Which 21" lawnmower?

Hi all, looking for advice on the best/most reliable pedestrian lawnmower with a 21" cut and large grass box, preferably 70+ litres. Searching online there are so many for commercial gardeners. I'm a one man garden maintenance business with a few large lawns to cut so it's not a machine used all day every day. I have a 19" mower at the moment but struggling with damp or wet grass and would like to shave a bit off mowing time. I read to avoid the 3 in 1 mowers but most seem to offer this, the online advice saying mowers which collect or mulch only do a better job. I've looked at Honda but wondered what other gardeners used or recommended through regular use over a period of a few years. Online reviews aren't always great, some reviewing models used a couple of weeks or call me cynical but wonder how many manufacturers write reviews! Would be grateful for some guidance on this so I'm not wasting my money. Thanks.

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    Loving my new Weibang pro 48, reminds me of the good old days with Hayter, I'd go Etesia route personally but that may be out of your budget, take a look at the 4 wheeled Vikings or Weibangs for sure...
    • Thanks! Looking at these the engines seem to be B&S in my price range, durability seems the key for the dearer mowers.
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        I went for a Toro recycler  it's Still going strong after Three years , Had the odd issue with personal pace mechanism but it was due to my mishandling . I spent years cutting grass as an employee usually on ride on cylinder mowers , The only rotary machine we had was a Honda which was bullet proof apart from needing the drive belt changing regularly and needing Two new gear boxes in Twelve years it was a great little machine . 

        The choice is overwhelming and increasing , depends on your budget to some extent and your level of grass cutting requirement , are you cutting prestigious fine lawns or moss ridden back yards , commercial premises or manicured suburban lawns ? , paddocks , orchards ?. mulching or boxing off .? 

        You will inevitably face wet and damp grass , Many say the Viking is a good choice and a good all rounder . 

        It's a good idea if you can stretch to a back up mower also at your user level in case of any breakdowns so you can keep on earning .

        • Thanks. Yes, an overwhelming choice! The lawns are all along the South Wales coast, exposed sites with a mixture of grasses, quite tough as well in places so no pristine lawns, customers just wanting a tidy cut with grass collected. I might go for the cheaper option as its not used every day. I've come to the conclusion that I could spend a £1000 on a mower which lasts 10 years or buy something cheaper and possibly replace in 5 years if needed and buy the equivalent to replace and still spending less than a heavy duty commercial. Most of my work is border work so perhaps I was going a little over the top. My current mower would be my backup as I can see it lasting another 3 years with care.
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            Very similar to my requirements from a mower , I don't do much grass cutting and when i do the requirement is simply for short grass , not striped , even the longest and best lawn is managed with the Toro or a Honda izy . Obviously a small mower will have grass height limitations in which case i usually strim first then work down the setting heights of the mower and without cutting too short initially so it doesn't stress the grass . 

            My Toro is TX 159 GTS automatic and reliable, keep the blade sharp and it does a decent job  . I like to carry a light domestic mower also for not easy to access small gardens and they do a nice enough job on small lawns for which they are designed .

  • The Weibang ASD would be worth a look!

    53cm Cutting width Shaft driven so no belt issues to worry about! 3 Speed variable too. Fantastic collection on the machine too. I work for the importer for these so I may sound very keen. I did also work as a gardener for over 5 years so I know what you guys need from a mower. It would be at the top end of your budget at £949 but it would give you the professional warranty and build quality your after!

    I hope you don't mind me giving a suggestion and I hope you find the right machine for you!

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      The Weibang ASD does not have a blade brake clutch, so will you end up stopping and starting the machine eighty odd times a day?

      • Hi Andy

        There is in fact a new model this year that has a BBC on the Weibang ASD.



  • We have no complaints with our Hayter 56Pro. If you are doing private gardens and/or prestige commercial, you need a roller mower for the best effect. 

  • you say that aren't bothered a out stripes .. but quite frankly that would change if they had them .. only one mower in my opinion Hayter 56 pro . been doing maintenance 26 years used most . but wouldn't use anything else now
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How to Revive a Worn Out Lawn

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