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Hedged In becomes our Chinese artificial hedging manufacturer UK business partner. We hold large artificial hedge panels and green wall stock in our Manchester warehouse. Normally next day delivery to all UK orders and within 5 days to European cities orders.

There is no more long waiting for products to be made in China. And uncertainty of shipping arrival. Not to mention the stress of managing import and paperwork. This means you can now focus more on selling.

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Over the past decade, there has been plenty of hype about artificial grass from builder's merchants, garden designers and landscape gardeners.Now, there is a growing trend for artificial hedges and vertical green wall hitting the UK - but what is it actually?
Artificial hedging is made from a mixture of artificial foliage and faux flowers, which click onto a plastic mesh backing. It is often a more time saving and cheaper solution than traditional  real plants because the artificial hedging needs no maintenance and watering. Also artificial hedges are made from fully recyclable plastic so it reduces the waste ending up in  landfill sites. These days, consumers are much more price sensitive and environmentally conscious and are actively looking for products which are reasonably priced and also good for the environment.
With busy working schedules, people  want to spend their leisure time enjoying their outdoor spaces rather than maintaining them. Introducing our maintenance free variety of artificial hedges and green walls, they require a basic wash down with soapy water twice a year, or fibre-duster to dust off the dirt if indoors. It's this key benefit which makes it an attractive product and it is why the market is growing.
Artificial hedge products have been specially engineered to perform in rain or shine, designed to be UV stable and weather resistant. So they last many years and will look as good as they do on the day of their installation year after year. Our manufacturers back this up with between 3 and 5 year warranties.
Our artificial hedge panels and green walls have flexible backing so they can be fixed around bends and corners and trimmed with a pair of scissors to allow faster installation.
Furthermore, if you like to add greenery to indoor living spaces, hotel lobbies, bar and events decor, we have fire retardant artificial hedges and green walls which are fully compliant with all fire safety regulations. 
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A man often says his house is his castle. Colin had a problem. His house is on a busy main road. There is lots of traffic, especially big lorries rushing by creating load noise and wind. Another problem is that his existing fence is only about one metre in height, and he was worried about his two cute little dogs jumping over the fence and being killed.

After he did some research and price analysis he asked Hedged In to create a privacy fence to satisfy his needs.
After a trip to site for measurement, we prepared all materials in our warehouse so there was minimum distraction to his normal daily life.
Our hedge in team installed the 34 metre long and 2 metre height hedge fence in two days, despite the rain and freezing weather.
You can feel the difference immediately with the sound and wind. And the dogs jump up and down, running happily in the garden.
Of course Colin is delighted with the result. He now has the privacy and tranquillity he always wanted.
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Go Green with a Living Wall

This year we saw the trend of a horizon, living wall and green roofs.

There are some suggestions from us to go green with a living wall or roof.

Cover the garden shed with living wall panels

Most gardens have a shed for store tools and unwanted furniture etc. It sits at the bottom of the garden and looking rather tired. Revamp the shed by stable green wall panels on to create an instant living wall.


Rooftop living wall

Want to make the rooftop greener but don't get enough sunlight, no water pip, soils too mess and too heavy. Artificial mixed plants hedge panels have such assortment of fern, ivy, boxwood, grass. It is as realistic as the real live plants.


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Hedged In bespoke artificial hedge letters for company logo, business promotion, wedding initials, events and shows etc.

An box hedging letter with this exterior UV proof artificial hedge foliage for your display.

This artificial boxwood hedge letter is perfect for company logos and signs, events and shows, bride and groom initials. It is an unique creation and will bring magic ambiance in your business and home.

The extremely realistic looking foliage is UV stable suitable for both indoor and outdoor display.

The foliage hedge panel is supplied in 50 x 50 cm squares that can be clipped together to form infinite dimensions if you decide to DIY your own artificial hedge topiary creation.

Made from:

The artificial boxwood hedge panels are made from flexible plastic woven mesh backing, polyethylene lifelike green leaf.

All foliage is UV stable and protected against discolouration and fading when used outdoors.

5 year manufacturers guarantee.

Glavanised Steel wire frame weatherproof.


Letter can be made to your unique size requirement.

The artificial boxwood hedge panels are supplied in 50 x 50 cm interlocking squares.

Bespoke hedge building services available for any size hedge letters and your choose of letter font and hedge panels please call Hedged In 0161 477 7419 or email for a quote.

