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Walkover Sprayers


We are suppliers of Walkover Sprayers (Scotland)

Greenkeeper Walkover Sprayer



The Greenkeeper Walkover Sprayer

The Greenkeeper Walkover Sprayer is a four wheel, three nozzle sprayer with a 25 litre tank capacity. It has a spray width of 36" and delivers 1.8 litres of liquid per minute at a normal walking pace.

The Greenkeeper is suitable for professional applications such as golf greens, tennis courts and other areas requiring professional turf care. Larger equipment may cause damage to turf.

Product Specification

  • 36" (91cm) spray width
  • 25 litre tank capacity with 6" ventilated cap and large basket filter
  • Pump delivers 1.8 litres per minute at 1 Bar pressure
  • Four large pneumatic wheels to avoid turf marking or damage.
  • Optional Swathe marker system indicates actual area sprayed
  • 10cm ( 4 inches ) nozzle height from the ground to minimise spray drift
  • Sophisticated inline filtration system to prolong pump life
  • Durable powder coated steel frame construction - built to last
  • Re-circulation facility agitates tank mixture before spraying
  • Full spare back up service from our factory.


Turfmaster Walkover Sprayer


The Turfmaster Walkover Sprayer

The Turfmaster Walkover Sprayer is a twin nozzle garden sprayer with a 60cm spray width and a tank capacity of 25 litres.

The Turfmaster is suitable for large gardens, cricket pitches, bowling greens and other similar grounds.

Product Specification

  • Four wheels for stability
  • 24" (60cm) spray width
  • Pump delivers 1.8 litres per minute at 1 Bar pressure
  • Strong steel frame construction
  • 25 Litre tank capacity with removable stainless steel basket filter
  • Choice of spray nozzles available
  • Suitable for bowling greens and many other sportsground applications
  • Also suitable for driveways and large lawns


Rambler Walkover Sprayer

RAMBLER WALKOVER SPRAYER (AZT03) £510 including vat

The Rambler Walkover Sprayer

The Rambler Walkover Sprayer is a twin nozzle sprayer with a 25 litre tank, a 40" spray width and an adjustable spray boom height.

The Rambler is suitable for paddocks, allotments and uneven or overgrown areas.

Product Specification

  • Single 12" pneumatic wheel handles uneven terrain
  • Strong steel construction - wheelbarrow style
  • Spray Boom has variable height adjustment from 6" to 12"
  • Choice of spray nozzles available
  • Suitable for treating uneven or overgrown areas
  • Particularly suited to allotments, pathways, paddocks and other open areas
  • Re-circulation facility mixes treatment in tank before spraying

Yardmaster Walkover Sprayer


The Yardmaster Walkover Sprayer

The Yardmaster Walkover Sprayer is a single nozzle sprayer, suitable for small gardens, pathways and driveways. The new specification introduces pneumatic wheels, in place of the old solid wheels, to allow the sprayer to move more easily over shingle and gravel surfaces. The nozzle is now also height adjustable so that hard surface cleaners and winter liquids, such as MMC-Pro and Walkover Ice Melt, can be sprayed from a greater height for improved coverage on drives, patios and tennis courts.

Product specification

  • 20 litre tank capacity
  • Adjustable nozzle height for grass & for hard surface treatments.
  • Four solid wheels for stability.
  • Machine Weight: 14.5Kg unfilled; 23Kg filled
  • Now with 10" Pneumatic Wheels
  • Robust steel construction
  • Brass wide angle spray nozzle.
  • Takes approximately 10 minutes to deliver 20 Litres.


Gardener Walkover Sprayer

GARDENER WALKOVER SPRAYER (AZT06) £180 including vat

The Gardener Walkover Sprayer 

The Gardener Walkover Sprayer is a highly manoeuvrable two wheel pedestrian sprayer. It is a single nozzle sprayer with a 40cm spray width and a tank capacity of 10 litres.

The Gardener Walkover Sprayer is suitable for smaller gardens. ALSO EXCELLENT FOR SPRAYING PATIOS, WOODEN DECKS, SHINGLE OR GRAVEL DRIVEWAYS. All types of stonework. Use Walkover Professional Moss Clear for all hard surfaces.

Product specification

  • Two pneumatic wheels with integral stand.
  • 40cm spray width.
  • Pump delivers 1.8 litres per minute at 1 Bar pressure.
  • Strong steel frame construction.
  • 10 Litre tank capacity.
  • Choice of spray nozzles available.
  • Suitable for smaller areas & moving around fixed objects.
  • Also suitable for driveways, applying weedkiller or Icemelt.


We also provide a spraying service for Sportsturf, lawns and gardens covering Scotland

Contact us for further information

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