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Oldham Athletic Football Club has signed a three year supply agreement with Sherriff Amenity for all line marking and paint requirements. The agreement sees the Bowcom GMX line marker and Bowgrass Supreme Plus paint used for line marking duties at the Boundary Park Stadium and three training pitches.

Chris Bailey, Head Groundsman for the League One club said that the decision to swap from a previous supplier and go with Sherriff Amenity was for the potential cost savings it would give him in line marking paint and also quality of finish. “Since becoming Head Groundsman, I’ve always looked at ways to provide an improved and higher standard of presentation and finish.

“Through this agreement, we are looking to improve the standard of pitch square-ness and line straightness. Lee Williams, the Amenity Specialist at Sherriff Amenity is extremely knowledgeable and knows the issue’s that a groundsman faces having been a groundsman himself.”

Chris has been working with Lee and Sherriff Amenity for the past twelve months, with the company also supplying a range of products to the club including fertilisers. “We purchase a lot of products from Sherriff Amenity and I know that I can rely on Lee for a quality service and any advice that I need.”

The combination of the revolutionary Bowcom GMX and Bowgrass Supreme Plus paint offers Chris and his groundstaff the ultimate in precision line marking application. The GMX incorporates a number of comprehensive, flexible spray options including fully adjustable line width, central or off-set spraying, protected, quick release spray head assembly, optional twin jet nozzle and optional side marking arm along with a removable 25lt paint tank which offers the operator total flexibility when changing, cleaning or filling.

Benefitting from a reduced viscosity and improved flow properties, Supreme Plus line marking paint remains the preferred choice for high profile sporting venues both in the UK and internationally for producing an exceptionally bright, durable weather resistant line.

One feature Chris particularly likes is the ease of keeping the machine clean. "Keeping it clean is easy. All we have to do is run water through it after use. It really couldn’t be any easier and is clean in no time.

“The Supreme Plus paint quality means that I don’t have to re-mark pitches. I would certainly recommend both the GMX and Supreme paint – not just because of the cost savings but also the level of service we’ve received,” said Chris.

Bowcom products are available exclusively throughout the United Kingdom from Sherriff Amenity. For further information, please contact Sherriff Amenity on 01638 721 888 or visit www.sherriff-amenity.com

For more news and insightful views, you can follow Sherriff Amenity on Twitter @SherriffAmenity.

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