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Hedged In is a quality artificial hedge supplier of a huge range of hedging panels, in sizes from 50x50cm to 1x1m. We stock classic boxwood, multi leaf ivy, natural looking mixed plants, full grown instant green walls and realistic hedge topiary balls. So whether you want evergreen hedging, cheap garden hedging or top of the range instant hedging, fine topiary you’ve found the right company.  We are available if you need advice on hedge design and installation by phone 0161 477 7419 or email

Ready Made Hedge Troughs & Instant Hedging Planters

Our range of instant hedging and green screens is made up of some of the most popular varieties of hedging plants. These super durable outdoor decorative furniture are fixed in fibreglass planters that measure 720 mm in length x 200mm in depth x 200mm in height and create an instant dramatic green effect. Designed for long term exterior display, the UV stable foliage are carefully stapled onto the external double coated plywood frame to produce our range of instant hedging. Our choice of instant hedges includes: Boxwood, Ivy Leaf, Clover and Floral.

For those customers seeking an immediate, impressive impact these hedging troughs and planters, which are suitable for outdoor display all year round, are a superb option as the plants have knitted together giving the appearance of a ready grown hedge that would take up to 5 years to achieve with real plants.

Because of the bespoke hedge building services on height, our instant hedging is perfectly suited for your unique requirement. If you're looking for prefect fit garden quality hedging, you've found it. 

The cost of this quality ready made hedge planters is no higher than more conventional real hedge, so if your space or time does not permit real grown hedging, then have a look at our bespoke hedge building services page, or consider our many sizes of UV fade protected artificial topiary balls. You may also be interested in our artificial mixed plants which have an instant green wall effect. Our team will willingly give advice on how best to achieve the effect you are seeking within your budget - please call us on 0161 477 7419.

Here are the key points that we think you need to know when ordering ready made instant hedging;


  • We use a local supplier Europlanter for our fibreglass planters. The planter measurement is fixed 720mm in length x 200mm in depth x 200mm in height sobe guided by this only the height alone can be bespoke.
  • Heights are taken from the height of the trough 200mm plus hedge height. So when you order your planters we can make to your desired height.
  • We offer affordable price tag and would like to reassure you that inexpensive instant hedging is not compromised by quality. Because we always aim to give great value for money - so please don't be concerned that our planters are not as good as more expensive instant hedging - we send progress update photographs of the actual troughs you would receive.


  • Our stone effect fibreglass planters which is light enough to make the troughs maneuverable and durable for long term outdoor display and uses.
  • All instant troughs will be in the best possible condition when they arrive with you.
  • We use a variety of plants in building trough depending on your preference as we know what will create the perfect hedge screening you want.
  • Quite a lot of instant hedging is "no UV" or in very low UV fade protection (not ours!). This means that the foliage colour is ok if it is against sun exposure for a period of time! Additionally there is also the risk that the "twigs" could fall off when it is stressed by being wind moved - our method of using raw polyethylene (not recycled) with UV protection agent added in during production process ensures no colour or leaf damage to instant hedging.
  • We use only high quality panels in our instant hedge troughs; it is this, along with our years of expertise in artificial products industry that gives us a fantastic customer services, top quality products and great prices!

Delivery & Installing

  • Instant hedging troughs can either be rigid plastic or heavy duty external wood troughs. We do both types but favour the GRP troughs because they make the stock lighter for you to move into the planting position.
  • We can also add some bricks when building the trough for extra weight if it is to go to a windy location. 
  • Installing instant hedging is very easy and efficient, because the planters are ready made for you. Just prepare your floor to the right level  and place the whole hedging unit out there. Done! No need watering or maintenance.
  • The evergreen new instant hedging is here to stay because they would not need to be replaced for years. Enjoy!
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With excellent customer services and creative mind we specialise in instant hedging units and produce both single planters and troughs in a large variety of species to suit your needs.

Our large range of quality artificial garden hedging panels are becoming increasingly popular for projects that require instant impact. It is perfect for garden hedging, fencing, privacy screens and hedges.

Our instant hedging units are fast lead time and available in popular species such as Clover, Ivy, Boxwood, Floral and Native Mix plants.

Our instant hedging unit benefits include:

  • Instant, established hedging, providing soft screening and privacy.
  • Softens new fence lines instantly.
  • Botanically accurate mixed hedging provide security, a deterrent to unwanted guests.
  • Install instant hedging for wind and sound reduction.

We look forward to supplying you with instant hedging planters or DIY hedges panels of your choice, available on our website

Please contact us on 0161 477 7419 or email for details of design and installation advise if required.

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A wide choice of UV stable artificial hedging panels and instant ready-made hedging units are available online here

Price are inclusive of VAT & PP.

Quantity discounts.

