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Some of you will know who I am if you read my Landscape Juice blog.

For those that don't, my name is Phil Voice.I have lived in France since October 2004, since selling my Landscaping and Garden maintenance company - still thriving as Voice Grounds Care.

I trained as an amenity gardener at Merrist Wood and later on, I qualified as a greenkeeper at Sparsholt College, Winchester.

I started my garden maintenance and landscaping business (21st May 1984) at 19 years of age and ran it for 21 years employing sixteen people at one point. I sold up in 2004 because I wanted to have a break from the long hours and try to do something a little different.

Moving to France gave me the opportunity to get back to using my hands (which I got out of the routine of doing whilst pushing paper about) and I renovated/built a traditional French farm and built a house. Now that the majority of the renovations (there will always be something to do) on our farmhouse are done and I needed to get my brain working again so I started the Landscape Juice blog (2006) and then the Landscape Juice Network (April 2008).

Landscape Juice keeps me in touch with what goes on in the world of gardening and landscaping in the United Kingdom and it also allows me to keep my interest in gardening and landscaping alive. I also wanted to be a bit of a thorn in the side of the existing companies who have built their brand yet sat back and let their clients fend for themselves and I wanted to find a way of bringing equality to all of the small and medium sized land based business not represented but neglected by the incumbent trade associations.

I hope you enjoy Landscape Juice and this network too and remember, I am around most of the time to help if you need it.

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