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Poached and muddy paddocks are the bane of horse owners lives!

We own horses, so we know exactly how it feels - what should be nice green grass is brown, churned up and muddy.

How to turn it back into grass though?

First thing to start with is chain harrowing - this helps rip out moss and dead grass, smashes up lumps and helps drag the 'ridges' into the 'holes'. Multiple passes with the harrows will be necessary to acheive the best result.

The best time to harrow is when the ground is moist, not wet and crumbly but not solid - it can be a fine line - if you can walk over it and it doesn't stick to your wellies, its about right.

Top Tip - Chain harrows were originally designed to be horse drawn and the technology has changed litte since - they work best at a horses 'working walk' - so no more than 5 mph - faster than this will just cause the webs to bounce and potentially damage the harrows.

So - I have chain harrowed, what should I do next?

After chain harrowing the next operation depends what state the ground is in. If it is fairly loose still or was heavily rutted and poached before then rolling would be beneficial as it helps the ground to settle and stops it blowing away in drier weather.

We would also recommend aerating your paddock frequently as this helps the water penetrate the groud and helps relieve the compaction that horses inevitably cause.

Really compacted paddocks or those on heavy soil may benefit from being mole drained to help the water drain through any compacted layer and into the subsoil.

My paddock still looks really bare!

After harrowing,rolling and aerating we would strongly recommend to both fertilize and rest your paddocks to help the grass recuperate from being grazed.

Generally speaking we would recommend to rest your paddocks for at least three weeks (to as long as practically possible) following fertilizing. This helps the grass get growing, put down some more roots and generally become more healthy, thus more palatable and nutrious to your horses.

I still don't think my paddock will recover!

Really trashed, heavily poached paddocks or those that have been intensively grazed for many year benefit from over seeding every few years. This helps re-introduce the faster growing and thus faster grazed grasses which are often first to disappear from the sward. Prior to overseeding we recommend a REALLY intensive chain harrowing followed by aerating, overseeding, then rolling to give the new seed its best possible start.



We can help here at South Lincs Grass Care - we have all the equipment, knowledge and experience to bring your paddocks back to life.

We can cater for all sized paddocks within 25 miles of Spalding Lincs, if you aren't sure if we cover your area or have any other questions, don't hesistate - 

Contact us today on 07745 247488 or 01775 830250 or email us at info@lawncarespalding.co.uk


South Lincs Grass Care is a trading name of ANP Services Spalding Limited.


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In the first of a several part blog that we are writing, we will explain some of the terms that are often used in lawncare service leaflets and by contractors but many of you out there may not actually understand what they mean!

Lets start with a term you will very commonly see called - SCARIFYING.

So what does this word mean?

The Oxford English Dictionary helps us by explaining the term thus: Scarifying is to cut and remove debris from (a lawn) with a scarifier.

So basically scarifying is the process of removing debris (be this moss, thatch (more on that in another post) or dead grass) from the lawn using a tool, be this manual or powered.


Okay, you say, so now I understand what the word means, but WHY would this be done?

Quite simply in our opinion, scarifying regularly is the cornerstone of a good lawncare regime.

The vast majority of lawns will suffer from a buildup of either moss or thatch or both.

As with all plants, grass needs air, water and nutrients to grow. 

Thatch and moss can choke the grass off ALL of these as well as making you lawn look sickly, feel spongy or be difficult to mow.

Removing this buildup helps light, nutrients and water reach the roots of the grass, where it is needed for optimum, healthy growth.


Again, you say, now I understand WHY this would be done, HOW is it done?

Generally speaking, scarifying is carried out with a powered machine, be it electrically or fuel powered. These will generally have a reel of steel blades (in the case of some domestic 'lawnrakers' springs are used intead - nowhere near as effective though!), these literally slice through the buildup in the lawn and throw it out of the front or rear of the machine, either onto the floor or into a collection box. Smaller parts of lawns or more awkward areas may require a springtine rake or hand scarifer to get to the bits that the machine can't, especially near the edges of the lawn or around obstacles such as paving slabs or trees.

There will be a LOT of waste removed, far, far more than you are likely to think!


How do I obtain a scarifying machine?

These machines are available to hire or buy from most good garden machinery stores - however - it is very, very easy to completely destroy a lawn with a scarifier if you are not familiar with all its adjustments, operating characteristics etc.

A good machine can involve outlay of hundreds of pounds on a machine that may only be used anually and will likely not start when needed after a winter in the garage!

