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What do you think about it- first impression.

Yes I know that most people value a person from a first impression in 5 seconds.But many times it is wrong.strange how today a women came to me and to say hi, I helped her family with moving few weeks ago.What is strange is that a year ago I rang to her sun and she answered the phone ,she asked who is it and shut the phone when I said my name.so I rang his mobile.''sorry'' he said.''why, did she said baldy foreigner'' I asked. ''oh no'' he said ''did you hear that?'' he asked.''no'' but I could guess.Sadly I know that in his country If i send an e-mail /a letter or ring. some people do not like my name or my accent and will delete it.I know that there are many salesman sounds like me on the phone, I think i woudnt shut he phone to them too.Anyway to get to know me better:My first name is Ofer - in Hebrew (Israel, Bible) mean a young deer (bambi)The second name is El-Hashahar means 'to the done' or 'God of the done'I think about changing my name ( even that it is only my nearest family with this sir name) .I thought about Jeffri as it got some similar sound.My wife think it is an old name: what do you think?I ask you as friends.
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    Be yourself Ofer.
  • stick with your given name Ofer, be proud...........some of my children have old family names ,for middle names,so the family names live on......
  • Thank you all,
    I am proud of my name , but do not want it to stop people from contact me.think about e-mail that you get with a name from chine most people direct it to the been.

    many old generation I met here still scared from non English, or few illy ones that still think that out of england it is a primitive world- like in the days of the British Empire (hard to believe).

    I think what I should do is write about myself in the blog and add a link in my email/letters- that people can get to know me.

    I never thought name is that important- but thank you all, for your thought.
    all the best
    wonderful Christmas and great year to all LJ memb
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    its difficult - people can be pre-judice , but what will be will happen in life ? so your here now in England under no pretences , you have done good jobs so no problem.
    you could change it to 'JAMES BOND' >--/--:> ...
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