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Perhaps you own or run your own business and need your grounds maintaining or are in a HR department and have been tasked with finding a grounds maintenance contractor to maintain your site(s)?

Some things you need to ask for from anyone tendering or quoting to maintain your site include:

  • Length of time that they have been working in the grounds maintenance sector (shows commitment and experience)

  • Proof of public liability and employers liability cover, (A legal requirement!)

  • Risk assessments and method statements for operations required on your site, (satisfies Health and Safety requirements)

  • A valid waste carriers licence registration number, (a legal requirement for anyone involved in the transport of waste of ANY description)

  • Certificates and proof of competence qualifications for any pesticide or herbicide (weedkiller) applications needed on your site (City and Guilds or equivalent training group certificates will be required by the contractors insurer to prove competence in using what can be potentially hazardous chemicals)

In addition, make sure that the contractor is familiar with working on a site of your type and has all the necessary equipment available 'in house' and isn't relying on hiring in or borrowing tools and equipment to meet your contract requirements.

Are you looking for a contractor that can immediately fulfill all of these, has a wealth of experience at dealing with areas sized from just a few hundred square metres to many acres in size, has all equipment available in-house with experienced operators AND has an in depth knowledge of the local area as well?

Here at ANP Services Spalding Limited, we can help!

We have been established over 6 years and have hundreds of satisfied clients over a wide spectrum of domestic and commercial grounds maintenance. Wheter you need regular scheduled grass cutting, shrub bed maintenance, weed control to grass land or car parks, leaf clearance, hedge trimming or any other grounds maintenance service you might like to mention, we can tailor a service to suit your site or work to your own contract plan - the choice is yours.

Why not call us today - ANP Services Spalding Limited - Office 01775 830250, direct mobile 07745 247488 - or email anpservicesspalding@yahoo.co.uk

Some examples of previous works can be found on our website at www.anpservicesspalding.com

'ANP Services Spalding Limited - For all your garden and grounds maintenance requirements'

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Do you own or run a Guest House, B and B, pub or hotel in Lincolnshire?

Would you like more customers, turnover and profit? - of course you would!

There's one very simple way to increase your passing trade, which as we all know, often leads to recommendations and repeat business!

Look round the inside of your premises, nice and warm, clean and inviting - YES? - that's all good then.

Now step outside the front door and take a long, hard look at the exterior of your property - lets be be realistic here - does it really sell itself as well as it could?

Are last years dead bedding plants still swinging in tatty, rusting hanging baskets, what about the weeds growing in those pots and in the gravel in the yard?

How attractive does that long unkempt grass and drift of last autumn's leaves by the back door look?

'But I am busy running my premises' I hear you cry - 'I don't have time or equipment to mow the lawn properly' I hear you say....

That's where ANP Services Spalding comes in. We take all the hassle out of grounds maintenance, we have all the equipment necessary to provide a high quality grounds maintenance service to YOUR premises.

We can do so much more than just cut the grass too - we are qualified to apply weedkillers to get rid of those nuisance weeds, we can supply, plant and MAINTAIN seasonal bedding and shrubs to brighten up the exterior, we can supply and install garden furniture and benches, mend and paint your fencing, supply and erect bins stores to hide your ugly bins, even arrange for new gravel for your car park!

We take care of the grounds and let you take care of the most important part of your business - making sure everything works like clockwork on the inside.

Interested in how we could help you?

Contact us today - anpservicesspalding@yahoo.co.uk - 07745 247488 - 01775 830250 - see more on our website - www.anpservicesspalding.com

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ANP Services Spalding are well known throughout the Spalding area and due to demand, we are happy to announce we have now extended our coverage into the Bourne, Baston and Morton regions too.

We have had several requests for works throughout this region and indeed have worked on several high profile sites in the area throughout 2013.

So if you are looking for a reputable, reliable gardening service to look after your garden or grounds, why not contact us for a free, no obligation quotation?

We offer all general gardening services, such as lawn mowing, hedge trimming and garden waste disposal as well as specialized lawn care and weed control services.

More details on our website: wwww.anpservicesspalding.com

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Many people experience the frustration of having their lawn invaded by weeds, there may be just one dandelion to start with, but let it flower and seed and there will soon be a hundred!

So what can be done about this?

