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What is the safest way to cut a tall hedge?

This is a question that is often asked!

Many homeowners have various types and heights of hedges bordering their property.

However any hedge will require trimming at least once a year - this is where the problem arises.

High hedges present a problem - how do you cut the top or sides of a high hedge SAFELY?

The answer is certainly NOT to to stand on a stepladder or lean an extension ladder into the hedge whilst wielding an electric hedgecutter, as this risks the ladder over balancing or falling through the hedge, with the possibility of serious injury both from the fall or contact with the sharp edges of the cutter. That's without the risk of accidentally cutting through the electrical cable....

A much safer option for working at height is a platform step such as those available from Henchman  - their range can be viewed here:  http://www.henchman.co.uk/productcategory.jsf?id=1

An excellent product indeed but perhaps prohibitively expensive for an item that as a homeowner may get used for a total of one or two days a year.

Certainly if your hedge is high, deep or wide then a petrol long reach hedge trimmer may be required. These can be hired from a local hire centre but are very powerful and sharp pieces of equipment and must be treated with respect.

Working a piece of equipment like this at height when you are unfamiliar with it may be dangerous and can certainly be very physically exhausting.

Then you have the rubbish to collect up and dispose of once you have completed the trimming...

Perhaps the safest way to get your high, low or wide hedges safely cut is to employ a local contractor who will have the correct equipment, knowledge and experience to ensure that your hedges look perfect, without the risk of injury and the added advantage that all the waste will be removed too.

If you need a hedge trimming contractor in Spalding, Lincs or any of the surrounding towns and villages, do not hesistate to call us at ANP Services Spalding - for more information on our hedge trimming services see our website www.anpservicesspalding.com 

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  • Mayby im lucky but with me being small and light i can usualy walk on top of leylandi hedges and cut them while im on top of them.

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