Our professional BESPOKE hedge building service saves you time and money.

Get advice on design and installation.

Affordable prices and fast delivery.

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Windowsills are often small and ignored spaces. With just a little effort and the right decoration they can be turned into an attractive feature, drawing admiring glances from your neighbours and passersby. Here’s how to turn yours into a focal point.

Style it with an instant hedge planter display

A ready-made Instant Fibreglass Hedge Planter is a good choice to add softness and colour to the space. It can create a beautiful display that looks good and last for years.
These are UV-resistant to protect against fading, does not need watering or trimming, and can be made to exactly fit your requirements, both lengthwise and height, so as not to block any light.
They come in a variety of foliage options, i.e. ivy leaf, boxwood, floral…..create your own style, stand out from the crowd. To view all your options visit our shop
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Topiary Balls rooted in ancient gardening tradition. Artificial Topiary Balls are popular alternative to Real Plants Hanging Baskets. They require no watering, no clipping or maintenance. Hedged In Artificial Outdoor Boxwood Topiary Balls are excellent quality and fabulous look!

Made with top-grade UV stable buxus leaves they will create a contemporary appeal. The foliage has a multi layer of green for added depth and botanical accuracy and is perfect for use Outdoor. It is truly the Best Artificial Boxwood Topiary Balls you can buy, we only offer the top quality products.

We make our topiary balls in house, and have Several Sizes available, from an average size right up to a gigantic Topiary Ball, please phone 0161 477 7419 or email with your requirement. Topiary Balls are idea decorative piece at the entrance of your premise, garden beds, atop planters or on hardtop exterior surfaces such as patios. When you create a lollipop topiary in a planter, your topiary head needs to be slightly larger than the width of your planter or pot so it has a overhang effect. You can use a smaller topiary ball in a large pot with the extra space decorated with washed pebbles or white stones. Alternatively, mix and match different outdoor artificial topiary ball sizes and also combine with other outdoor artificial plants and flowers, such as instant vertical green wall, to bring depth to your landscape design.

Each of the boxwood topiary balls are designed and created in house at Hedged In warehouse for use as an outdoor artificial topiary ball and can also be made with ivy, clover or other foliage in place of boxwood. We can also make square or other shape Topiary creations for using in planters or other places.

Each outdoor artificial topiary ball is priced for the ball only.

Key Feature:

  • Created in house at Hedged In warehouse
  • Using top-grade UV stable foliage 
  • Perfect for use Outdoor
  • Several Sizes available
  • Multi layers of green add botanical accuracy
  • Perfect for dressing doorways
  • Bespoke size and shape available

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artificial green wall

There’s something depressing about an unloved office reception with zero personality. Painting all four walls the same colour can exaggerate the boxy feel, so instead, create a focal point by adding a wall of botanically accurate artificial mixed plants, as here, an interesting green wall effect.
Next to the white walls, the green shades and the forest effect on the back wall lead the eye to it, creating a depth of green field. This room may be compact, but it’s far from a featureless box.

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Hedgedin Exhibition Poster

When I set up Hedged In in October 2015 I never in my wildest dreams imagined what it would be like in one year’s time. Although we have had the Brexit shock and devaluation of the pound, I’m pleased to say that We have increased our market exposure and are now at the forefront of UK artificial hedge production and offer the best quality products.

Looking for artificial hedge inspiration? Visit the Hedged In stand 80 at the Futurescape Show at Sandown Park Racecourse on15th November this year to see the fantastic variety of artificial hedges we offer.

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Small office receptions can be very standard and ordinary. Staff can be bored by working in there and there’s a real need for updating, either to create a feelgood factor for your staff or for your customers to avoid an ugly view. Here are a few tips for how to achieve this – and without spending a huge amount of time and money!
Cover your reception in artificial hedge instant green wall.
Most office receptions have some form of backdrops. Existing backdrops may be ordinary even unsightly, but can be revamped with an instant green wall to lighten up the space.
There are so many options available now for instant hedging, from traditional boxwood panels or ivy leaves fake hedge, to various plant mixture styles or flowering plastic hedge, which lasts for years without maintenance.
Instant green wall will add softness and much-needed greenery to an office, encourage staff to perform, and also, in many cases, as with the Kru Live HQ (Floral) pictured here, provide atmosphere and remain evergreen, which gives a Spring Garden feel. Other green walls to try are Mixed Plantswhich also remains evergreen and, for additional zest, Mixed Plants With Flowers.
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Dome garden green wall

With the endless rain in Britain do you ever wonder what it would be like to be Spring all year around?

