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Pressure washing your kit/machinery, who does it?

Who here hoses down/pressure washes their garden kit/machinery? Some mowers now come with the hozelcok fittings so you can fit a hoze and blast the grass off from the underside. I would like my kit to look like nice and fresh once in a while but I've always been wary of getting engines and gearings/bearings wet. I usually opt for a brush down instead. 

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  • PRO

    I jet was all my mowers and strimmer heads and then give them a spray of sas maintenance spray,  not gone rusty yet.

  • I wash my mower after every session as well as my brushcutter. Never had any issues  with the chassis rotting out etc. 

  • PRO

    I once worked on a site where there was a JCB 360 excavator which was washed by hand by the owner operator using Flash a bit at a time each lunchtime, it was a Forth Bridge job, by the time he got to the end he needed to start again.

  • Well if you haven't got anything better to do but they won't work any better ( other than scraping the muck under the mower) and there's a risk you'll damage bearings and electrics.  Never washed any machinery in 25 years....... they get to a certain grubby condition and then they don't seem to get any worse:)  

    • PRO

      I hose some things down using a worx cordless hydroshot which is not as extreme as a power washer , very handy to carry in the van runs off a 20v battery and a bucket of water . 

      Today i washed the mud off my boots , the mud off the customers path , washed down my garden fork , spade and mud splattered waterproof helly hanson jacket and gave the van a quick blast . 

      I dont use it on cordless machinery but wash out grass boxes and hose down petrol mowers . You can even use it for watering hanging baskets and plants , very versatile piece of kit .

  • PRO

    I just use a garden hose 2 or 3 times a year, to rinse down the mower, maybe a bit of degreaser spray, wipe off/dry with kitchen towel/rag and that does the trick. I do re-oil the moving parts and the cables each time it's washed as well, not just smother it in WD40!

    Hedge cutter blades get brushed over after each use and a quick spray with GT85, often give them a squirt before use if it's been a while.

  • I would say never use a pressure washer. I always service my own machinery, but when the local Dealer used to do it they always pressure washed it first. So every year, about two to three weeks after using it again in spring, I would hear a bearing noise. The bearings on the pulleys in the exposed centre of the Stiga PWX 740 would always fail. I would strip it down and rusty water would fall out when undoing it and the bearings themselves were rusty. So they pressure washed water into the bearings when serviced during winter and then the bearings would sit in water and rust until the machine was used again in spring where the bearings would give up after a couple of weeks.

    With my current Stiga, I have always serviced it myself, as the dealer knows and trusts me and therefore is still happy to honour the warranty. Since doing my own servicing I have never had to replace these same bearings. Pressure washing will force water into bearings.

    Pressure washing is fine for solid kit with no bearings or wiring harnesses, things like wheel barrows [they only have plastic bearings as such] or forks and spades etc.

    • PRO

      Great point, Vic. I've always been wary with pressure washing. I find a regular scrape when kit is dirty and a scrub with a bucket of hot water when there is time is plenty enough. Grease and oil are your best friends and I don't like to contaminate them. Rear roller mowers are exposed to more than enough water as it is without adding to it.

      • I pressure wash mower rear collection bags/boxes once or twice a season. Then leave to dry hanging on the handle of a garden fork. But most of my kit is battery anyhow. Mower decks and strimmer guards get scraped off as required. Which is easier while the grass residue is still wet. Hedge trimmer blades sprayed with caustic "Kramp" foam to remove resin. Only time any of it gets properly polished is if I am about to sell it lol

  • PRO

    We wash the mowers after a wet day if we are out cutting at a local petrol station, under the decks and boxes. Always stay away from the wheels and rollers.

    The mowers work much better and last longer if you look after them.

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