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Bruce Elliot, head of grounds and estates at Crystal Palace FC, has revealed that Limagrain’s MM60 is his preferred choice of winter sports grass seed.

It is safe to say that Crystal Palace have acquired an extremely experienced groundsman in Bruce. H

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Bruce Elliot, Head of Grounds and Estates at Crystal Palace FC, has reported excellent results after using ICL’s Greenmaster Pro-Lite micro granular fertilizers as part of a balanced nutritional programme at Selhurst Park.

“Throughout my career I have

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Crystal Palace FC has recently purchased six Dennis G860 professional cylinder mowers, taking their total to a fleet of eight – and head of grounds & estates Bruce Elliot couldn’t be happier.

Bruce has been in his current role for just over twelve mon

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Sean Clarke replied to Gary RK's discussion Used LCV (Vans) Market
"1987 Land Rover One Ten for me. I'm pretty sure it's been paid off for by now."
21 minutes ago
Adam Pilgrim replied to Graham Francis's discussion Drainage behind a small property
"Can you utilise plastic soakaway crates underground an appropiate distance from the building and direct the water back to them?"
50 minutes ago
Billybop replied to Gary RK's discussion Used LCV (Vans) Market
"nice to get a new ish one with no VAT added if a small independent trader"
1 hour ago
John F replied to Jim Murray's discussion Who on here do.
"At least you know where you are specializing in one area when it comes to organising your kit and organising your round, Has it just worked out this way or was it a deliberate choice ? 
I had a couple of seasons where i was not required to cut grass…"
1 hour ago
Graham Francis posted a discussion
Hi there, I've done a lot of research and still stumped. I want to create more drainage at the rear of a small chalet ... Problem is, if we put pipes in (French Drain), there is nowhere for the pipe to direct the water as we're in a 'row' of…
2 hours ago
Graham Francis and John Barr joined Landscape Juice Network
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2 hours ago
Jo Adamska replied to Jo Adamska's discussion Horsetails 😱
"Thanks for your reply. Really useful. I think the weed wiping might be necessary in some areas. Good to hear the ones you've sprayed are wilting. I'll take a look at kurtail. "
3 hours ago
Will replied to Brian's Garden Maintenance's discussion Best tool for concert post!
"Thanks John, that's really helpful.
What make Post Puller would you recommend... or what are the most important attributes I should be looking for if I were to invest in one?
thanks in advance 
3 hours ago
John Ryan replied to Brian's Garden Maintenance's discussion Best tool for concert post!
"I've used a farm jack but they tend to be a bit to much of an angle because the foot has to be outside the concrete base. They will work but are trickery. I have a post puller which has a vertical pull on the post so has far less resistance when…"
3 hours ago
Graham Taylor replied to Gary RK's discussion Used LCV (Vans) Market
"I have heard the prices have gone up as htere's so many more delivery drivers such as Amazon, needing them. If you're not too fussy about a newish one with a low mileage and FSH, there's plenty of what look like good ones on Ebay and Facebook…"
4 hours ago
Will replied to Brian's Garden Maintenance's discussion Best tool for concert post!
"Has anyone ever consistently had any success using a 'farm jack' to remove posts in spikes and/or concrete?
5 hours ago
Peter sellers replied to Gary RK's discussion Used LCV (Vans) Market
"Yes we are swapping a Fiat Ducato maxi, 68 plate , two and half years old, 32k miles, FSH. For a new one  costing £20800 plus vat , getting bids of 14800 plus vat as a part ex ! The dealer will retail it rather than send it to auction as it still…"
7 hours ago
Dave Colton replied to Gary RK's discussion Used LCV (Vans) Market
"I was very lucky when I need a bigger van, I managed to sell my 2010  vivaro swb and get a 2016 lwb Movano from a friend for what I sold the vivaro for. I looked at many vans before that and they were well out of my budget."
8 hours ago
Busy Bee Garden Services Limited replied to Gary RK's discussion Used LCV (Vans) Market
"Agree with that, we have almost paid a new price for second hand one year old van..."
10 hours ago
Sam Smith replied to Brian's Garden Maintenance's discussion Best tool for concert post!
"I did 20 of these the other day, all originally, all rotten, all dug with a square shovel by the builders and 10 of them had 4' x 4"x4" concrete post supports. 
Quick, bodgit repair of one or two wooden posts would be to post hole dig down one side,…"
11 hours ago
Gary RK posted a discussion
If you're wondering why there is a lack of good used vans at reasonable prices seen previously, this graph shows the effect of Covid generated demand on LCV used prices...
It show the average auction price over the last 12 months.
From our recent…
12 hours ago

Who on here do.

How many on here take on just grass cutting,hedge trimming as their main income jobs Myself when i started in 1999 i was taking everything on for the past 2 years the only customers i have from March to November is grass cutting with the odd hedge…

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1 Reply · Reply by John F 1 hour ago
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Horsetails 😱

I have a client who has recently moved to a new house and unfortunately under the privet hedge and a large Laurel, horsetails are popping up all over the place. Any suggestions on the best way to manage these would be much appreciated. I've told…

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2 Replies · Reply by Jo Adamska 3 hours ago
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