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Well, I've decided that I'm going to continue for the time being with just lawn cutting. I work alone, and have insisted that all customers remain indoors while I'm on site, and that those who usually pay cash do a bank transfer instead. I've also said that if they wish to talk to me while I'm on site they should call me on my mobile! This means no contact at all. I have also considered asking customers to open side gates, and position waste bins where i would need them with lids open (before I arrive on site) so that I was never touching anything that wasn't my own kit, but wonder if this is totally necessary? It seems like this wouldn't be bad practice. 

What do you all think? The risks here seem so minimal as to be almost non-existent? or should i be downing tools and sit it out? 

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  • Erm, have you had a look at any of the on-going threads?

    Plenty of material there for you to digest! 

    • Yes, but couldn't find anything specifically on solo workers. Will have another look

      • PRO

        Hi, use the link in the Covid-19 business infomation section on the Forum's front page. It will list all the associated threads.

        If you work, Solo has to be the work method ( unless Father/Son etc from same abode etc ) but with my Employers hat on there is always a 'lone worker' aspect to any job.

        I think if you just make your position known to your client as you mention and ensure someone else has ' your back' you'll be ok.

        I would also have proof of your intended destination ( email, work order etc) and your 'trade' if stopped by local constabulary-this new aspect,since Friday, could play out interestingly.

        Stay safe 👍


  • still doing a bit myself as seems low risk at the moment. wearing gloves is good practice as well. stay safe

  • PRO

    You are perfectly within your rights to work, the government want you to carry on working (subject to safe distances etc), the customer wants us to carry on working (in my experience/domestic)  ... Personally i hope to continue unless i get symptoms, shut down by government or public feeling dictates otherwise .... Use common sense, keep perspective and be safe. I now carry fresh water and soap and enough pairs of gloves to wear a fresh pair for every customer (machine wash gloves in the evening)

  • PRO

    Charlie, there are 3 camps on here. Those that will carry on working as per their (correct IMO) intereptation of the government guidlines. Those who think it's wrong to work, morally or risk etc and interpret the guidline to show that; and finally those in the middle who believe the guidlines say it's ok to work, but have made the decision to not work as being best for their situation.

    Personally, myself I can work from home, but my guys could work, but we've decided not to for risk reasons.

    So I think it's up to you. I've said elsewhere, I'd feel a lot safer visiting customers solo and mowing their lawns than going to the supermarket for the weekly shop.

    Do bear in mind, it's a very changing situation and if people abuse the guidlines, then they will be narrowed. So, you may only get another couple of weeks mowing for example.

    • PRO


      im so with you, I also feel safer working in self isolation than I would going to a supermarket. 
      my covid 19 TnCs have been emailed out to all my clients.

  • Same as you Charlie, Carrying on working.

    Just sending an email to all customers a couple of days beforehand to check they're happy with it.

    All customers have confirmed it's okay.

    lots of new work from neighbours who are now at home.

    everyone now seeming to realise its is a complete overreaction and that it has been handled badly... with the exception of those who are able to sit at home and still get paid!



  • PRO

    forgot to say, my reasons to carry on mowing would include the service you're providing. People who are cooped up will be relying on using the garden more over the next 3 months, especially the older and at risk. So anything giving them a nicer environment is a good thing for their overall health.

    • This reply was deleted.
      • This reply was deleted.
        • I actually messaged my customers Thursday saying I had stopped but have backtracked today. I am working alone doing garden maintenance only and have furloughed my two staff for safety reasons and due to a big downturn in work.

          I was out today and was able to keep a safe distance from both customers and people, taking similar precautions, as already mentioned. Sadly however someone filmed me working and posted the video on a local gossip group. Thankfully most people were in support and the post was taken down very quickly but again it makes me wonder if what I'm doing is right. It really is so difficult, I have had some really great responses from a good majority of customers but some, who I've worked for, for more than a decade never missing a visit, who are wealthy, have been really unreasonable on the subject of me stopping altogether. it is at times like this you learn who your best customers are! I also understand some people may be suffering financially as well and for that reason they can't support us at this time, which is fair enough. 

          ill probably stop again tomorrow! Not being self employed and owning a limited company I am not entitle to the 80% of the past 3 years earnings, so can claim very little, hence the need to work whilst I can. 

          good luck 



This reply was deleted.

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