Firstly do NOT make the mistake that many people do and think 'I'll dribble some Roundup on that....' - works a treat at killing the weed but also kills the grass meaning you end up with lots of little dead patches in the lawn where the weeds used to be. Looks even worse than the weeds did and takes AGES for the grass to grow back.

Secondly, we wouldn't recommend the use of a 3 in 1 product such as weed, feed and mosskiller. Firstly these products actually complicate the task as you are effectively feeding the weed that you are trying to kill as it has just received a lovely dose of fertiliser to make to grow, also we have yet to find one that give effective results on all lawn weeds, in fact white clover often seems to grow better after these products have been applied!

You could dig them all out by hand, but this can be difficult and very, very time consuming, especially if you have a large lawn.
Also remember that any small piece of weed root left, especially those of dandelions - WILL grow back....

So what does this leave us with?

SELECTIVE LAWN WEEDKILLERS - these products actively kill lawn weeds but don't affect the grass in the same way that Roundup or other gyphosphate based weedkillers do.

Verdone is possibly the best known of the liquid lawn weedkillers and can be bought from the garden centre as can Vitax Lawn Clear - many of you may have tried these products in the past and had differing or poor results. They can also be time consuming and fiddly to apply needing a watering can with a fine rose and a LOT of trips backwards and forwards to the tap to refill it, as well as the time spent measuring out the area, avoiding overlaps and most frustratingly running out of concentrate just a few metres short of the end of the lawn - which invariably seems to be the patch where most weeds are!...

So what other options are there?

Talk to your local, independent lawn maintenance professional!

Due to licensing restrictions homeowners are simply not allowed to buy many of the most powerful and hence effective, lawn weed killing chemicals.

Whereas there are only a handful of relatively expensive products available to homeowners, professional users have access to a wide variety of different products, most of which are much, much stronger than can be bought in the garden centre.

ANP Services Spalding are NPTC qualified for application of selective herbicides (the full title for lawn weedkillers) via knapsack sprayer and we will be able to assess whether your lawn needs spot treating for small areas of weeds or needs fully 'blanket spraying' for total coverage.

We can quickly and effectively cover large areas with our 1 metre spray per pass spray width coupled to our 20 litre capacity Cooper Pegler knapsack sprayer and careful use of a spray head shield where necessary means that your prized border plants will not be affected by spray drift.

We offer free no obligation quotations on this service and can also provide all year round care for your lawn, including regular professional mowing, fertilising, moss control and scarifying.

As with most independent lawn care professionals, there is no pressure with us to 'sign up' to a full year round package, we won't sell you things that you don't actually need and we will carry out all treatments at the seasonally correct time.

If you would like a quote to professionally treat your lawn or grassed area for weeds and you are within our coverage area, feel free to contact us:

Office - 01775 830250 - Mobile - 07745 247488

Email - info@lawncarespalding.co.uk

Website - www.anpservicesspalding.com

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From Friday 8th March 2013, ANP Services Spalding are now qualified for spraying pest and herbicides (weedkillers) via knapsack sprayers.

All operators that apply pest or herbicides on a commercial basis MUST LEGALLY be qualified to apply these products - failure to do this is illegal - if in doubt, just ask your operator to see their NPTC qualification card.

In order to attain this qualification, two training courses and assessments have to be taken in order to prove competence to NPTC Standards.

We have taken both of these courses and successfully passed on Friday 8th March, allowing us to now offer a herb and pesticide application service to all of our customers both domestic and commercial.

Use of weedkillers is not just restricted to gravel paths or driveways, selective weedkillers can be used to control weeds in turf, lawns and paddocks.

For more information, or if you have any more questions about how we could help you, please feel free to contact us:


07745 247488 - 01775 830250

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Several months ago, ANP Services Spalding was entered into the local business accelerators campaign, which is aimed at helping 'up and coming' small local business to succeed by giving them access to free mentoring from a variety of sources and advertising and promotional features in the local media....

Following several meetings with various judges etc, we are delighted to reveal that we have been selected as one of the three joint regional winners!

This entitles us to a year of mentoring and support from various different sources including finance/legal advice, journalistic advice from the editor of the local newspaper and much more besides...

The full story as reported on the 'Spalding Guardian' website can also be viewed here:


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Whether you carry out your own gardening, or employ a gardener or have a contract with a garden maintenance business, ALL gardens create waste - this is an undeniable FACT.

So what can you do with this waste?

