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About Paul Jackson Landscaping & Fencing

Welcome to my profile and my first LJN blog! 

I am very happy to become a Landscape Juice Network member, and very pleased to spread the word about my services.

It's been a fantastic last few years, and the business has grown very productively. 

I am always constantly learning, but I have now installed so many hundreds different types of bespoke fencing and gates, I am confident enough to take on anything! Obviously the most popular to replace fence panels is the featheredge, but it's nice to have the occasional change and opportunity to install some hit & miss or picket fencing. 

I've always believed in one philosophy, if it's not good enough for my own garden, it's not good enough for the customer. I believe this is the reason behind the fantastic word of mouth recognition I have achieved. Having worked for a couple of local companies and seeing their tactics to get a job done, I soon lost faith in my pride for a good job and the reason why I went on my own. Now the only time I have to deal with it is when I see that type of work, and when reputable companies like myself have to put it right (not that it doesn't frustrate me hugely).

Using local suppliers and good quality timber also helps with the final finish of our fences.

Please do visit my website below, I am always open to suggestions and constructive feedback where needed.

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