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Stihl KM 94 rc starting problem

My Stihl kombi km 94 rc has developed a frustrating starting problem . 

Initially it starts first time from cold and runs great until i switch it off then it refuses to start again until it cools down 

it doesn't matter how long i have being using it even after five minutes it wont start again straight away . 

Both my dealers have closed down due to not being able to compete with the internet , is there a simple fix i can try myself . 

much appreciated .

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  • PRO

    Mine had the same problem and the dealer replaced the carb and that sorted it, but it cost over £100 as out of warranty a cheap chinese one from ebay is only £10.00 and they also work fine.

  • Sounds drastic but sometimes the simplest solution is to just fit another carb which you can pick up for £10-£20 on ebay from China...... pretty sure that'll sort the problem out.  The only snag is can take a couple of weeks to arrive.

    • PRO

      carbs seem to be the number one problem on all hand held 2 stoke these days -- my local dealer dont even bother trying to clean the carbs any more they just replace them to save time -- apparently the problem is so wide spread stihl have dropped their carb prices and you should be able to get them well under £100 now -- the blame i believe is being put on cleaner petrols , less additives etc 

  • I had a problem with my HS56 C-E. After two years use the choke needed to be held on whilst using the machine, which was a pig. The old carb would not tune up properly any more. I ordered a new carb and problem solved. It was like a new machine again. I bought a genuine carb from the main dealer and including the gasket kit and vat it was £48.

    It is very easy to swap the carb yourself. Two bolts if I remember correctly and the various pipe work. The carbs come ready to go, already set up, so no need to tune them. They are fit and forget, so don't pay the Dealer to fit it for you.

  • Sounds like carb problems (from experience with same machine)

    • PRO

      Many thanks for the advice everyone , I will  go down the route of fitting a new carb from china , I dont see any advantage in fitting a new stihl carb if they become problematic after just two years . When you pay stihl price you expect reliability or may as well just buy an economy machine and run it into the ground . 

      However i did buy this machine because its light and has great balance . 

      Interesting idea about the petrol being cleaner Dan i am wondering if i can compensate by adding motorcycle oil to the mix instead of the stihl two stroke mix , it might make the mix a bit richer , just a thought .

      • PRO

        i think theres also an ethanol issue -- as in the carb would be fine if you won the lottery and used Aspen -- ive been advised to at least drain in winter - put some apsen in and let it run a bit before storing -- not too exepnsive if it helps -- i also bought a cheap ethanol shield / fuel stabilizer - 60ml mixes into 75 litres unleaded and might protect from some of these issues -  im using shtil ultra oil which again is supposed to be better but it does seem to be that todays unleaded is not great for 2 stroke machines 

        • PRO

          chniese for £10-£20 plus postage and wait a few weeks or a genuine stihl carb for £48 in a few days -- id take the genuine -- as the price has dropped a lot dont see the benefit of saving 20 odd quid TBH

          • I agree Dan if you are the machine everyday and it's earning you money , it must be worth an extra £20 for the genuine part.

          • Incredibly, Ebay does the carb from China for £9 including postage...... how can they do it??  The "genuine" Stihl carb is actually £48 + the VAT................ still very cheap for a genuine one.... often you're looking at £100+    I suspect Stihl are making a lot of money out of selling their carbs if they can be made in China for under a tenner.  The chinese ones looks so identical to the "genuine" ones.... even down to the smallest marks......., I wouldn't be surprised if they're all made in the same factory on the same production line. I ask myself, why would a factory set up a complete production line for a small cheap  precision item which is only required as a spare part so not a great deal of demand...... it really doesn't make sense unless they're making all the "genuine" branded ones as well.  


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