Larger gardens may find it easy to deal with woody waste such as hedge trimmings by having a designated bonfire area and an area set aside for composting green waste such as leaves, grass cuttings and light prunings.

However not every garden has this luxury, which brings us back to the question of how DO you get rid of garden waste?

For many in our local area of Spalding, Lincolnshire, the answer is often to put the often wet, often smelly waste into bags, lift these heavy bags into the car, drive some considerable distance, queue for the Waste Recycling Centre at West March Road, have to lift these heavy bags out, empty them, put the smelly bags back into the car, then drive home.

What an inconvenient, time consuming and fuel inefficent way to get rid of garden waste!

ANP Services Spalding have always offered garden waste disposal if we maintain your garden or grounds, as we believe that it should be part of having a stress free garden.

From 2013, we also offer a garden waste collection service - by the bag, bin or loose load, all at competitive prices - we load it so you don't have to struggle - we can even provide you with bags or bins too!

So, what happens to the waste that you have collected?

All green waste is taken to Organic recycling at Crowland to be composted. The composting process carried out here makes compost FAR faster than having a small compost bin in your garden and due to the vast mix of materials that are incorporated and the way the compost is regularly turned and graded, can often make a much better end product than you may be able to make at home.

Much more information can be found on their website at http://www.organicrecycling.co.uk

Basically, all waste is shredded shortly after arriving on site in this machine:

This shredded material is then piled in heaps called 'windrows', where it very quickly heats up and starts to rot. The maturing compost is regularly turned using excavators, until it is ready for grading in 10mm, 20mm and other grades.

The resulting 'soil improver' has proved excellent at improving vegetable patches, garden borders, certain local farmers even buy thousands of tons a year and spread it on their fields instead of using artificial fertilisers!

We can supply you with this product by the bag, ton or bulk load - ideal if you are carrying out landscaping works or your garden soil is tired or heavy clay.

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What is the safest way to cut a tall hedge?

This is a question that is often asked!

Many homeowners have various types and heights of hedges bordering their property.

However any hedge will require trimming at least once a year - this is where the problem arises.

High hedges present a problem - how do you cut the top or sides of a high hedge SAFELY?

The answer is certainly NOT to to stand on a stepladder or lean an extension ladder into the hedge whilst wielding an electric hedgecutter, as this risks the ladder over balancing or falling through the hedge, with the possibility of serious injury both from the fall or contact with the sharp edges of the cutter. That's without the risk of accidentally cutting through the electrical cable....

A much safer option for working at height is a platform step such as those available from Henchman  - their range can be viewed here:  http://www.henchman.co.uk/productcategory.jsf?id=1

An excellent product indeed but perhaps prohibitively expensive for an item that as a homeowner may get used for a total of one or two days a year.

Certainly if your hedge is high, deep or wide then a petrol long reach hedge trimmer may be required. These can be hired from a local hire centre but are very powerful and sharp pieces of equipment and must be treated with respect.

Working a piece of equipment like this at height when you are unfamiliar with it may be dangerous and can certainly be very physically exhausting.

Then you have the rubbish to collect up and dispose of once you have completed the trimming...

Perhaps the safest way to get your high, low or wide hedges safely cut is to employ a local contractor who will have the correct equipment, knowledge and experience to ensure that your hedges look perfect, without the risk of injury and the added advantage that all the waste will be removed too.

If you need a hedge trimming contractor in Spalding, Lincs or any of the surrounding towns and villages, do not hesistate to call us at ANP Services Spalding - for more information on our hedge trimming services see our website www.anpservicesspalding.com 

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If you are reading this blog post, you may be asking yourself some or all of the following questions:


There are several ways to help your gardener help you this year - we have listed some of them below.


Nothing frustrates a professional gardener more than travelling to your property only to find that the gates are locked and they can't get in. Most gardeners will let you know what day they will be coming, so you can leave the gates open, or if security is a concern, leave them a key to the gates in a key safe. Something like one of the items on this page would be ideal:  http://www.discountlocks.co.uk/Key-Safe-Outdoor-Key-Boxes-and-External-Secure-Key-Storage-s/63.htm This way your property stays secure and your garden gets maintained too.

Lots of gardening business will charge you for time wasted if they are locked out and can't carry out any work. One penalty charge would probably have bought a key safe and prevented this problem.


