dennis and sisis help prepare for waterloo champio (1)

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The Dennis FT510 and SISIS Dart are currently helping Mark Audin prepare the green at the Waterloo Hotel, Blackpool, for the biggest national tournament in the crown green bowling calendar.

Regarded as the ‘Wembley’ of crown green bowling, The Waterlo

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Graham Taylor replied to Adam Woods's discussion Sumach suckers
"I've used Blaster Pro/Garlon (tryclopyr) successfully though it did take a bit of time to apply.  Mixed a strong solution up with some Roundup added for good luck............ used an old 1 litre bleach bottle with a short length of thin plastic tube…"
2 hours ago
David Benson replied to Adam Woods's discussion Sumach suckers
"cut the offending root back at the trunk and try and get it out 
sbk will do them but you will need about a foot of growth and leave one to two weeks after treating "
2 hours ago
Honey Badger replied to Adam Woods's discussion Sumach suckers
"Chop the roots with an axe or mattock."
3 hours ago
Adam Woods posted a discussion
This is getting stupid.... for the first time I have not 1, not 2 but 3 lawns that are being invaded by Sumach suckers. I've tried Praxys - it was almost as if I had fed them, not tried to kill them. How do others deal with these suckers?
4 hours ago
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7 hours ago
Progreen Weed Control replied to adam egan's discussion Spraying to prevent disease
"Laurels are pretty hardy and as people have said, will generally recover well from most pest & disease attacks.... Preventative sprays are not the norm (except by growers) but there are a few sprays you can apply as a protective against basal rot,…"
9 hours ago
Fusion Media posted a blog post
Since upgrading to an advanced Hunter irrigation system, Tottenham Hotspur F.C’s incredible training centre has seen remarkable improvements according to Darren Baldwin, Head of Playing Surfaces & Estates, and Liam Plummer, Irrigation…
10 hours ago
Fusion Media posted a blog post
Dennis and SISIS and the Staffordshire Football Association have announced a new partnership which is set to benefit grassroots pitches throughout the county.For nearly 100 years Dennis and SISIS have been providing world class turf maintenance…
15 hours ago
John F replied to adam egan's discussion Spraying to prevent disease
"If you value the customer Just say sorry a misunderstanding , spraying the laurels , roses or anything else for that matter needs to be discussed initially . 
sometimes i have used my intitiative without being asked , sprayed or removed a weed and…"
16 hours ago
John F replied to adam egan's discussion Spraying to prevent disease
"What size are the laurels ?  
A garden i have worked in for years has several mature laurels , huge things but planted as a screen and sound barrier to drown out traffic noise  from the main road but prominent from the customers window . 
To be…"
16 hours ago
Billybop replied to adam egan's discussion Spraying to prevent disease
"I would say that spraying anything (except maybe weeds) is not generally considered routine maintenance. Maybe they or their previous gardener used to do it so is normal to them. Perhaps every plant in the garden should be sprayed, preventatively,…"
18 hours ago
Kieran Ray replied to alan wilton's discussion Renovation of a rutted/neglected school field
"I would spray it off, then use a blecavator on the whole area. Then level off using the largest leveling board/lute you can put on your tractors likage, get it as good as possible then seed with a seed mixture designed for football, rugby etc or for…"
David Benson replied to Jane Harries's discussion Suppliers for curved garden shelter
"is that richmond north yorkshire "
Anthony Toop posted a discussion
My son may soon be joining me as my first employee, having always been a soletrader, this is all new to me.Is the HMRC basic payroll software any good? bearing in mind it is just the one employee, i have no plans to gain more!The auto enrolment work…
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