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The Resin Mill are excited to launch their Approved Contractor Scheme. Resin bound surfacing isthe fastest growing sector in the landscaping industry. We fully believe in the benefits of resin bound surfacing and so have developed our scheme as we want the industry to continue to grow and we

 want to help you drive your business forward. The scheme will raise standards across the resin bound gravel industry, to the benefit of all stakeholders with an interest in resin bound surfacing. 

We supply only the highest quality resin surfacing materials and believe that in order to fulfil the needs of homeowners, they need to be installed by professional contractors, whilst offering an outstanding level of service that we benchmark at The Resin Mill.

Resin bound surfacing needs to be laid by grounds surfacing companies that they can trust. The Resin Mill sit on the technical board at FeRFA, for resin bound gravel. There are only several resin bound companies who fit FeRFA's strict criteria upon being vetted. FeRFA’s purpose it is to govern the industry, providing advice, guidance and support. FeRFA is recognised as the voice of the resin flooring industry by the main official bodies, including RIBA, CSCS and BuildUK. FeRFA members must comply by strict codes of conduct, have regular assessments and must employ a highly skilled workforce. Homeowners can trust resin bound companies who are FeRFA associated with and it acts as a safeguard. Members of FeRFA is only through recommendation of trusted members. Approved Contractors are vetted to high standards and so we will happily recommend them for FeRFA membership. 

Our Approved Contractor Scheme allows us to nurture, grow, support and advise contractors on how to deliver their resin bound surfacing business successfully. We want to help contractors build a credible business in addition to growing their business with the vast amount of leads that we generate for them. We have a state of the art web-platform with an Adwords campaign with a guaranteed formula dedicated to resin bound surfacing. All of the hard work is taken care of by The Resin Mill. 

If you are interested in joining this fantastic industry and want to be in safe hands, get in touch with us on 01484 400 855 or email us on info@resinbound.co.uk for an information pack. You can also view more information here.

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