If you have dogs or other animals that live in your garden, clean up after them - gardeners normally won't deal with this and may charge you if they can't work due to extensive animal fouling. Your pets are your responsibility - NO ONE likes stepping in dog fouling in the street, so make sure the gardener doesn't do it in your garden! 


If you know when your gardener is coming, help them by NOT slowing them down. For example as well as making sure the gate is open, don't do your washing that day if your washing line overhangs the lawn, as this makes it difficult to mow the lawn properly and may result in your clean washing getting dusty or accidentally marked whilst the gardener is working. If you have child's toys, a patio dining set or a trampoline that is in the area where the gardener is to be working, simply move them out of the way before they get there. Whilst the gardener may appreciate the odd offer of a coffee or cold drink, don't interrupt them too much as they are likely to have a very busy schedule.


However you pay your gardener, be it cash, cheque or bank transfer, make sure that they have their money by the agreed date. Many business impose charges for late payments - gardening businesses are no exception! If you regularly pay your gardener on time and for some reason miss a payment and get a reminder letter or note, don't panic as they will trust more than likely you that it will be paid ASAP. However if you frequently pay late, some businesses may eventually refuse to visit or impose very strict conditions.


This DOESN'T mean spend ages chatting to them, but a word in passing or a quick text, email or note lets them know that their work is appreciated and also lets them know of any plans that you may have for your garden in the future. This leads us onto our next point...


If you have a specific task that you want doing that your gardener doesn't do, ask them if they know anyone that does. Most will know several local trusted tradesmen and can save you the hassle of finding someone to mend your fence or install that new patio.

Perhaps the gardener even offers that service themselves and you just didn't know. For example a gardener may be able to fertilize, scarify or aerate your lawn instead of you calling another 'lawn care company' to do this work.... 


If you live within a 7 mile radius of the Spalding, Lincolnshire area and are looking for a professional garden or grounds maintenance service to visit your property, our business (ANP Services Spalding) can help you both maintain AND improve your garden - no matter how big or small.

For your peace of mind, we are FULLY insured and licensed waste carriers, we also provide free, no obligation quotations and in most instances can offer a fixed price for any works required...

For full details on what we can do for you:

See our website


email us at


or phone us today

             07745 247488       or             01775 830250      

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If you are reading this blog post, you may be asking yourself some or all of the following questions:

WHY should I scarify my lawn?

Lawns benefit from regular scarifying in order to remove and control the build up of moss and 'thatch'. 'Thatch' is the build up of dead grass, partly rotted leaves and debris that builds up in a lawn over time.

Both moss and thatch restrict grass growth by competing with it for light and water, leading to your lawn rapidly becoming thin, patchy and  dying off quickly in times of drought.

Removing all of this debris encourages fresh, more resilient grass growth.

WHEN should I scarify my lawn?

Lawns can be scarified in the spring or autumn. HOWEVER, the grass must be strongly growing at the time the operation is carried out, otherwise recovery will be slow. The application of a seasonally appropriate lawn fertiliser will help the grass recover more rapidly.

The grass or ground should defiantly not be frozen or covered in snow at the time scarifying is carried out!

How should I scarify my lawn properly?

The most important point is that any moss MUST be killed off using an appropriate moss killer such as lawn sand or sulphate of iron before even thinking about getting the scarifying machine out of the shed. Failing to kill the moss properly will just result in the moss being chopped up and spread about the lawn - often leaving you with more moss than you had before!

Products vary but we always apply lawn sand both length and cross ways across the lawn using carefully calibrated spreaders to ensure an even spread and avoiding leaving marks or lines from imprecise application.

Proper scarification involves allowing the moss killer to work for an appropriate interval (often 14 days) and not cutting the lawn in this time. Before scarifying, cut the lawn fairly short - this makes it easier for the machine to work.

Set the scarifier blades so that they are touching the turf but NOT the ground.

Scarify the lawn one way, clearing the debris if there is a lot, then make another pass at 90 degrees to the first, with the blades slightly lower but still NOT touching the ground.

Remember the machine won't get right to the edges, so use a spring tine rake to get to these.

By this point, you are likely to have a LOT of moss and debris on the surface of your lawn. This needs clearing and disposing of - but do not put it on your compost heap - dispose of it at your local civic amenity site.

Then mow your lawn again with a rotary mower, this will help to lift the grass and any remaining debris.

Some 'lawn care companies' unfortunately don't scarify right to the edges, re mow the grass after scarifying OR dispose of the moss and debris, leaving this to do this yourself....