That is what Jonny from the Dome Garden was trying to achieve.

He contacted Hedged In for advice. We came up with the idea of covering one side of the Dome with artificial mixed plants for an evergreen green wall effect.

And the result is fantastic! For more of the story please see The Dome Garden News Update.

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Fire Proof Boxwood Artificial Hedge

IFR Boxwood Artificial Hedge


Flame resistant products must be used  if it is for display in the commercial events such as an indoor exhibition centre, movie premier indoor events and shows.


What types of artificial hedges are currently available? 

Most of the quality hedges you buy have some degree of UV stabiliser added in during production process, this is to avoid colour fading for long term exterior display.

At Hedged In we provide a manufacturer UV certificate, guaranteed for 5 year indoor and three year outdoor.

There are two different types of flame resistant artificial products on the market; surface treated and  inherently flame resistant.

Surface treated flame resistant artificial products have either been sprayed or dipped into a flame resistant solution.

This results in a slightly greasy surface which looks shiny and attracts dust particles! The other drawback with surface treated plants is that they cannot be certified as there is no guarantee that the spray or solution has been applied evenly. It’s not recommend!

The plastic foliage on inherently flame resistant hedge panels is made from materials which are chemically treated to resist ignition from a naked flame – e.g. a match or lighter. Here at Hedged In, our IFR artificial foliage is tested to SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services ISO 6925-1982 Textile floor covering-Burning behaviour-Tablet test at ambient temperature. We will provide a certificate for these items. Also view our YouTube – Compare the real fire retardant artificial hedge VS fire retardant spray  for the fire test we carry out.

Is inherently flame resistant artificial hedges truly fireproof?

Buying a flame resistant artificial hedge does not mean your hedging creation is totally fireproof. Only the foliage and the hedge panel is actually flame resistant. The frame of the hedging (which is normally made from plywood) hasn’t been treated and will burn.

Also flame resistant (or fire retardant) artificial foliage does what it says on the tin – resists flames. If the foliage is exposed to constant and extreme heat it will eventually catch light or melt.

So, should I buy flame resistant (or fire retardant) artificial hedges or UV stable hedges? 

For the majority of customers using it outdoors, such as garden fence, privacy screening, balcony and roof terrace our range of UV stable and weatherproof artificial hedge panel is ideal. You have lots of foliage varieties to choice from at a reasonable price. Inherently Flame Resistant (aka Fire Retardant) artificial hedge panels are roughly 30% more expensive than their NON-IFR counterparts.

IFR artificial hedge foliage

IFR artificial hedge foliage

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Bespoke instant hedge planters

We all love the idea of having our own perfect little home with pretty little garden. However, with busy lifestyles it would be quite complicated and tough to nurture it most of the time. Artificial hedges offer an alternative gardening solution. Now that chaotic people can enjoy the panorama of the place without even worrying about its daily maintenance.

Recent years, faux hedges have been widely used to provide stunning landscape for any place. Bars, cafes and hotels have built their own artificial hedge fence to give more privacy to their customers.

Instant artificial flowering hedge planter privacy screen

Fake hedge requires very maintenance. There is no regular weeding, watering and cutting. However you need to looking out for hedge panels with UV stabiliser and other specialized treatments such as fire retardant.

With the advent of modern technologies, artificial hedges manufacturers have come up with a more sophisticated designs, sizes and shades. You can request for a customizedfake green wall to meet your own specifications and designs. Some would desire a more durable fake hedge, in that case artificial boxwood panel is definitely the choice. In addition, ready made instant hedge planters can be another option if you prefer a simpler life.

Box hedging shop display

Artificial hedges would always be a flourishing ornament that would surely last for a long period of time. Indeed, you can surely enjoy the exterior beauty of the place without worrying much about your own privacy.

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Artificial Hedge The Ultimate Buying Guide

artificial boxwood hedge garden fence
Artificial hedge & grass creating a maintenance free garden

Artificial grass has gained in popularity. There are lots of companies out there selling and installing astro turf, and artificial hedge is also becoming increasingly popular. Walking through big cities such as London and Manchester you will see some impressive artificial hedging display around every corner in different outlets.

Boxwood hedge for bar and restaurant

So you like the idea of having an instant hedging in your garden? With this relatively new product it is difficult to know what you are looking for and how to install it.

There are some tips for you prior to your artificial hedge purchase, and suggestions for your installation:

What are you using the artificial hedge for?