Perhaps this is one situation when its best to employ a grass care professional instead of purchasing your own machine.

Do I need to do anything before or after I scarify my lawn and when is best to do it?

If you are scarifying your lawn to remove thatch only, cut the lawn quite short before scarifying as this will help minise the 'tugging' action of the scarifier machine at the grass plant roots and help only remove the rubbish that you are trying to target.

If you are scarifying to remove moss, then it is strongly recommended to apply a moss killer such as lawn sand or sulphate of iron approx 14 days before scarifying to kill off the moss before you try to remove it with the scarifier machine. In more severe cases, it may be necessary and indeed desirable to remove the bulk of the moss with the machine before using these products to treat anything remaining.

It must be noted that all moss killer products should be used with extreme care as they will leave stains on paving etc that cannot be easily removed.

We strongly recommend fertilizer application following scarifying to help the grass recover faster.

Overseeding may be necessary to rebuild any particularly bare patches of the lawn.

The best time to scarify is Spring or Autumn - but don't do it in the depths of winter, or when there is frost or snow forecast (no matter what certain franchised lawn care businesses may tell you about this being acceptable practise!) and certainly don't carry it out in the middle of summer as your lawn will likely turn brown and die due to heat stress.

After reading all this, you don't feel like scarifying your own lawn is a task that you can confidently undertake yourself?

Here at South Lincs Grass Care, we service a wide area from our base near Spalding, Lincs and have a selection of different scarifying machines to suit all requirements from small models for domestic lawns upto a 1.2 metre wide, tractor mounted model for large lawns, pitches and amenity areas.

Being licensed waste carriers, we can dispose of all of the thatch, moss and rubbish that our powerful machines and trained operators will remove from your lawn and advise of the best ways our service can enhance and maintain your revitalised lawn using products not available to the general public - we can also advise on and provide solutions to any drainage issues, weed problems or other lawn issues too.

Dont delay:

Call us today on 07745 247488 or 01775 830250, email us at info@lawncarespalding.co.uk or see our website www.anpservicesspalding.com

'South Lincs Grass Care - for all aspects of professional grasscare'

South Lincs Grass Care is a trading name of ANP Services Spalding Limited.

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Even in our local area, not many people know the true scale of the works that we can offer - basically if its grass (of virtually any description), we can offer services to help you maintain it, improve it, or even prepare the ground and reseed it.

As well as the usual pedestrian equipment expected of a business of our type, we also have a range of compact tractors and implements dedicated to grass care and the preparation and maintenance of grass areas.

Services we offer include:

To domestic properties:

This service operates to domestic properties within an approx 10 miles radius of Spalding, Lincs and can include (as well as the grass cutting) fertilizer applications through the year, moss control, scarifying and weed control as necessary to most sized lawns on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Generally on each visit these lawns will be cut with a pedestrian roller mower, lawns edges maintained and all grass cuttings taken away as part of the service. Additional treatments undertaken as seasonally necessary and at appropriate times.

If you just want your grass cutting and no lawn care services - we can offer that too!

Commercial and amenity grass cutting:

Commercial and amenity grass cutting services are generally offered with 25 miles of Spalding, Lincs and can be caaried out on a one off or regular (generally) fortnightly basis - for other options please contact us.

Pedestrian mowing using roller or wheeled machines, collection, discharge and mulch options available - we have a waste carriers licence in force enabling us to legally remove grass cuttings from your site for off site disposal via an approved composting facility.

Using our compact tractors we can offer mowing services including flail mowing without collection with our Sovema flail mower or with collection facility with our Amazone flail mower (we can flail mow and collect cuttings from wildflower areas using this machine if necessary).

We also have Teagle rotary finishing mowers with rear discharge or mulch options  and Huxley cylinder gang mowers for cutting finer turf areas.

With a quick blade swap, the Amazone machine also converts into a flail scarifier, again with or without collection option. Ideal for sports pitches, large lawns etc where pedestrian scarifying would be uneconomic.

Equestrian paddock maintenance:

Wide range of services available throughout the year!

We also have available in house a full selection of equipment for maintaining and improving equestrian paddocks, we can offer chain harrowing (both mounted frame types and trailed fully floating types), we also have a Sisis Deep Slitting machine which we find ideal for aeration of horse and pony paddocks. With a working width of four feet and tines that can penetrate over 6" into the ground this tool quickly makes thousands of thin 'slots' in the ground helping alleviate the inevitable compaction caused by horses hooves vastly improving grass health and surface drainage.