Doesn't all this sound like an awful lot of hard work?

Why not call in a professional?

If you live within a 7 mile radius of the Spalding, Lincolnshire area, ANP Services Spalding can attend your property, apply an appropriate moss killer, thoroughly scarify your lawn AND dispose of all the debris - all at a preagreed price. Following on from this, we also recommend application of an appropriate fertiliser to ensure a fast recovery for your lawn. 

For your peace of mind, we are FULLY insured and licensed waste carriers, we also provide free, no obligation quotations and in most instances can offer a fixed price for any lawn scarifying works...

For full details on what we can do for you:

See our website


email us at


or phone us today

             07745 247488       or             01775 830250      

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Some people will read the title of this blog and think HOW can hiring a professional gardener or maintenance person to maintain my garden actually SAVE me money over the course of a year?

(Incidentally this blog interconnects with another of our blogs on how hiring a garden maintenance professional can save you time - read that at: 


Anyway, back to how hiring a garden maintenance professional could potentially save you money.

Here's how:

Lets assume that you own, or have recently moved into, a property with a larger than average sized garden. This garden contains several lawn areas of varying sizes and levels, various beds and borders, some mature trees of various types and all of the above is bordered by some leylandii and beech hedges that vary in height between six and sixteen feet.

So, what equipment do you need to maintain this?:

Assuming you either do not currently possess no gardening equipment at all or you do not currently have any gardening equipment that is up to the task of maintaining this size of garden, you are likely to need  some good quality equipment similar to that listed below with prices and examples of the type of machine (remember its all going to get a lot of use, so theres no point buying cheap equipment!):

A ride on mower - cost around £2000 (Snapper 28" rear engined ride on mower)

A trailer for carting around tools and garden debris - cost around £175 (Agrifab garden trailer)

A pedestrian mower for the areas the ride on can't get to - Cost around £900 (Hayter Harrier 48 autodrive)

A strimmer for dealing with long grass around the perimeter - Cost around £300 (Tanaka TBC 270)

A leaf blower for dealing with the leaves in the autumn - Cost around £200 (Stihl BG86)

A hedgetrimmer for dealing with the hedges - Cost around £230 (Tanaka THT2000)

So - the cost of your shopping at the garden machinery dealer would be £3805

However, lets not forget:

You haven't bought any fuel yet!

Lets say, for example, in a year of maintaining your garden, all of the above equipment combined uses £200 worth of fuel/two stroke oil/strimmer line etc...

In the autumn, after a year of intensive use, all of the above equipment will need a service by its supplying dealer, this will add another (for examples sake) £350 pounds for replacement parts, service components, labour and VAT...

Added to the initial purchase cost, now the yearly expenditure is up to £4355!

All of this equipment also needs securely storing, insuring against theft and  heavily used equipment will need repairs/ complete replacement every few years....

Don't forget (again touching on the subject of our first blog) - you also need to find the time to actually carry out your gardening! If the work takes you 8 hours a week, 35 weeks of the year - then you will spend 280 hours a year gardening!

Also can you REALLY, HONESTLY carry out the gardening work to the standard and at the speed and efficency that a professional garden maintenance person could do it?

NO I thought not.......

If you call in a garden maintenance professional, you will not have to buy any expensive garden equipment, fuel, equipment servicing or replacement parts, you will have no worries about the equipment being stolen, the work will be done for you, the waste can be taken away and all you have to do is relax and enjoy your garden!

It is also likely to cost you far less than the figure we arrived at above!

If you have a larger garden within a 10 mile radius of the Spalding, Lincolnshire area, then ANP Services Spalding can help save you from having to buy and maintain expensive garden equipment and spend time carrying out the work yourself.... 

Our professional garden maintenance service can be scheduled to attend your property at prearranged weekly or fortnightly intervals, carry out all necessary works (using our own fuel and equipment), if necessary remove all the garden waste and leave your garden looking at its best so all you have to do is to relax and enjoy it!

For your peace of mind, we are FULLY insured and licensed waste carriers, we also provide free, no obligation quotations and in most instances can offer a fixed price for any works...

For full details on what we can do for you:

See our website


email us at


or phone us today

             07745 247488       or             01775 830250      

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Some people will read the title of this blog and think HOW can hiring a professional gardener or maintenance person to maintain my garden actually SAVE me this much time?

