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greasing a gearbox

Just preparing some machinery for the coming season and greasing my hedge trimmer gearboxes , The Efco will take the Stihl thread on grease tubes nicely but the Echo has a grease nipple , problem is my grease gun has gone missing , I priced a new grease gun locally a Hilka which comes with a cylinder of grease but it doesn't specify the spec of the grease it might be axle grease is it worth taking the risk ? , If i just buy the grease gun and then a tin of suitable grease the cost will be around £25 to just grease the Echo gearbox . 

Main question is there any disadvantage in removing the gearbox plate and smearing some Stihl gearbox grease i already have directly on the gear mechanism . 

Many Thanks 

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  • PRO
    I'd take it to a local mechanic if I did not want to spend the cash.
    The standard lithium grease should be ok!
  • PRO
    Just a thought but can't you just take the grease nipple off and use the stihl tube?
    • PRO

      Thanks the diameter of stihl grease tube thread is too wide to fit , My nearest  dealer is 14 miles away , I might try the local auto parts centre , If it was an old machine i would take the gear box cover off but its still under warranty so i don't want to tamper 

  • PRO

    We got a mini grease gun with adapters online (amazon/ebay) for around ~£7 and some tins of suitable grease from the local motor factor. We found one of the grease gun adapters fit straight into Stihl base plates.

    The various 'grease' tubes available from Stihl are expensive, but many more cost effective suppliers can be found.

    • PRO
      Agreed far too expensive and no better than a decent lithium grease at £2 a tube for what these machines need
  • The only "snag" with using axle grease is it's a lot thicker than the usual grease and can give a lot of resistance. I did ask an expert on the types of grease and he recommended a product called MOLYSLIP MLG (a molybdenum lithium grease) which can usually be picked up on Ebay for a about £10 or from Comes in a large 500g tin and works out a fraction of the cost of the Stihl stuff in the tubes Been using it for ages and works well.. You'll obviously need a grease gun which you fill with the stuff............ for the Stihl gearboxes, I fit a "conical grease gun connector";   (about £3 on Ebay)  on the end and you just hold it lightly into the hole where the plug went in.  I drilled the hole out in the connector slightly otherwise it's a bit slow to pump the grease in but you don't have too.

    Strangely, on the HSA86 I bought as few months ago, there was no plug to remove for greasing and they told you to take the hedgecutter to the dealer every so many hours..... it was either 25 or 50......... and they would do it. Don't listen to them!......... it's a piece of cake and I reckon they're just trying to get some more money out of us consumers:)

    • PRO

      I didn't suggest axle grease ?

      • PRO

        Sorry i think it was myself who mentioned the axle grease possibly the mystery grease in the complimentary Hilka grease gun cartridge . 

        However just googled machine mart and there is one locally which stocks a wide range of manual grease guns and white lithium grease so i will head down this route . 

        Many Thanks for all your comments 

        • PRO

          John, just make sure your grease is EP - extreme pressure. Some are, some are not.

          • PRO

            Thank's for this advice Scott , grease spec seems to be a bit confusing , for e.g the Stihl grease tubes are recommended for specific applications , brush cutter head grease is different to hedge trimmer gearbox grease or at least it appears this way but it could be the same grease . I got some white lithium grease from Wilko which states for outstanding temperature stability in all applications but doesn't state EP . .

This reply was deleted.

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