We also have heavy harrows and a tractor mounted roller for smoothing out heavily poached or damaged areas of grass.

If you have a severe waterlogging or compaction issue or are on heavy clay land, then we can also offer mole draining services. This consists of a specially constructed mole 'plough' that creates a cylindrical passage through the earth and through the compaction layer above allowing water free passage from the surface into the lower layers of soil.

If your paddock needs fertilizing or weed control - we offer that too. In conjunction with our agronomists, we can analyse your soil, find out what fertilizer would be most appropriate and correct most mineral and trace element deficiencies to give your grass a much needed boost.

We can also offer weed control services to deal with most common paddock weeds including the dreaded Ragwort. 

Preparation of ground and seeding of new grass:

We can also carry out preparation of ground and carry out seeding of new grass or repairing of existing areas wheter you just need a light chain harrowing and overseeding to thicken the grass in your paddock or need an area of ground preparing and transforming into lawn, we have the equipment to do so.

We can plough and/or rotovate, level out, consolidate and then seed most areas that it is possible to get a compact tractor into.

We have access to seed mixtures for all occasions be it sports turf, paddock grazing, general purpose or formal lawn.

Got a question?

Need some more information?

Think we can help?

For all your grass care needs, don't hesitate to contact us:

By phone to the office 01775 830250, by phone to Adam's mobile 07745 247488,

or by email southlincsgrasscare@yahoo.co.uk or info@lawncaresspalding.co.uk

South Lincs Grass Care is a trading name of ANP Services Spalding Limited.


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Many people in the Lincolnshire area own or loan horses, or have some involvement in equestrianism.

For many, owning their own few acres of land is the result of many years of yard work and indeed many prefer it to the expense of keeping a horse (or more than one) on a livery yard.

However, there is a still a lot of work involved in owning and maintaining your own paddocks.

Due to the soft silty or clay based fen soil in this area, paddocks and fields poach badly in the winter and go rock hard, parched and bare in the summer.

Many landowners simply don't have the knowledge or equipment to repair the damage and a vicious circle ensures with land getting wetter and wetter and more and more badly damaged until it is completely unsuitable for grazing, being so poached and rutted injuries to horses often result - generally in the form of sprained and twisted ligaments and tendons directly attributed to the uneven surface of the land - these are often long term, sometimes even career ending injuries. 

Yes, I understand this you say but the amount of land I own doesn't justify the outlay of thousands of pounds on a tractor and equipment, which lets face it, you may only use a handful of times a year - so what options do I have?

Here at South Lincs Grass Care, we can help - as equestrians ourselves, we know the challenges that are faced by paddock owners in terms of equestrian land management and this is why we offer compact tractor services to suit all paddocks and fields within our 25 mile operating radius - as a non exhaustive list we can offer services including :

  • Chain and/or peg harrowing to level out minor poaching rip out moss and thatch and help grazing rejuvenate,
  • Heavy duty fixed tine levelling harrowing for badly poached and rutted areas,
  • Rolling of paddocks and fields to firm the harrowed surface and crush down clods or firm in fresh seed
  • Paddock aeration either via a rotating 'deep slitter' (shown here on a larger tractor of ours) or a fixed leg turf mole plough with adjustable depth leg and preceding cutter disc and following roller to minimize turf damage (shown in lower photo), to help alleviate compaction, boost drainage drainage and help get water and air to the grass roots where it is needed,
  • Paddock weed control - selective weed control for problem weeds
  • Paddock fertilizing and soil analysis - get the best grass you can from your field and correct and improve your soils nutrient balance,
  • Paddock rotary mowing and flail mowing (with collection capability if desired) - whether it is light tidying of tufts of undesirable grass left by grazing animals and flailing down an overgrown paddock area, we have the tools for the job.

We offer competitive prices and a prompt and efficient service, using specialized equipment. 

We will go into more details on some of the services we offer in future blogs - but if you need any more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Phone 07745 247488 - 01775 830250 - email info@lawncarespalding.co.uk

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SOUTH LINCS GRASS CARE - Who are they you may be asking yourself?

Its a question we, ourselves have been asked before - so here is the answer!

Based just outside the market town of Spalding, Lincolnshire, South Lincs Grass Care has been established since early 2015 and has already made a good reputation for itself within the sector.

It is a trading division of the longer established 'ANP Services Spalding Ltd' that has been successfully trading in the garden and grounds maintenance sector  since 2011.