There are many uses artificial hedging could offer. Maybe to cover up the ugly mouldy wall in your courtyard, or to turn your living room into a green oasis, to update your balcony, to add a touch of greenery to your roof terrace, to add privacy screening to your front garden, to make an instant planter, to decorate your windowsill, to creating an animal or topiary figure, to creating a border or barrier.

Where are you using the artificial hedging?

Before purchasing the perfect artificial hedge panels we need to know where would you like your hedge to sit. If you like your hedge fence to look as if it is growing straight from the ground you would need build a frame fixed into the ground, and using upright growing foliage for the hedge fence. In places such as decking, balcony and roof terraces it is unrealistic for the plants to grow from the ground, the better option would be instant hedge planters. For commercial indoor display you would need to consider fire retardant foliage.

Measure up the area

It is important to measure up the area as accurately as possible. Hedged In DIY hedge panels come as 50 x 50 cm interlocking squares. Four hedge tiles make one square metre. You would also need to consider the other side of the garden fence for your neighbour's view. You would also need to consider 5 sides for a hedge planter.

Pick the right artificial foliage

boxwood artificial hedge panel

The most common artificial foliage in commercial use is box hedging. Its dark green leaf imitates the real plants and has a manicured look.

ivy leaf artificial hedge panel
Ivy leaf

The ivy leaf is another popular choice. There are a few types of ivy foliage design to choose from in our Hedged in Shop.

ivy Spring bush artificial hedge panel
Ivy Spring bush

Ivy Spring bush is great to cover an unsightly wall or fence. Its foliage has a 45 degree upright angle and is often used to create a vertical garden. This hedge is not conducive for hedge planter building.

mixed plants artificial hedge panel
Mixed plants

Mixed plants metre square panels is the ultimate luxury choice. It combines moss, ivy, grass and fern to create a botanically accurate greenery as if the real plants are growing upright from the ground.

Do you need to cover all side of your fence?

The hedge panels are made from plastic mesh backing, which can be fixed onto any surface including bends and corners. If you are covering an unsightly wall in your courtyard there is no need to cover the other side. If you are building a divider or border between your garden and the neighbours it is recommended to build both sides

What materials are artificial hedge made from?

All our Hedged In artificial hedge panels are made from 100% raw polyethylene. It is fully recyclable. The greenery “twigs” are clicked onto a plastic mesh backing. UV stabiliser was added during production to prevent foliage discolouration and fading. Fire retardant ingredients was added for IFR certified artificial hedges.

Can I DIY my own hedge?

It is quick and easy to install hedges. By clicking the “male” and “female” connectors together artificial hedge panels can form any size and shape. Using a pair of scissors you can trim any excess off. please see my other blog page for instructions on how to install artificial hedge.

Can you build my hedge for me?

Hedged In offer bespoke hedge building services. From taking your ideas,we design and install the hedge,we have it covered. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the everlasting hedge. For a quick look at our projects and services please see our Inspiration Page, or call us on 0161 477 7419 to create your own unique hedging.

artificial floral planter screening
Artificial floral planter screening
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Mr Howard is a retired headmaster. All he wants to do in his retirement is watch cricket. Mowing lawns and trimming hedges is not his idea of fun! Mrs Howard is still working, and she does not want to come home to a messy garden.
To solve this problem, Mr Howard called Contour Artificial Turf to measure up and quote for the grass, which was laid in no time. Next came Hedged In Ltd to make and supply bespoke artificial box hedging, made to measure to Mr Howard's specifications.
Mr Howard is free to watch his cricket, Mrs Howard comes home to a perfect garden every night, and the neighbours and passers by cannot believe it is not real. A perfect solution for everybody.
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Dave has lived in the penthouse for 6 years. He was not happy about the tired red brick wall on the balcony. He called for my help.

It was straightforward to install theivy leaf hedge panels onto the existing surface. Use cable ties to fix the hedges onto the metal frame as there were some gaps to utilise. And use galvanised masonary nails to secure the hedge panels onto the wall.

It was slightly trickier for the other side of the balcony. Dave wanted to build a tall privacy screen to hide his BBQ and other objects behind the scene when not in use, but to remain accessible. Also it acts as a windshield.

I suggested we use the same artificial ivy leaf hedge panel to build the planter. I built the hedge planter the same height and colour as his balcony. One challenge was the narrow staircase to access the apartment. I overcame this by building the planter on site.

Dave's balcony has been transformed into a greenery. He is planning a party to show off his oasis to his friends and family.

This is what he wrote " 
Jenny is an artist and has great vision. She works with you to develop the ideal garden or installation. The work she does is superb in quality, style and look. I cannot say how much she has transformed my garden space into a wonderful place to relax and spend time."

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