Here's how:

Lets assume that your average sized garden currently takes you 2.5 hours per week to maintain.

This breaks down to:

An hour to mow and edge the lawn,

An hour to tidy the borders or collect up fallen leaves depending on the season,

Half an hour to carry out other general garden chores.

However, lets not forget:

On top of this, we also have to consider the time that it takes you to collect up your garden waste and take  it to the local tip,

lets assume it takes another hour to load your car, drive there and queue to empty your waste -

then when you get home there's also the time that it takes to clean the inside of your car of garden debris afterwards, lets say another half an hour...

Therefore, each week when worked out this way, is actually taking you FOUR hours per week to maintain your garden!

Assuming you maintain your garden, cut your lawn and take your waste to the tip 35 weeks a year, annually you are spending anywhere up to 140 hours per year to keep your garden looking good!

Wouldn't it be nice to have those 140 hours per year to do other things?

If you live within a 7 mile radius of the Spalding, Lincolnshire area, ANP Services Spalding can save you AT LEAST this much time every year!

Our professional garden maintenance service can be scheduled to attend your property at prearranged weekly or fortnightly intervals, carry out all necessary works, remove all the garden waste and leave your garden looking at its best so all you have to do is to relax and enjoy it!

For your peace of mind, we are FULLY insured and licensed waste carriers, we also provide free, no obligation quotations and in most instances can offer a fixed price for any works...

For full details on what we can do for you:

See our website


email us at


or phone us today

 07745 247488 or 01775 830250

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ANP Services Spalding are the answer you are looking for, for all your professional garden and commercial grounds maintenance requirements in and around the Spalding, Lincolnshire area.


We carry out all aspects of professional garden and commercial grounds care. We are equally capable of cutting a carefully manicured lawn and helping you with a regime of lawn treatments, lawn fertilizer applications and spring or autumn lawn scarifying to keep it at its very best or regularly cutting larger area of longer, rougher grass around commercial sites. We have a small fleet of different mowers to help us give the best possible finish, whatever the area.


For the majority of domestic and some 'premium' commercial lawns, we use roller mowers to leave a high quality, classically striped lawn. For other commercial contracts, for example pub beer gardens/restaurants and other small commercial lawns that we cut regularly, we use a mulching mower. This helps us provide a cost effective service as there are no lawn clippings to dispose of. This machine can be quickly converted to collect, as in the autumn or winter lawns may become covered with leaves, which cannot be mulched.


We also have ride on mowers suitable to collect, mulch or discharge clippings - offering a variety of options for our commercial clients and domestic customers who have a larger property.


But we don't just do grass cutting - we also carry out professional hedge trimming and hedge reductions too. Indeed many hedges have been proved to benefit from being cut regularly, we recommend twice yearly cuts to leylandii and beech hedges (dependent on the speed of growth). Regular cutting not only keeps the hedge under control but also promotes vigorous, healthy growth and prevent the hedge looking sparse and 'thin'.


Many customers are thankful of the fact that as part of our service package, we remove all green and garden waste from their properties, taking it for composting at Organic Recycling in Crowland. For more details on how they help us deal with our waste in an environmentally friendly way, see their website at: www.organicrecycling.co.uk

Our association with Organic Recycling also means that we can offer our customers their range of quality soil improvers, marketed under the name Bettaland Products. See www.bettaland.co.uk for details. We have achieved good results with these products in breaking up the heavy, clay soil which some areas of Spalding suffer with.


As we work a relatively small geographical area, we are able to provide a highly cost domestic garden and commercial grounds maintenance effective service, without compromising on quality. We offer regular services to all areas around Spalding, including Moulton, Weston, Pinchbeck (Including Pinchbeck West), Gosberton (including Clough and Risegate), Pode Hole, Spalding and others besides.


Fixed price services help you budget for the works, whilst we offer a choice of payment systems to help make payment simple. We accept cheques, cash, standing orders and BACS payment to suit your needs and operate 30 day payment system with our commercial clients.


Whatever your requirements, call us to arrange a free, no obligation quotation.


Phone: 07745 247488


Email: anpservicesspalding@yahoo.co.uk


Find us on the Internet: www.anpservicesspalding.com




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Here at ANP Services Spalding, we pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship, each and every task being carried out to the best of our abilities.