South Lincs Grass Care has a white on green theme and the easily recognizable 'Grassy Heart' logo seen here:

So what can South Lincs Grass Care offer?

Put simply, we cater for all aspects of domestic, commercial, amenity and equestrian grass care.

Wheter you need a good quality domestic lawn frequently and professionally mowing or several acres of neglected paddocks flail mowing back into condition, we have all the equipment in-house to be able to provide you with a complete service. We are also in a position to be able to provide soil analysis, fertilizer applications and selective weed control treatments to areas such as these.

We will be publishing a series of short blogs about what each 'aspect' of the business covers in the coming few months but to give you a brief idea of the machinery that we are using on a daily basis, this includes Kubota W821 wheeled and roller 21" pedestrian mowers, a 1.2m flail mower/scarifier combi unit, a 1.5m Sovema flail mower, a Teagle Dynamo 150 finishing mower, a set of 66" Huxley mounted gang mowers - and that's just some of the cutting machinery!

We also provide large lawn/pitch scarifying, mole draining, paddock services including aerating, harrowing and rolling and much more besides - we will, in time be publishing blogs on our service sectors such as 'Domestic Lawn Care;, 'Commercial Grass Care', 'Amenity Grassland Maintenance' and 'Paddock and Equestrian Grassland Maintenance' so keep checking back for regular updates.

For now - if you have any questions or would like more information on our services, just drop us an email southlincsgrasscare@yahoo.co.uk or call us on 07745 247488 or 01775 830250 and ask for Adam.

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A recent new machine purchase has recently been added to the fleet here at South Lincs Grass Care.

Our new British manufactured Teagle Dynamo 150 rear discharge finishing mower (pictured below) has a cutting width of 5 feet and has a cutting height fully adjustable between 25mm and 100mm - this provides an efficient means of maintaining larger grassed areas such as paddocks, caravan sites, grass around commercial sites and amenity areas. A mulching kit can be fitted to this machine by customer request to enable a 'cuttings free' appearance to finer, more regularly cut turf such as large lawns etc. 

A blade speed of 92 metres per second means a fine cut on all types of grass, without leaving the ryegrass seed stalks and weeds standing like some cutting methods can do.

Shown here on its debut outing fitted to our four wheel drive compact tractor fitted with turf tyres to avoid marking grassed surfaces, the machine proved its efficiency and versatility against competing machines on the market within the first few hours of operation.  

The combination of this machine with our Huxley TR66 mounted cylinder gang mowers and Amazone Grasshopper flail mower and or scarifier combination unit means that we have the equipment and expertise to tackle all common grass maintenance requirements throughout South Lincolnshire.

From fine turf mowing to amenity grass cutting, or scarifying, aerating or harrowing a large expanse of grass we have all the solutions 'in house'.

We offer our full range of grass cutting services to private and trade clients within 30 miles of Spalding, Lincolnshire.

If you have any questions about services that we could provide to yourselves, feel free to browse our website - www.anpservicesspalding.com - if your question is not answered there, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone during office hours (07745 247488, 01775 830250) or via email at southlincsgrasscare@yahoo.co.uk.

(South Lincs Grass Care is a trading name of ANP Services Spalding Ltd - registered in England and Wales)

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What is the best lawn fertilizer and where can I buy lawn fertilizer from?

There are several different types of lawn fertilizer depending on what exactly you want it to do.

Below is a quick summary of types of lawn fertilizer available, where you might be able to buy them from and their advantages and disadvantages.

(Note this post doesn’t cover the 3 in 1 products such as feed, weed and mosskiller)

Broadly there are three MAIN types of lawn fertilizer:

Fact acting granular fertilizers- These fertilisers are often the ones that are thought of when someone goes to the garden centre for some ‘lawn fertiliser’ - they promote lush green growth for about a month and then that’s it, all the nutrients are used up.


Often useful in lawn renovation programmes or where a lawn needs a fast green up after scarifying or for a special event or similar occasion.

Freely and relatively cheaply available in garden centres, DIY stores etc as well as from specialist suppliers and internet sellers (note these products are heavy and bulky so delivery charges may be high) 


Needs carefully calibrated spreader to apply, effects don’t last very long, gets expensive to keep reapplying throughout the season due to short lifespan, too many applications can be very bad for the environment.

Needs watering in or rainfall shortly afterwards otherwise lawn can be ‘burnt’. Left over product needs carefully storing as can be ruined by damp conditions.

Slow release granular fertilizers – these are similar to apply to the fast acting granular mentioned above but release their nutrients slowly over a longer period.


