ships are slower to be unloaded if crane operators are ill and captains have set u loafing time slots so leave without taking back the empties 

      The result  no empty boxes to fill at a standard rate, those containers available are going for silly money 

      so Stihl do design snd make in Europe but assembly is in. China. I fear the stock is on the sea or not in warehouses in Europe but that's not my fault 

      anyhow my worries are more even China ups it's costs and we all China dependent if not already 

    • PRO

      Let's agree to disagree then, but don't assume to know my politics. I find it quite condescending.

      Product launches are determined at Corp level, with each subsidary estimating likely demand and availablity in their marketplace. There have been limited supplies available that have sold out.

      I have been very vocal on Stihl's approach to business previously on LJN where I feel it is justified, but comments are based upon both business and personal contacts within Stihl (given they are local to me).

      Hindsight is a wonderful skill.....

  • PRO

    That's a good point, we tried to buy a van last week and we're told by Ford/Vauxhall et al none available till October.... 

    • PRO

      The second hand van market is very strong 

      Ford are pushing heavily the hybrid van mainly because at a shopping mall they informed me the electric only custom can only pull a trailer upto 200kg my trailer weighs 4 times that empty 

      regards new yes as Gary states production days cut social distancing on the production line and stock distribution affected totally get production limits and delayed delivery dates 

       but don't launch new products without a stockpile first Is my point 

      the new fords are awesome my mate bought ex demo custom with all extras 1200 miles on clock but still 2 week before ready with staff shortages for valeting etc 

      happy van hunting 

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