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Dennis and SISIS, whose turf maintenance equipment is widely used by cricket groundsman at all levels, are delighted to announce a new partnership with the Club Cricket Conference.

These two highly respected names will support the 2013 CCC handbook and be featured on the Conference website. The Dennis and SISIS logos will give members and visitors direct links to their respective websites. There will be regularly updated blog pages on their equipment for pitch maintenance, also offering clubs and their groundsmen the opportunity to ask questions about it.

They will also support and be featured in the CCC newsletter, updating member clubs with news and stories about their machines and cricket pitch maintenance generally.

Expect to see more of both Dennis and SISIS at Conference events and matches too. Experts from each of the companies will give demonstrations of latest state-of-the-art turf maintenance equipment and talk to club groundsmen.

Both companies, as part of the partnership arrangement, have pledged to give active support to CCC’s involvement with the International Cricket Council (Europe) in encouraging the growth of cricket as a recreational game in countries where facilities are limited.

Seminars and presentations by them will be aimed at getting clubs to adopt grass rather than make-do pitches and showing them how looking after fine turf is achievable and beneficial.

The Dennis and SISIS companies have been around since the 1920’s and 1930’s respectively, but two years ago came together as part of the Derby-based Howardson Group. They have each been involved in the business of cricket pitch preparation and maintenance since their respective formation and their commitment to helping groundsmen get the best possible playing surface is underlined by regular participation in conferences and seminars. SISIS is well known to many cricket groundsmen for its range of hand and powered tools, notably for scarification, aeration, brushing and leveling tasks: Dennis for its fine turf cylinder mowers, especially its interchangeable cassette system which allows a groundsman to complete key maintenance tasks such as cutting, spiking, verti-cutting, and slitting using a single mower.

Welcoming the involvement of the two groundscare machinery brands in CCC activities, Cricket Development Manager Gulfraz Riaz said: “Partnerships are an important part of the game of cricket and this is a excellent one. We are delighted to have two such respected names in cricket pitch maintenance involved in what we do. We value their support and this new line of communication to clubs is sure to be appreciated by their groundsmen. It’s also an exciting extra string to our bow in trying to spread the game of cricket abroad.”

For further information or a no obligation demonstration, please contact Dennis and SISIS on 01332 824 777 or visit /

For more news, reviews and insightful views, you can follow Dennis on Twitter @DennisMowers and like the company’s Facebook page – You can also view the latest Dennis videos by visiting

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