As little as two applications needed per year, keeps lawn looking good without excessive top growth. Can work out more cost effective in long term. Gives a good looking lawn for a longer period of time.


Slower initial effect than fast release or conventional release granular fertilisers.

Needs carefully calibrated spreader to apply, often product needs watering in or rainfall shortly afterwards otherwise lawn can be ‘burnt’.

Can be harder to get hold of in the retail market eg garden centres etc - often only available from more specialist suppliers .

Liquid fertilizers –These are often seaweed based and applied with a knapsack sprayer, they are used where a quick acting fertiliser is required, or where the lawn needs to be used quickly after application by pets such as dogs etc.


Some products contain iron to kill unwanted moss – often useful after scarifying.

Child and pet safe in a very short time window.

No visible granules on lawn (some granular fertilizers are very obvious for several weeks as orange or white granules spread over the lawn)

These do not last as long as slow release granule fertilizers but can be a very useful and economical method of maintaining a lawn as part of an ongoing treatment programme. The seaweed extracts can be very good for the soil, improving microbiological activity.

Useful for difficult shaped lawns where a granule spreader may be hard to use.


Need calibrated knapsack sprayer to apply – need a still, dry day to apply – rain shortly afterwards can affect results.

Spray blown or walked onto paving may stain.

Can be very difficult or sometimes impossible to obtain from garden centres and retail outlets, normally only available in large quantities eg 10 litre containers which may take a long time to use up.

So which is the right fertiliser for my specific lawn?

Before you go shopping for fertilizer for your lawn, there are a few things you need to know to make an informed choice:

A few things would include: what season it is, what size your lawn is in m2, how quick you want the initial effect of applying the lawn fertilizer to be, how long you want it to last for and what you need to apply it with (eg granule spreader, knapsack sprayer etc), what type of grass you may have, wheter you want to encourage top or root growth and much more besides.

Often you may find that you have to pay as much, if not more for the measuring and application equipment than the fertilizer product itself!

It all sounds very complicated! Is there another way?

If all of the above sounds difficult, time consuming and possibly quite confusing, perhaps it might be worth contacting your local independent lawn care professionals instead of trying to select a product yourself from the vast range available.

If you live within a 20 mile radius of Spalding, Lincolnshire, we may be able to help.

Here at South Lincs Grass Care we offer free quotations for lawn fertilizer applications of all of the above types, by trained professionals with carefully calibrated equipment.

Couple this service with our weed control, moss control, aeration and professional mowing programmes and you will be amazed at the difference to your lawn.

Why not contact us today to find out more? 01775 830250, 07745 247488 – southlincsgrasscare@yahoo.co.uk

(South Lincs Grass Care is a trading name of ANP Services Spalding Ltd)

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How much do ride on mowers cost?

Secondhand ride on lawnmowers can be bought from as little as a few hundred pounds from the likes of Ebay and such, however – unless you are very lucky, these are often not a financially sound investment as generally no one gets rid of a perfectly good working ride on lawn mower!

A ‘cheap mower’ can soon cost hundreds more when you discover it is in need of replacement drive belts, blades and bearings – and that’s assuming the engine is in good running order and the gearbox works correctly.....

New ride on lawnmowers cost from a thousand pounds upwards into the tens of thousands for a high specification commercial machine.

For regular cutting of larger or rougher areas, eg paddocks or amenity areas, a ‘commercial’ specification mower is a must as ‘homeowner’ grade machines soon wear out or fail when you need them most.

That high purchase cost is before a several hundred pound annual service and the fuel that you will use cutting your lawn, the addition premium on your insurance against the mower being stolen and the building of a shed if you have no where secure to keep the new mower plus the constant risk of it getting stolen...

Are there any other options available?

You MAY find it easier to get a grass care specialist to attend your property to cut your grass regularly.

A contractor will provide their own commercial grade machines and fuel, cut your grass as appropriate and be able to advise on its ongoing care, eg weed control, over seeding etc.

You will have no concerns over security or maintenance of your own ride on lawn mower, no problems such as breakdowns or poor weather when you want to cut the grass.

Most contractors will provide a free quote for regularly cutting your grass, indeed you may find it a more convenient option than buying a new ride on mower!

If you are within 25 miles of Spalding, Lincolnshire and would like a quotation for cutting your grass with a ride on mower – here at South Lincs Grass Care we will happily provide one.