Continuous reinvestment in professional equipment leaves an unbeatable finish to lawns and hedges at your property, whether you have a domestic or commercial situation.


The lawn below is one of our regular jobs - initially taken on as a 'one off cut' whilst the customer was on holiday. On his return he contacted us again and booked weekly visits. He says that he was surprised that professional lawn mowing in the Spalding area could be had at such a competitive yet fixed price.


Use of our professional grade Hayter roller mowers makes a fine finish to his lawn, leaving the classic striped lawn effect - we do however alternate the mowing direction every third visit to prevent the grass 'laying down' due to continuous mowing one way.


Another regular client that uses us for all their commercial grounds maintenance requirements, recently opened a new site and called us to sort out the overgrown hedges and grassed areas around the site - careful and appropriate use of our multi functional ride on mower enabled us to cut and collect the long grass on a high cut setting, then a few days later return and re-cut using the machines mulch capability. We are confident that in time mulching on this site will help improve the grass through feeding the poor and nutrient lacking soil that exists on several of the grass areas. 


We can provide professional lawn mowing to domestic and commercial 'fine lawns' and also offer rough grass cutting services to all properties in and around the Spalding, Moulton, Gosberton, Pinchbeck and Pode Hole areas. With mowers from 16 inch cut to over 30 inch cut, in roller, four wheel, mulch and rear discharge we are sure to have a machine to suit your needs AND your lawn.


Don't forget it will soon be time for autumn lawn scarifying in our area - book early to avoid the rush!


ANP Services Spalding - 'For all your garden and grounds maintenance requirements'


Find us online: www.anpservicesspalding.com

Email us at: anpservicesspalding@yahoo.co.uk

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ANP Services Spalding have heavily invested in equipment over recent months, meaning that we can offer an even more cost efficent service to all of our domestic garden and commercial grounds maintenance customers in and around the Spalding area.

Our recently acquired Henchman working platform means that even high hedges on uneven or sloping ground can be quickly trimmed back into shape by our workers. This new equipment means that hedges up to approx 15 feet high are safely and easily worked upon, which creating a minimum of disturbances to beds, borders and other plants.

The equipment was recently trialed on a high unkempt privet hedge on extremely un-level ground, however it was both simple and quick to maintain a perfectly level cut even in these adverse conditions.
It was also called into use on one of our commercial hedge cutting contracts, whom required a full written risk assessment for all working at height activities. The Henchman was approved by their head of health and safety as a suitable solution to the problem.

We also recently acquired a compact ride on mower for some of the larger domestic gardens and commercial grounds maintenance that we carry out. This machine makes light work of larger areas, offering options of side discharge, mulch or collection of the cut grass.

So whatever your garden and grounds maintenance requirements, from mowing in Moulton, grass cutting in Gosberton, strimming in Spalding or anything else you may require, remember to get in touch with ANP Services Spalding today!



07745 247488
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Ever wished your lawn could look better?

Do you have heavy infestations of moss, weeds, bald patches or a generally unhealthy looking lawn?

ANP Services Spalding can help, if you if in any of the areas surrounding Spalding, such as Cowbit, Moulton, Gosberton, Pode Hole or similar.

We offer a FREE, NO OBLIGATION quotation on any lawn related works you may need. We offer services including professional lawn mowing, with our range of machines that can either collect the clippings and leave a traditional stripe, side discharge or mulch the clippings. Whether grass clippings should be collected, discharged or mulched depends on the area, finish required and several other factors. This is why we recommend a site visit to discuss your individual requirements.


Recently we have also obtained a compact ride on mower to offer an efficient, competively priced grass cutting service for the larger areas, such as large lawns or offices, commercial or industrial premises. This machine can also side discharge, mulch or collect the grass clippings.


For extra large areas, we can arrange visits with a compact trailer and rear flail or an out front Kubota 52" mower (subject to availability)


We are licensed waste carriers, so will happily remove any grass clippings generated by works carried out at your premises.


We also offer a comprehensive range of lawn treatments including lawn sand to control moss (in conjuction with our scarifying service), lawn fertiliser applications, top dressing and weed control....


For furthur details on any professional lawn care service, contact us on:




07745 247488


See full details on our website at www.anpservicesspalding.com


ANP SERVICES SPALDING 'For all your garden and grounds maintenance requirements'

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Everyone wants their lawn to look its best. Freshly cut and looking lush and green is most peoples image of a perfect lawn.


