Two-thirds of Europeans support a ban on glyphosate, the most-widely used agricultural chemical in the world’s history, according to a new Yougov poll.

A prohibition on the herbicide ingredient was backed by three quarters of Italians, 70% of Germans, 60% of French and 56% of Britons, in a survey of more than 7,000 people across the EU’s five biggest states.

Up to 150 MEPs in Strasbourg are expected to give urine samples today and tomorrow to see if they contain residues of the ingredient, ahead of a symbolic vote on prohibition this Wednesday.

Previous tests have found traces of the residue in the urine of people from 18 different European countries, and in over 60% of breads sold in the UK.

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      That is a good idea.
      As far as crops go wheat for example does not really need to be sprayed before harvest as it only ripens the grain quicker leading to more predictable harvest timeframes. So that should stop I think.
      For that to happen though Is next to impossible without import taxes on grain as our yield will suffer so prices must rise with it.
      Would the majority of people be prepared to pay more? I'm not so sure they would be!
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    Should glyphosate ever be withdrawn/banned, what alternative methods of weed control is there to take its place?

    There's not an effective alternative chemical as glyphosate. Steam/hot foam technology isn't advanced enough and I don't see it being used extensively in private gardens for some time.

    There's potentially laser and infra red but again this technology is probably some way from mass commercial roll-out/availability.

    There are obviously methods of manual intervention but who will pay for this?

    • I think the public need to change their perceptions on how how a garden should look. A sterile garden which is artificially gardened and tidied up to death is not good for the environment and wildlife. Likewise a home which is perfectly ordered and tidied up is uncomfortable for anyone visiting; you get the picture! What concerns me is the lack of respect for chemicals and the slap dash approach to applying chemicals. How many people have we seen apply glyphosate in the middle of a hot summer day? This product and other chemicals should be restricted to qualified users otherwise it's pointless to have these qualifications PA1 and PA6a. I have several customers who have bought a 5 litre container of Round Up Bi. Active direct from agricultural suppliers. These are for Profesional use with certification and yet members of the public can access them......
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    Richard's right. An huge use of glyphosate is with crops, and genetically modified Round-Up Ready crops use even more. However, there are plenty of people spraying at will in their gardens. Like Andrew, I think it's just too easily available. I've seen people go round with a spray when all they had to do was bend down and pull up an annual weed. The problem is that it's been sold as utterly safe, becoming inert on contact with soil, for so long. If it were withdrawn, Phil, surely it wouldn't be the end of the world. There were gardens before glyphosate.

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