Weibang Pro 48 BBC roller mower review.

Good afternoon everyone,I thought I'd start doing my review of the Weibang Legacy 48 pro roller mower with BBC controls. I have now been using this mower a couple of days and here goes with my opinions.

In recent years I have used my Viking MB655VR roller mowers and it is so hard to compare these two mowers as they truly are different in almost every way. Let's start with the build quality on the Weibang, i had high expectations and this mower exceeds in every aspect, it oozes quality workmanship, you can see why Weibang are willing to give it a 3 year commercial warranty, everything is solid, the drive is sharp, the BBC controls work instantly, the mower rolls beautifully over the ground, the handle bar adjustment makes the weight (all 65.5 Kg) of the mower obsolete, I find it no more cumbersome than my old Honda pro to move about, in fact the overall feel of the mower reminds me of the old Hayter 48 pro.

When it comes to WET grass collection I was very impressed, it is NOT as good as my Viking MB655VR, however it is far better than any other roller mower on the market, I cut 3 lawns today all soaked through and it collected very well, now I'm not 100% sure of the specifics but the Blade on the Weibang 48 Pro with BBC controls is different to the non BBC model, I would say that it looks like the high lift part of blade is higher and wider on the non BBC model, so be aware this could be a factor in wet cut collection if you go for the BBC model of the 48 pro.

The Kawasaki engine you get on the 48 pro model is strong and smooth, I had no issues with power output. One of my biggest annoyances with mowers these days is when you finish cutting a lawn and are rolling the mower back to the van, it dumps loads of fresh grass clippings on your nice tidied drive which have been stuck to the underside of the mower, with the Weibang this did not happen, the underside of the mower was clean and tidy, and all grass clippings had made it to the bag, this was a real relief.

I will add more writing and some photos to this post over the coming weeks to update you on how this mower holds up during day to day garden maintenance runs...

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    • Hi Steven, the walking speed off the Weibang is a nice pace, not fast and not slow, the drive is good, instant and strong, it has 3 settings but tbh it only needs one, the fastest setting, the 2 lower settings are a waste of time for the pro user, I really like working with the Weibang it's forward speed is faster than the Honda, Hayter, Etesia etc but it's not as fast as the Viking, sometimes with the Viking you are literally doing a slow jog haha, hope this helps, cheers Harry
      • PRO

        Yeah it helps,thanks Harry.I think I'll be investing in some of these mowers this year,despite me writing them off earlier on due to the significant weight compared to what we currently use. I went over to a local dealership and got a feel for the pro 4 - wheeler version and I was very impressed,I liked how well balanced the machine felt. I'll be getting a couple of these for sure and then probably a roller or 2. I'd be dropping down from a 21" cut to 19" but hopefully the overall increase in performance will make up for this?

  • PRO

    Hi Harry, 

    I am on the verge of purchasing the Legacy Pro 48 or 56. I don't have many larger lawns (typically most under 300m2) but want to cater for them (but can't afford both 48 and a 56 new mowers) Thus Pro 48 would be better I feel for my domestic use. What are your thoughts on the 48 cut size and the inference the Legacy Pro is a fast machine - does that make up in part for a smaller cut size than a 56? IS a best practice advice to always go for largest cut size? Sorry if this is a dumb question, just keen to get your thoughts on the machine. Thanks 

    • Hi Russell, personally I don't think just having a larger mower is the most important aspect when buying a new mower, the big reason I went for the 48 over the 56 is the BBC controls on the 48, also the 48 is heavy enough, I'd not want to go any heavier unless I was cutting large areas. The speed on the 48 is good, and the take up is sharp, It will leave a Honda/Hayter Pro behind. The build quality is second to none on the Weibang and you can see why they are willing to give a 3 year warranty. So with all this said and for the sizes of the lawns I cut, I would not buy the larger 56, if I was in the market for another Weibang then it would be the 48 I'd go for once again. Hope this helps, Cheers Harry
      • PRO

        Thanks Harry, I appreciate the honest feedback. I am made up - Pro 48 BBC it will be! Will be a better fit for my current needs and bank balance. 

  • PRO

    From our experience, irrespective of make, the 48cm size is a good format unless the majority of your lawns are of the larger size and obstacle free. The extra cut time with a 48 is offset by flexibility and handling.

    The 53/56's come into their own on wide open lawns or at business parks etc. The Danarm's have particularly long handles which can be a nuisance when trying to turn in tight areas (otherwise you end up running a couple of extra widths around the perimeter to pick up all the turns)

    • PRO

      Thanks Gary - a good insight from the greater experienced :) 

      • This morning 3rd lawn at 9.30 after a pretty hefty dew, took it in it's stride (not BBC though)

        • Looking great mate...
  • Any updates views on performance?

    Also, what was the Viking roller like for durability?

This reply was deleted.

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