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Glyphosate deadlock - drags on

No decision reached in todays vote over the future of glyphosate. At least they managed to vote this time which is more than they managed in October. 28 countries were eligible to vote. 14 FOR, 9 AGAINST, 5 ABSTAINED. 

Last year Malta was the only country to vote against the re-licensing of the crucial active ingredient. A qualified majority is required with each country being allocated a number of votes depending on the size of their population so the abstentions will be crucial to the re-vote scheduled for the end of the month.

Reuters News 

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                      You know I can’t help it:)
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                      I’ve met Richard @ ProGreen and have sought his advice previously so know he’s mega :)

                      I’ll think seriously about BASIS and agree the Foundation Course is a likely good starting place.

                      I’ve 4 staff PA trained so its a sensible investment for me and our business . 

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                      GM technology is fantastic. It needs tight controls but advances such as golden rice  could save millions of children in the Philippines and other countries that has a huge poor population that depends on rice and is exposed to vitamin deficiencies. The act of coating seeds with pesticides so that non target species are much less affected by blanket spreading pesticides over crops is just common sense, Creating a plant that produces its own natural insecticide again is amazing. Removing the pathway that allows glyphosate to work and making crops resistant to it is revolutionary as its reduced the use of far more toxic pesticides...... my only worry is that A) corners are cut in testing and something is rushed out B) smaller tests are done due to activists trashing fields ruining months of planning and the need for increased security C) The reduction in innovation caused by the anti gmo brigade, religion,  and politics 

                      in the late nineties i took a year out in asia and came back as a bit of a hippy anti GMO organic kinda guy . I was the kinda guy who I try and guide today. I just got educated and actually interacted with an industry and career that i didnt really have any idea about then. Im not an agricultural agronomist and my knowledge of full on farning is limited but on this side I am learning and i undertook BASIS agricultural FACTS course that taught me an amazing amount about soils, fertilisers and differing crops but everything i have learnt about GMO is from reading papers, following kevin folta and other agricultural scientists so i tend not to talk much about GMO as I am just an " internet expert  although i have a farm/ nursery etc......  Im a rare breed pig farmer in my spare time...  its all about the bacon and sausages if you wanna see what we do ..

                      Security Check Required
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    Further input to the debate :

    CAPHR on Twitter
    “U.S. taxpayers fund activist groups’ junk science and scare campaigns promoting excessive regulation on #glyphosate:”
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      Gary m8... That article almost exactly sums up how it is and has been for a good few years. Psuedoscience and quacks have stopped selling the medicine off of Carts in street corners and now have made an industry on telling people they are poisoning themselves and Thier kids by eating fresh food unless it's grown in shit and being attacked by insects. I've been aghast. I have argued with some of the big names in this industry online and ripped them apart . Our industry has been slow on the uptake of this online battlefield and ridiculed the notion. That this was going to affect anything. Well they where wrong.
      CAPHR on Twitter
      “U.S. taxpayers fund activist groups’ junk science and scare campaigns promoting excessive regulation on #glyphosate:”
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    Update from Monsanto on the voting:

    The deadline for the Commission to decide on renewal is December 15, 2017.
    NB: media reports of a 6 month sell out and 12-month use-up period should no decision be taken by December 15th are misleading. A sell out will only be implemented where a decision has been taken not to renew an approval. This is not the same as no decision. The regulation the MS in the Appeal Committee are being asked to vote on is not an either/or - ‘should glyphosate be approved or banned’ it is only about the terms of a renewal. A simple majority is already in place in favour of the renewal.
    If no decision has been taken before 15th of Dec 2017 then Article 17 of Regulation 1107/2009 EU should come into play whereby the Commission must extend the approval until a decision has been taken -because it is beyond the control of the applicant.
    After renewal at EU level glyphosate-containing products should be re-authorised by Member States within one year of the Entry into Force of the renewal. This means all current glyphosate products will remain legal in the market.
    If there are further delays there will be a further extension, so farmers, growers and amenity users do not need to stockpile or panic buy.

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      Thanks for the clarification mate. 

      I have no doubt that this is a lot of old fluff and political posturing and it will be re-authorised but for only 5 years to keep the green co-elition partners in the member states pacified. 

      I cant imagine the french farmers will allow the country to move if they take out glyphosate and the southern and eastern European nations will just buy it on the black market and pay off the local inspectors as they have always done. ;) 

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    Guys, What’s the formal ‘education’ route in the UK if someone wants to gain further skills / knowledge in this field (excuse the pun) ?
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      Gary, the BASIS qualification is the logical next step if you are advising, recommending or specifying pesticides with any regularity or interest. The Foundation Award is a general info entry level or the Certificate (FSTS) is a step up and more in depth on your choice of specialism.

      The choice of specialisms (Skill Areas) for the Certificate are:  Hard Surface Areas, Amenity Grass & Sports Turf Areas, Shrubs, Borders and Container Plants, Forestry, Aquatics, Invasive and Injurious Weeds.

      Young AJ and myself have done the Invasive & Injurious Weeds 


      Amenity Courses
      BASIS awards dedicated professionals with highly regarded and trusted certification and accreditation.
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        Young.... youre sweetening me up mate :)   Hard surfaces as well don't you know :)

        Amenity Courses
        BASIS awards dedicated professionals with highly regarded and trusted certification and accreditation.
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