Our compact tractors can be fitted with various attachments, from flail cutting overgrown grass to cylinder gang mowing a fine lawn, we have the attachments and experience to carry out grass maintenance quickly, safely and efficiently. We also have a selection of smaller ride on lawnmowers and pedestrian mowers to suit all kinds of grassed areas.

For a free quotation, simply contact us today – 01775 830250 or email southlincsgrasscare@yahoo.co.uk

Then compare our price to the purchase and running costs of a several thousand pound ride on lawnmower....

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How can I control weeds in my lawn or paddock?

This is a question that is commonly asked, where 'undesirable weeds' such as plantains, daises or ragwort threaten to take over from the grass!

Unfortunately, its not a simple solution if you want to 'do it yourself'....

There are now not many selective herbicides (weed control products) available to homeowners - plus the fact you will need a way of applying it - either a dedicated watering can, or a sprayer of some description.

A watering can full doesn't go far on a small domestic lawn and is FAR too slow for larger lawns or paddocks...


There is! - Simply find a local grass care service to help you, with their experience, professional products and application systems the result will likely be more effective than using 'domestic grade' products.

If your property is within 30 miles of Spalding, Lincolnshire, we may be able to help.

Here at South Lincs Grass Care, we have the experience, qualifications, insurance and equipment necessary to quickly and efficiently rid your grass land (be this paddocks or lawns) of undesirable weeds. 

Using our professional grade, carefully calibrated knapsack sprayers we can treat domestic lawns quickly and efficiently as well as carrying out 'spot treatments' for isolated areas of weeds in paddocks.

For the larger areas, you can use our 'Techneat' pedestrian sprayer, which sprays a 3 metre width with each pass, yet will fold up and fit through a standard 3 foot wide gate.

Frequently used for small paddock work, this compact machine leaves no ruts in the grass (unlike heavy tractor sprayers) and is maneuverable enough to spray right into corners.  

For more details, on how we could help you control weeds in your grassland, paddocks or lawns, contact us today:

01775 830250 - 07745247488 - southlincsgrasscare@yahoo.co.uk

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This is a scenario that occurs more often than you may think!

Perhaps the property you are moving into has been empty for a while, or the grass has just 'got on top of you'?

Now its several inches (or feet!) above where you want it - what's the best option?

You could, if you have access to such equipment and an awful lot of time, cut it all down with a heavy duty petrol strimmer or brushcutter - however this is time consuming and back breaking work, especially where the area is measured in acres....

You COULD cut it with a ride on mower, but many 'domestic' machines simply cannot cope with longer grass and you would find cutter belts and drive clutches will literally snap under the strain resulting in VERY expensive repairs - as well as the time you are without a mower whilst waiting for it to be repaired......

You COULD get the local farmer to cut it with a 'paddock topper' assuming the modern farm tractor will actually FIT through the access onto the area and you are happy with large wheel ruts and divots left by the treads of the agricultural tyres...

You COULD perhaps hire a smaller tractor from your local hire centre - although it is still likely to be on 'agricultural' type tyres which will leave ruts - and have you ever driven a tractor before? Would you be able to operate it competently and most importantly SAFELY? NO?

What options does this leave?

Depending on your location, there may be a local, independent grass care contractor who can help.

Here at South Lincs Grass Care, we own and operate a wide variety of grass land maintenance equipment within a 30 mile radius of Spalding, Lincolnshire.

We can provide equipment, operator and all necessary fuel to cover all your grassland requirements.

In the scenario of the overgrown paddock above, we would use our powerful compact tractor, with rear mounted flail mower to efficiently clear the overgrown area - this coupled with pedestrian mowing and strimming along any boundaries or fence lines will soon tame the unruly growth. 

Our flail mower is specially set up for grassland work with swinging 'Y' flails instead of the heavy 'hammer' flails used by councils for roadside verge cutting - our machine actually 'cuts' the grass instead of just 'bashing' it off.

Long grass, nettles, thistles and docks are no match for this machine, which will easily cut them down and finely chop them up.

Need the area maintaining afterwards?

We can help with that too - we offer a regular grass land maintenance programme, through which we operate a set of compact gang mowers and a powerful out-front rotary mower in conjunction with the flail mower and various pedestrian mowers to ensure we can also offer an appropriate and cost effective solution for your paddock or lawn.

Don't struggle with your overgrown grass - call us today - 01775 830250  - 07745 247488 - or email us - southlincsgrasscare@yahoo.co.uk

(We offer grassland services to both retail and 'trade' within 30 miles of Spalding, Lincs)

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