However not everyone has the time, expertise or machinery to ensure that their lawn looks like this!


A blunt, four wheeled rotary mower with insufficent power, used to cut the grass at irregular intervals will NEVER leave an acceptable result.


If you simply don't have the time or equipment to care for your lawn as much as you would like, or would like the freedom to enjoy your garden more, this is where ANP Services Spalding can help you, if you live in or around the Spalding area. Areas we cover include, for example Moulton, Weston, Pinchbeck, Pode Hole or Gosberton. We use professional Hayter and Honda mowers, which are regularly serviced and sharpened to ensure the perfect cut to any lawn.


We arrange to call at your property to mow the grass either weekly or fortnightly, and offer full lawn care packages to ensure your lawns always looks at its best!


For domestic properties we offer a traditional striped finish by using any of our range of professional Hayter mowers, we will also remove all the clippings for composting, so there is no waste left on your property.


If you have a larger domestic or a commercial property in the Spalding area, such as an office, pub or factory, we offer different options for dealing with the grass clippings. We have a Hayter mulching mower which finely chops the clippings and returns them to the surface of the lawn, or a four wheeled Honda machine that can side discharge or collect in areas where finish is not a priority.


If you have a particularly large lawn or grass area, we also offer a ride on mowing service - this versatile machine has the ability to access through most gateways and offers either side discharge, mulch or collection ability. (Note this machine does not have a roller, so does not currently leave a stripe - we are working on this)


As always, should you have any enquires about the professional lawn care services we provide, please do not hesistate to contact us:


Phone 07745 247488


Email anpservicesspalding@yahoo.co.uk


Website www.anpservicesspalding.com

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On the very day that official drought was declared in Lincolnshire, the heavens finally opened - indeed there was half an inch of hailstones in parts of Spalding and Pinchbeck.


Everyone's lawn badly needed this water, and indeed at the time of writing (Sunday 12th June), it has been persistently drizzling for the last 5 hours. Most, if not all lawns were showing signs of stress, with patchy, uneven growth, die back and yellow patches, weeds and other unsightly problems. 


Some people have not even had to carry out any lawn mowing for several weeks due to the severely dry conditions..


So you may ask, 'what should I do, I want a greener lawn - at the minute, its brown and dead and patchy and looks a bit like this:'




ANP Services Spalding can offer a solution to most lawncare problems - due to the three month drought, we delayed applications of lawn fertiliser and feed/weed and moss kill products. However now the grass has received some rain water, it is the ideal time to contact ANP Services Spalding to arrange application of lawn fertiliser or other lawn treatment products.




We do use almost exclusively SHL trade products, as we consider them to be both effective and competitively priced.  We have achieved consistently high quality results with both the lawn sand, Spring and Summer fertiliser and Feed, Weed and Mosskiller products from this company. 


We advise do you, on the best course of action for your lawn - from dealing with excessive lawn moss in Moulton, weed problems in Pinchbeck or scarifying in Surfleet we are sure to have a service and product to suit your lawn.


We do cure the problem, not just remove it - if you have a severely mossy lawn then we will treat the moss with either sulphate of iron or lawn sand dependent on severity. It is VERY important to do this before scarifying as otherwise the moss is spread about and will return far worse. Sulphate of iron and lawn sand kill moss so it cannot regrow.


We apply products AND scarify in BOTH directions to ensure both complete application of product and removal of all lawn moss/debris. Beware some lawn care companies don't do this. 


We remove all arisings (grass clippings, moss etc) - we can do this as we are a licensed waste carrier. Some companies will not remove waste...




We don't tie you into a minimum length contract - if you want one treatment, that's all we will supply, if you wish to go further, then we will happily any required further treatments and/or professional mowing services.


We don't supply or apply unsuitable products, at unsuitable times or carry out works such as scarifying at incorrect times of year.


Whatever your lawn care needs, from regular professional mowing to lawn weed control, to scarifying or applying lawn fertilizer for a greener, healthier lawn, ANP Services Spalding can help.


In order to keep our prices affordable and ensure customer satisfaction, we operate within a 15 mile radius of our base in Spalding, Lincs - we cover Spalding, Gosberton, Moulton, Weston, Pinchbeck, West Pinchbeck, Pode Hole and many other areas..


For more info:


email: anpservicesspalding@yahoo.co.uk


Website:  www.anpservicesspalding.com





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