Best light commercial lawn mower. Battery or Petrol.

I  have not long started my business so nly have a handful of grass cutting jobs, and none are particuarly big so I dont really need anything for cutting huge lawns.

I have a petrol challenger mowerfrom Argos that digs up the mud, so I was hoping to get something light but powerful, which is why I wondered if battery mowers were  a good idea for smaller lawns.

Could I have some reccomendations please guys/ Budget  is between 200 and 500.



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    When I started it got myself a wee Honda IZY, its never let me down in 3 years use and is still going strong and new they are within your budget at around £340.00ish mark.

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    Most mowers start at 34kg regardless of brand. Wiebang have a limited edition four wheel self propelled comping out in a few weeks which should be good or a Honda izzzy are good.

    But the unbreakable first rule of commercial equipment purchasing is what does you local pro dealer stock, because they all break or wear out and need fixed. If you have to drive a hundred miles for a repear and what for parts etc it is of no use to your business

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    Graeme is right...what can be looked after is paramount.

    We have a gardencare 56 self propelled 3-in-1 as a back-up machine. On our 3rd one. The guys love them - take it out too often vs professional machines...light weight and good performance / finish for £400.

    Gardencare LM56SP Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower
    The Gardencare LM56SP lawn mower is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 625E Series Engine it has a 51cm/20" width of cut and a single lever height of cut…
  • Ok, thanks guys. What about barry powered machines? What are the advantages and disadvantages and does anyone have any reccommendations for those?


    • I have not used battery powered mowers but i would imagin that you need to consider time between charges.  So if it does 1 hrs mowing and you have 8 hrs mowing its not going to be much use to you!  You also need to consider that you say you only have a handful of lawns at the moment but this could increase over the next few weeks and will for sure of the next few years so charging during the day is going to be tricky.  

  • My secondary mower is an 18" Cobra mower. Cost me £399. Light at only 32kg, self propelled and even has a roller to stripe the lawn. I'm on my second season with it and use it for all my lawns that are not really big. I love it. Well worth a look. I think the Honda Izy range are the most durable in that price range as they seem to last forever, but I personally don't like using a mower without a roller. All the best.

    Cobra RM46SPBR Self-Propelled Rear Roller Petrol Lawn Mower
    The Cobra RM46SPBR petrol lawn mower is powered by a new Briggs & Stratton 575EX Series engine. The RM46SPBR is self propelled and has a rear roller…
    • I have gone for this Mower  Jon, so no pressure on the reccommendation ;-)

      Cobra RM46SPBR Self-Propelled Rear Roller Petrol Lawn Mower
      The Cobra RM46SPBR petrol lawn mower is powered by a new Briggs & Stratton 575EX Series engine. The RM46SPBR is self propelled and has a rear roller…
      • I hope it works out really well for you. As with all my roller mowers I give it a little push before engaging the drive just to minimise the pressure on the drive system which will hopefully help it last longer. The only issue I had was last year once I gave it an almighty bang, didn't stop driving in time and went into a solid wall! The drive stopped worlking and I thought i'd completely broken it. What had happened though was the crash had knocked the belt off, which my mechanic guy got back on in about 10 minutes. Other than that it's been great.

        Cobra RM46SPBR Self-Propelled Rear Roller Petrol Lawn Mower
        The Cobra RM46SPBR petrol lawn mower is powered by a new Briggs & Stratton 575EX Series engine. The RM46SPBR is self propelled and has a rear roller…
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