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Glyphosate deadlock - drags on

No decision reached in todays vote over the future of glyphosate. At least they managed to vote this time which is more than they managed in October. 28 countries were eligible to vote. 14 FOR, 9 AGAINST, 5 ABSTAINED. 

Last year Malta was the only country to vote against the re-licensing of the crucial active ingredient. A qualified majority is required with each country being allocated a number of votes depending on the size of their population so the abstentions will be crucial to the re-vote scheduled for the end of the month.

Reuters News 

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      totally agree Ben. i have constantly bouht this up with the amenity forum and there has been some movement with CRD and the relevant authorities to deal with this issue but the message i keep getting back are " there are just not enough resources" 

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    Don’t know who removed this but I’m guessing a mod otherwise it would show message deleted 

    • PRO
      It is likely the OP deleted his own comment.
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        Monsato is the problem -- they arent exactly a company that embodies a responsible attitude to the world. 

        I think people have had enough of enormous companies that exemplify the 'get rich at any expense' business philosophy.

        Whether the real issue is pesticides destroying the insect populations and not 'new' clean glyphosate herbicides doesn't  matter anymore. 

        The public backlash is rolling and its fair to say no one knows the potential damage of glyphosphate on the human body, and the fact its already got to such a noticeable level within all of us without us being aware is fairly worrying. 

        Farming can exist without so much chemicals -- the only argument against that is cost - and we all know food is too cheap presently. 

        Chemicals should be re classified, licenses super tightened, and farming practices changed. 

        The fact that farmers have used chemicals 'pre' harvest - isnt responsible. 

        If amentity / landscaper use of chemicals is so low -- why are so many of us in here worrying about its removal or re classification ?

        New certs -- less professionals using it but still available in specific cases. 

    • PRO

      Definitely not removed from this side.

      • PRO
        Fair enough Phil. I posted picture as I think all sides of this are worth adding to the debate.
        Even ones that perhaps don’t follow conventional thinking
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    I read something not long ago about an American farmer suing Monsanto due to cancer “from glyphosate”.
    What shocked me was in his own statement he said that he would spend a Day backpack spraying and come back wet through fromarma down in glyphosate solution!
    Weather or not it caused his cancer which is obviously very debatable, why would he be covered in the stuff?
    Even if it was the chemical how can Monsanto possibly be to blame for him covering himself in it?
    • PRO

      They wouldnt, if they declared it could cause cancer and that proper safety measures should be taken. 

      • PRO
        It’s not been properly proved to cause cancer as far as I’m aware, and even so covering yourself in any chemical that kills things can’t be a very bright idea surely?
        • PRO Supplier

          Exactly - no reasonable precautions taken, didn't read the bottle label.......obviously no common sense but unfortunately he cannot be prosecuted himself for that.

          Overwhelming evidence is against glyphosate as a probable cause of cancer...this is the heart of the debate of science vs. social media frenzy and how it has rubbed off onto the policymakers..

This reply was deleted.

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