Roller Mower - my shortlist, please help!


I want to buy a roller mower and as I work in small to medium sized gardens I'm going with 18/19"

After some thrilling bedtime reading, going through lots of old and very old posts on here and chatting to a few of you individually I think I have narrowed my choices down to four.

Hayter Harrier 48 Pro - not necessarily amazing at picking up in the wet, but reasonable if blades kept sharp and generally good workhorses

Cobra RM48SPS - more expensive but has roto stop. Doesn't mention if it has one central height lever or not. I don't know this brand very well

Honda HRX476QX - 6kg lighter than the Hayter. Seems similar

Mountfield SP505R-V - 3kg lighter than even the Honda and with variable speed. From what I can see this is also the only one to have a wash port. 

This will for now be my only mower for now but I'll probably end up getting a 4 wheel mower, potentially a 3 in 1 at a later date, when I've got some money in the bank from my hopefully substantial increase in spring customers.

I only started gardening in July 16 and up until now I've just been using a very cheap £150 mountfield domestic mower (!?), but they last one season and then get chucked. I have a bit of life left in my current one to be a back up and for very awkward access tiny lawns.

I've decided to stick at this gardening thing, rebranded and I'm going for a more premium service from now on, hence investing in a new mower

Can anyone help narrow the choice further, or potentially add something that I've missed (hopefully narrow down)

Lastly, I've read that it's better to go through a dealer to buy, to build a relationship. As of yet I've never been to a dealer, is anyone around Halesowen/Birmingham and if so can you recommend a dealer?

Thank you in advance

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    We came across Oak Garden Machinery at either Saltex / BTME the season before and they we're one of the few people to get back to us re demos, despite us being almost 60mins away. If they will cover your area, then great!

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    I'd look at the Stiga  50 SVE roller mower. It's the same base mower as the mountfield but using better components (a mountfield/atco is a cheapened version) and should be avaliable from the same dealer, but you might have to request it from them (I know my dealer doesnt stock Stiga but can get them ordered in no problem and with the same discount as mountfields)

    It has a washpoint, although I've never found them that useful on a ped mower (good on a ride on though) and I think it has a bbc? The 21 inch version does at least

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    Hi Shell, I wouldn't recommend the Hayter dealer that is only 3.5 miles away!  Should you have a problem, the service is awful from my experience.  I'm closer to them than you and I haven't been there for 5 years, but I still hear tales of woe from other professionals.

    I've not tried Oak, so can't comment.  We use TFM just outside Bridgnorth for all our Stihl gear but I don't think they sell Hayter's.  There is always Power Equipment in Kidderminster to consider as well.


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      ah thanks for the heads up Darren! I think I have decided on the Hayter mower but not decided on which service/repair place. I'll look into the two you mentioned. I also have GMB Tool hire near me in Quinton, who do repairs and services have you ever used them?

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    We have never used any other mowers other than Hayters and Hondas... for the ease we stayed with Hayter as we have a brilliant dealer so close at only 1 mile away from our workshop... We have found over the years that Hayters are good in all weather's.. . BUT you need to replace governer spring to increase the rev capability for damp cutting (apparently over the years they have decreased the revs for noise pollution levels), in dry conditions they can still run at lower speeds. ALSO replace standard Hayter blade with high lift blade, we use univeral Oregen high lift blades... they come with fixing kit containing several different washers to fit all different shafts etc. You will get to practise fitting new rollers after a few years of running these if you get a lot of customers... We have
    3 Harrier pro 56s and all 3 will be cutting continuously from March until December.. good luck choosing
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      I think I have decided on the Hayter, and will be replacing the blade with a high lift blade - thanks for the confirmation :)

      do you replace your rollers every few years then?

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        We replace them around every 12 months, depending on type of use... (sometimes they get asked to do things they really shouldn't and roller fills up with soil, dust etc, another little tip... when cleaning don't pressure wash roller like our workers sometimes do) gearboxes tend to last a couple years too... easy to replace as they come as a whole unit, we just have spare bearings ready for driveshaft
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          interesting you say that, as I've seen a lot of people recommend to give a quick blast with the jet wash to clean them out. Or are you meaning it's fine to pressure wash under the deck and the grass bag but just don't pressure wash the rollers?


  • Viking rollers for me 655 and the 545 for small lawns would love a Weibang but i'm a little worried it would sink without a trace, our gardens get very waterlogged. Especially on some of the new build estates.

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