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Pellenc launches New Rasion 2 Models

Pellenc UK has announced the launch of the all new Rasion Easy 2 and Rasion Smart 2 battery powered pedestrian rotary mowers.

The original Rasion Easy was launched back in 2016 which was a combination of the previous two models in the Rasion rotary mower range – the Basic and the Smart. Feedback from users revealed that commercial operators found the manual operation of the Rasion Basic more appropriate yet they also liked the self-propelled element of the Rasion Smart.

Therefore, the Rasion Easy was launched to offer a combination from both models.

3698673199?profile=RESIZE_710x2019 sees a new and improved Easy model with a number of exciting key features.

Mow in silent harmony with the environment

  • New silent Brushless wheel motor with direct drive.
  • 91 dB at speed 3 and 93 dB at maximum power.

Mowing with consideration for the user's well-being

  • Exceptionally low vibration rate of 0.7 m/s² (compared to 4.5 m/s² for a petrol mower).
  • An easy-to-handle lawn mower: Single front wheel facilitating stability and work flow. 2 wheel-locking positions: free/idle wheels or guided steering - flexible and smooth.

Enables intensive mowing over extended periods

  • New electronic management by the IMS (insulated metallic substrate) circuit board. This allows for improved heat dissipation, absorbing power peaks during intensive mowing without reducing the blade speed.
  • Optimised anti-jam system, reverse rotation of the blades to remove excess grass from the housing while keeping the mower running.
  • The ICC (intelligent cutting control) sensors will now be available as an option (not standard) on the Easy 2. This patented feature exclusive to Pellenc allows the mower to detect the height and density of the grass and change the engine speed accordingly. This saves power as operators do not have to run the machine under full-load unnecessarily.

A cutting width of 60cm with height of cut between 25-75mm, 70 litre grass box capacity and two front swivel wheels ensure the Rasion Easy 2 is ultra-manoeuvrable. Weighing less than 30kgs and folding handlebars means that transportation between sites is effortless. The Rasion Easy 2 also has an IP54 water rating, which as time goes on will be the standard through the rest of the Pellenc tool range.

All Pellenc batteries and tools come complete with a three-year commercial warranty as standard - the first manufacturer to offer this on battery-powered tools. Pellenc is exclusively distributed in the UK and Ireland by Etesia UK.

To view the all-new dedicated Pellenc website please visit www.pellencuk.com

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