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Get Jobber Review

I have talked extensively about how good jobber is in the past and thought it would be easier to create one blog post about it. As time allows I will add and up date it. If you have any questions drop me a line and I will try and answer them.

Jobber is something you have to go all in with, the more you put into it the better it will work for you.

I have found it to be a fantastic bit of software - I couldn't imagine not having it, it's the backbone of my business.

While this list is nowhere near exhaustive of the features in jobber I hope it helps you understand some of the basics of how it will help you run and manage your business. .

Using it has helped me stay at least one step ahead of my local competition, clients love getting reminders before visits, written quotes, invoices  and receipts & paying online.   

Jobber helps me to look professional, stay productive, manage my time and my employees time more effectively.

It can be a bit of process adding your clients in if your already established, however the more you use jobber the more you will get out of it. It's very intuitive though, you should be able to pick up and use it from the get go, create a few clients, add a few jobs and have a play about with it from the get go.

Lets talk about charges, all prices on the website are in US dollars, the basic package costs $39.00/month USD (roughly £27 per month at the time of writing this post).

There is an option to add more services (add ons) to jobber as required.They can be turned on and off as needed. You only pay for the stuff that you use ;)


This is a list of the features that jobber contains

  • Client Search
  • Client Import
  • Client History
  • Custom Fields and Tags
  • Client Reminders
  • Quoting
  • Chemical Tracking


  • Custom Visit Line Items
  • QuickBooks Sync
  • Batch Invoicing
  • ePayments
  • Invoice Templates
  • Expense Tracking
  • Payment Tracking
  • Financial Reporting
  • Xero Sync


  • Job Scheduling Wizard
  • Map View Routing
  • Route Optimization
  • Drag and Drop Calendar
  • Website Integration

Team Management

  • Time Tracking
  • GPS Tracking
  • Team Assignments
  • Tasks

Features include:

  • 2 Login Users
  • Unlimited Employees
  • FREE – Website Integration BETA
  • FREE – Route Optimization BETA
  • FREE – Expense Tracking
  • FREE – Client Reminders



Jobber's detailed client history keeps organized all client information including past quotes, jobs, visits, invoices, billing history and multiple property details.

For marketing purposes you can collect other stuff about the client - age, demographics, type of property ect




You can send client reminders before visits. This can be set to any time frame.

The client will get an email and they can click to confirm and you get a notification that they have confirmed the visit. 


Mobile app

See your schedule for the day, complete jobs and invoice on the go

Search or view all your clients, quotes invoices ect.

Other basic stuff though still highly useful, hit the directions button and your phone lunches google/apple maps and takes you there.


If you have Time tracking enabled you can clock in and out for each job.

I have only really started to use this feature, however I hope to be able to spend some time in the winter working out the average time I spend at all of my lawns - and have a better insight into how long jobs take. This will help me drill down into what is most profitable and where I need to increase prices ect.



Website integration

You can integrate it into your website, if a client fills in the online form on your website it creates a client and sends you an email. 



Written quotes protect you as much as they protect the home owner!

Quoting is wee buns on jobber, not only can you create a quote, you can also send your T&C's and a right to cancel form....

It's all done with one or two clicks and then sent off to the client.

  Jobber lets you add frequent used products and services, you can have as many as you need on quotes and invoices. For example I have "Trim and strim" as soon as I start to type it, jobber brings it up.

These items can have default charges if required. If you have quoted a client something, when it comes time to invoice jobber will remember what you quoted and ask do you want to charge X amount. 



Job creation

Jobber will remind you after a set time if you want to archive the job or turn it into a job.

Jobs can be set to be one off or recurring.

For example a job can be daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or anything in between! 

Once created it appears on your calendar.



There are a number of ways to plan your calendar out for you and your employees, different jobs, employees or even tools used for jobs can be assigned its own colour. 

Month view

Week view

Routing (Map view)

Plan your journeys via the routing. 





Writing invoices by hand is a thing of the past. With Jobber, it’s just a couple clicks to create an invoice, email it to your clients, and get paid online. Easy, right? Create and deliver multiple invoices with Jobber's batch invoicing. Sync your financials with QuickBooks Online or Xero for advanced accounting, payroll, and reporting.

Most of the time I will invoice the client before leaving the property, this is a big time saver for me.


E payments

Some people argue that they don't need epayments and that's fine, however how much time do you spend chasing up late payments?

People are lazy, that's just a fact of life. The easier you make it for people to pay you the faster you will get paid.  

When a client pays you via an E payment, jobber handles taking it off in the system and sends the client a receipt. One less bit of time spent on admin for your business 



PayPal - If you are using a credit or debit card, a fee of 3.4% + 20p will also apply. 3 - 4 days transfer time

Stripe - 1.4% + 20p.  7 days transfer time

For clients that want to be charged automatically when work is done, Jobber allows you to securely vault your clients credit card information with Stripe.


QuickBooks Online - Transfer invoices from Jobber into QuickBooks.

Services and products, time sheets and client lists can be pulled from and pushed into QuickBooks Online





Jobber makes it easy to mange the financial side of your business. With over 15 built-in management reports, you'll know exactly how your business is doing financially.


The reporting for an example all that information can be pulled out of jobber whenever it's needed and sent to you via Excel.



Expenses / receipt Bank

Track expenses, upload photos or PDF of receipts. Never loose a receipt again!

When out and about I tend to take a picture of my receipt and create a new expense as soon as I have the receipt in my hand :)

From the reporting tools you can view your expenses from any given time and pull that information out via an excel spreadsheet.



Add on's

One of the benefits of jobber is the add on's can be added and taken away as needed, you pay for the basic CRM, quoting, invoicing, Scheduling ect and then only pay for what bits and bobs you need after that.

ePayments ($5 / £3.50) - Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, authorize.net & Square are all supported, unfortunately Go cardless still isn't on that list. 

Accounts Quickbooks Online & Xero ($9) / (£6) for accounts.

Time tracking ($5 / £3.50)

GPS Tracking ($9) / (£6)

Chemical tracking ($3 / £2)



The support is incredible :)

They have a YouTube channel with lots of great tutorials.

They do webinars, group hangouts where you can go on and chat directly to the devs, ask them stuff, bouncy ideas off, talk to other users to find out how they use the software too.

The only (minor) downside is they are located on the far side of Canada so can be a little slow if you need help in the morning time GMT, though you can raise a ticket.

There is a chat feature built into the dashboard and they are always very keen to help! (99.9 times out of a 100 your problem will be solved in 5 minutes).


Get jobber is always evolving, they never seem to stand still. It's always be added to and tweaked. 





If you have found this post useful and want to try out jobber for the first time, why not use my referral code and sign up to get jobber - We both get £150 worth of credit along with a free trial. 



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    Excellent. I'll definitely be giving this ago. 

    Thank you.

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    If you have any questions I will try and answer them the best I can...

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